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Knife Party
Boss Mode by @knifepartyinc is the first song I've masturbated to in a while, good jobs guys.
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Best part of boss mode before second drop it says "slightly different" I'm crying I love you @knifepartyinc
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(yes, I know, technically that's a double negative but you don't tend to think about these things while writing lists)
Before we started work on Abandon Ship, we made a list of things to avoid. Number 1 was "no lazers". Number 2 was "no dubstep".
Be sure to mention how "it doesn't sound like Bonfire" for extra captain obvious points
Here's another thing for you to moan about: the Begin Again music video
⚠️⚠️Gonna be hitting the road with @knifepartyinc this December⚠️⚠️ Bring it!
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Australia , we're coming home soon 🐨
That iTunesMusic tweet went out to 6.2 million people :| are we bono now?
"Resistance" is futile. Pre-order @knifepartyinc's Abandon Ship and get tracks now.
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>youtube demographic when @knifepartyinc releases something that isn't dubstep/seizure/electro
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Before finishing this next tune, Gareth had to answer all the porn questions from Leisure Suit Larry 2 - "Looking for Love", true story
Ready to go "Boss Mode" with @knifepartyinc at our Halloween massive, BOO! New York City? Stream their track now ➤➤…
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Or if you didn't like the look of that link you could try clicking this one…
Now THAT'S marketing.
Just kidding, fuck you, here it is:
If you all look on your iPhones right now, you'll see a brand new, free copy of Abandon Ship, as a gift from Apple.
And now, time for sleep.
"Why no dubstep?" - did you see Avril Lavigne 'Hello Kitty'? Do you need another reason?
You're supposed to experiment a bit on albums. 'Begin Again' is one of those experiments. "Why did you make trap?" - because experiments.
P.S. if anyone is confused about the album so far - we weren't exactly gonna make 12 songs with lazers and SiCk bAsS bRo
@knifepartyinc upon seeing your guys' tracklist for Abandon Ship, this tweet finally makes sense!…
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We haven't slept in quite a while, our marketing sass is not as sharp as it could be
The Apple thing was a joke, you massive fanboys. iTunes links coming shortly.
If you're an ex-clown, on a plane, and your wife just left you, Abandon Ship is now...etc
Otherwise, click here: - if it's past midnight, this link will work. Otherwise, it won't.
If you're in the USA and hate iTunes, and the iPhone 6 and the stupid Apple Watch, Abandon Ship is here:…
If it's past midnight on September 23rd, wherever you are, Abandon Ship is now on pre-order:
First they ignore you, then they fight you, then you post a negative YouTube comment on your own video, then you win
having a chat with @zanelowe in a min
Mondays Hottest Record from @knifepartyinc is a total triumph. One of the records of the year. September 22. 19:30 UK. @BBCR1
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@knifepartyinc @rob_swire @Garethmcgrillen The new album contains all new songs! I'm not gonna see daylight for a few days... #October27th
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