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Kristie Lu Stout CNN
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"The Face of Protest." 17-year-old #HongKong protest leader @joshuawong1013 is on the cover of TIME.
Joshua Wong: “I would like to ask adults, people with capital and power, Why are they not fighting for democracy?”…
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"Thugs-for-hire has some precedent in #HongKong, especially against those whose views do not align with Beijing."…
Why protests turned ugly in #HongKong's Mongkok last week RT @kemc: The Thugs of Mainland China by @limlouisa
And... Ada Lovelace & getting girls into #STEM (science, tech, engineering, math). @nxthompson 8:35pHKT @cnni
News Stream 8pHKT 8aET @cnni: #Ebola fear & anger; #Kobani; FBI asks for help to identify #ISIS member; #HongKong talks; JLaw on photo hack
Went outside to see the moon! Beautiful! Send us your pics! @cnnireport #LunarEclipse
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Fear & anger over #Ebola in Spain. And... more airstrikes on #Kobani, but US officials warn it will fall to #ISIS. @cnni 7pHK. See you then.
A contribution to the debate about Hong Kong: CY Leung's secret $7m payout from Australian firm… via @smh
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#Twitter has sued the U.S. Justice Dept over national security data:…
HK protesters seeking local, not national, Chinese identity by @nytimes' 2 Mr. Wongs, @comradewong & @byAlanWong
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With Douglas Young of @hkgoodsofdesire MT @IvanCNN #HongKong's protest movement triggers burst of artistic expression…
#HongKong cinema - like its protest culture - is rooted in the city's values of free speech & expression. It sets HK apart from China.
@klustout @CNNIwomen Fellow STEM women, do what I do. Volunteer in middle/high school STEM. Girl #s will steadily rise & perceptions change.
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Also ahead... #HongKong's #UmbrellaMovement and the prospects for democracy in China. I talk to veteran activist @handongfang 8:15pHKT @cnni
News Stream 8pHKT 8aET @cnni: #ISIS/Kobani on the brink; Spain investigates #Ebola infection; #HongKong protest & talks; Physics #Nobel win
Physics #Nobel goes to scientists who helped create LED light. I'd forgotten LEDs have only been around since 1990s…
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Questions surround the first case of #Ebola contracted outside Africa. We go live to Spain 7pHKT @cnni. See you then.…
Kudos to @WalterIsaacson for discussing 'the women that tech forgot’ and Ada Lovelace’s story in "The Innovators"
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How do we get more girls into #STEM (science, tech, engineering, maths)? #CNNWomen Twitter chat: Oct 9 5pGMT/12aHKT
#HongKong protesters give some ground as door opens for a negotiated solution… by @jethromullen @PBoykoff
Focus shifts from #HongKong streets to behind closed doors. 2nd round of exploratory talks between students & govt underway. ht @anjalitsui
And.. Allan Zeman on biz & govt view of #UmbrellaMovement. Will #HongKong officials treat student leaders as equals? 8:30pHKT @cnni #nscnn
News Stream 8pHKT 8aET @cnni live in #HongKong: #UmbrellaMovement state of play; #ISIS closes in on Kobani; Liberia's fight against #Ebola
Mong Kok protest site in #HK, police interrupting verbal spats before they escalate.
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Despite the smaller numbers, there are still #HongKong protesters refusing to budge. Live with @KyungLahCNN 7pHKT @cnni. See you then.
Rust forms on the Hong Kong tram tracks after a week of no use due to #OccupyCentral
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+1 MT @endacurran This classic @TIME cover must surely be a candidate to join @fcchk collection of magazine fronts
"FireChat is an entirely open system — conversations can be read by anyone." Protesters be warned…
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I first heard about @Firechatapp from my CNN colleague @klustout, who interviewed its CEO @anthenor in April…
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This Monday morning in #HongKong... RT @diana_jou: Sunny and quiet in Admiralty. #OccupyHK
#HongKong students: We'll hold talks if police do their job. #HongKong govt to protesters: Disperse by Monday.… @cnni
Hong Kong Univ president urges students/staff away from protests
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Hong Kong's Generational Dispute… "Naive" youthful protesters vs older critics traumatized by memories of Tiananmen
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For #HongKong's post-colonial generation, it's their struggle to determine their political destiny. Pic: @wilfredchan
#UmbrellaRevolution, one week on. The world now knows #HongKong is not just a city of high-finance and skyscrapers..
630am central HK. Students/supporters say not going anywhere as govt calls for end of occupy by mon
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Student leader @joshuawong1013 says #HongKong govt bears responsibility for attacks on protesters:… #OccupyCentral
Everybody I spoke with in Mong Kok today, pro or anti-Occupy, is convinced the other side is being paid.
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"I remember asking my parents: 'What will happen in 2047?' They said: 'We'll be gone. It will be your problem to figure out.'" - @anjalitsui
Protesters in Mong Kok put both hands up to show they won't fight back during scuffles #OccupyHK #UmbrellaRevolution
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.@fcchk Condemns Attacks On Journalists Covering #HongKong Protests:
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