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Kristie Lu Stout CNN
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"A well-researched & riveting read ... gripping personal accounts from China's #LeftoverWomen" @klustout on @LetaHong…
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As anniversary of Tiananmen nears, my book "China Live: People Power and the Television Revolution" is now an ebook…
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Off to my home away from Hong Kong. Back on air April 22. See you then!… @cnni
"隨它吧." @yennikwok - in case you want to go there, here's "Let It Go" in Mandarin:…
News Stream 8pHKT 8aET @cnni: #Pistorius cross-ex; #MH370/Mixed msgs about new signals; #Ukraine; #Oculus founder on why he sold out to FB
My 5 yr old's "Frozen" fixation continues. Her self-portrait as Elsa.
New Stephen Roach book frames US & China as old codependent married couple in need of counseling… by @davidpilling
On @cnni now - live cross-ex of #Pistorius. Prosecutor is probing the moments of the night leading up to the shooting death of Steenkamp.
News Stream 8pHKT 8aET @cnni: #Pistorius trial - more tough cross-ex; #MH370 - new signal possibly detected; India elex; @The_Masters #nscnn
#Breaking: @CNN confirms Australian Air Force detects signals near Ocean Shield from sonar buoys. 'Promising' data but needs analysis.
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Off-the-grid chat. Just wrapped an intvu on #Firechat w/ @anthenor of @OpenGarden. Due to air Mon @cnni News Stream.
Check out this guerrilla Google Street View of protesters occupying Taiwan’s parliament
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#MH370 pings were detected 15,000 feet below surface. That's deeper than an inverted Burj Khalifa x 5.…
How deep is deep? Imagining the #MH370 search underwater…
China's latest prey: As Detroit sells its world-class art collection, the Chinese are scooping them up. @KellyCrowWSJ
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Nel accuses Pistorius of providing rehearsed statements.. "I’ll advise that you listen to questions and answer them," he barks.
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On @cnni now: Tough cross-ex for #Pistorius. Prosecutor hammering away, out to expose inconsistencies in his account of the shooting.
News Stream 8pHKT 8aET @cnni: #Pistorius trial/cross-ex begins; #MH370 2 new signals detected; #Ukraine unrest, latest from Donetsk #nscnn
Mapped. Literal English translations of Hong Kong MTR stations. via @lmjday @adamnajberg
In geek mom mode. Love my lil' dumpling.
*6 yr old* Afghan girl Naghma was saved from child marriage. She's just one of the few lucky ones, reports @amcoren:…
And a very good story by @yennikwok on the role of women in Indonesian politics, for @TIMEWorld…
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On air now RT @RAGreeneCNN: “Before I knew it I had fired four shots at the door" - #OscarPistorius describes killing #ReevaSteenkamp