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Kristie Lu Stout CNN
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Judge: clear his conduct was negligent. Essentially saying he is guilty of culpable homicide #OscarPistorius
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News Stream 8pHKT @cnni: #Pistorius not guilty of murder; Obama pledges to "destroy" #ISIS; @gatesfoundation joins #Ebola fight; 9/11 #nscnn
FLASH: #OscarPistorius prosecution has NOT proven premeditated murder, judge rules
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Translation: China wishes to be a free rider in the War on Terror again. All the benefits, none of the costs.…
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US. likely to get Beijing's 'quiet' support in bid to destroy #ISIS, analysts say… by @KatieHunt20
#OscarTrial judge: "Technology is more reliable than human perception & human memory" (re: establishing a reliable timeline) ht @RAGreeneCNN
#OscarTrial judge springs a surprise: She seems to accept that it was Pistorius, not Steenkamp who screamed. Then asks: Why did he scream?
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China rep to Hong Kong dems: “The fact that you are allowed to stay alive, already shows the country's inclusiveness"…
I would like all political commentators to stop using the term "the homeland".
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"If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven." @BarackObama's pledge to destroy #ISIS:…
It's too early to say goodbye to iPod Classic. Because it still makes great sound with audio speaker. @klustout
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And.. Bigger phones, mobile wallet & 1st smartwatch. With latest devices, is Apple still a leader in innovation? @nxthompson 8:30pHKT @cnni
WH: POTUS speech covers “US military action and support for the forces combating ISIL on the ground, both the opposition in Syria" and Iraq
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News Stream 8pHKT @cnni: Obama to reveal #ISIS strategy; UK leaders in Scotland for "no" campaign; Ray Rice; MSFT buying Minecraft maker?
"Diversity is really good for science" My chat with @AIatariel on her design, the #LEGO female scientists set.… @cnni
NYT @KeithBradsher: "Many US companies that rushed to open Asia headquarters in Shanghai a decade ago now regret it"…
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In this era of chaos, I relish innovation. It's about moving fast and building anew. The only thing that's destroyed is old ways of seeing.
At least the news today is about people building things, not blowing up things.
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I ate a durian mooncake and I liked it.
Away from the newsroom. Back on air Wednesday. See you then. #nscnn @cnni
Joan Rivers and Miss Piggy and that manic makeover from "The Muppets Take Manhattan"… #RIP
And... In the wake of the celeb photo hack, can Apple thrive in a world of cloud services? @nxthompson weighs in 8:30pHKT @cnni #nscnn
News Stream 8pHKT 8aET @cnni: #NATO "critical summit at a critical time"; #ISIS defector speaks; Al Qaeda to India; Samsung's new devices
"Is it time to leave beloved Hong Kong?" Joyce Man on the growing sense of hopelessness here:…
Great chat with @tha_rami on making angry games, and why games are one of the most personal art forms…
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So no more minion food tasters? RT @Techinasia: Baidu's smart chopsticks sample your meal for food safety scares
Think I did the same. Know the feeling. Dark {facepalm} Shame. RT @lizzieohreally oh god I just sent everyone I know linkedin spam
And... Imagine working on an app for months only to see someone take your idea. @tha_rami of @Vlambeer on what they did next. 8:50pHKT @cnni
News Stream 8pHKT 8aET @cnni: #Ukraine: truce or no truce?; #Sotloff; Obama on #ISIS; Safeguarding cloud data; Religion in #NKorea #nscnn
China's Baidu shows off Eye, its Google Glass-like wearable that doesn’t have a screen… by @jonrussell ht @mipesom
#Obama says will form regional alliance against #ISIS including #Iraq #Sunni tribal leaders and forge regional strategy.
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#Obama says #US will work with #Iraqis for an inclusive government but #ISIS fight not a 1 week or 1 month process...
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@klustout Google Glass wearers get called glassholes. Baidu Eye wearers... baidufuses? Eyestalkers?
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Who are the Baidu Eye Explorers? Reax? MT @ PDChina #Baidu on Wed launched "Baidu Eye", similar to @googleglass
JLaw & the celeb photo hack "is a perfect, encapsulated reminder that your body can be used as a weapon against you"…
Don't watch the beheading video. Read Stephen Sotloff's stories.…
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Another sickening execution by ISIS. Steven #Sotloff was just 31 years old.…
Today's #NSCNN ended with the HK studio light fade out to remember CNN Photojournalist Sarmad Qaseera. RIP. @klustout
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And... The cult of @xiaomi seeks world domination. I talk to VP @hbarra about expansion plans & the company's core identity. 8:30pHKT @cnni
Irrepressible, irreplaceable. CNN mourns loss of Iraqi cameraman & dear friend Sarmad Qaseera… Tribute by @holmescnn
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News Stream 8pHKT @cnni: Separatists advance in #Ukraine; Celeb photo hack, 4Chan & the cloud; Liberia's #Ebola hotbed; Sarmad Qaseera #RIP
Why did #NKorea allow CNN to interview three U.S. captives? How it may be using U.S. detainees as 'bargaining chips'…