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Knife Party
Aaaah Calgary, the Perth of Canada
Did our EZoo set get streamed? If so can someone link pls? -organisation-
.@knifepartyinc dropped so many VIP mixes at #ezoo I kinda wanna cry that I won't hear them again for a long time. ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
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Brace yourselves, #EZOO. @knifepartyinc going on Main Stage East in 5 minutes.
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We will quit the day there is a legit edm karaoke bar
.@richiealv What were you expecting? A blowjob? $200 and free entry to a water park?
@richiealv Your mom said about the same thing when you popped out. @knifepartyinc
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Not impressed by @knifepartyinc new song 😑😑😑😑 decent build up to a very disappointing drop
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"That's not a knife, that's a spoon..."
@knifepartyinc I don't know why but, when I look at Gareth and Rob together; I think of Ren and Stimpy
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If you don't have it yet, Resistance is now available (for free) on No "enter your email", no "like us on Facebook"
So much love for the album tweet and from Hungary. <3
Crowd chanting punnani massif , hiding in our dressing room under a blanket rn
I bet punnani massif get di gyal dem
To be fair punnani massif got the crowd right now
On stage here at the strand festival tonight after punnany massif and the same time as papa roach, what is life
✈️ 💨 to Hungary 💨
we both decided given the opportunity we would 100% visit North Korea as tourists, why, not? First Djs to play North Korea win EDM
Do we have fans from Malaysia Philippines China, Japan and Korea following us ? ... I Should have just said Asia ...
De esas veces que Knife Party no le hace caso a la imagen que edite 😂
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Bye Helsinki <3 , moon + stars g-poag
to Helsinki 🏃💨💨
First single from the album is titled "Resistance". It will be released for free (!) Mon 25th August and the album will follow shortly after
Gareth and I are in the ship, and as you can see, @HARDWELL has come along for the ride! on his own private beach.
meanwhile check out @porterrobinson 's new album worlds we dig.
if this album bombs me and rob will start a fish and chips store called abandon chip
Dance and/or collapse from sleep deprivation
P.S. first single mastered, let's dance
What a crowd! second week at a Spanish festival, and so much love @DreambeachFest