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Kitty Brucknell
Today is the last day to download Glitter in the Sky for it to count in the charts for this week!!!!! We can do this!! Top 100 would be amazing but lets just see what happens xxx we need lots and lots of help!!! Gift it on iTunes to your friends, get it on Amazon and Google play if you can.... Just
My manager - "When you've written a song that about to go out of know you're getting old" 😂😂😂😂😂
@kittybrucknell just listened to it, really like it. Good luck
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@kittybrucknell was just listening to the song, its really good, love the beat!
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@kittybrucknell "Saturday night put your lighters up high, bought another 3 of Glitter in the Sky, yeahh 🎶
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Watching a documentary about 70s music - narrator says "they sold 2 million copies so it just made the top 40" 😂😂😂😂😂 OMG imagine that today
We are being followed by favourite ever X Factor singer @kittybrucknell how good is that! Get her new single at
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Last two days of @kittybrucknell single campaign ! Download it now from iTunes let's make it in to the top 100 !!
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Glamour And Damage update: The last two days of my campaign... let's SMASH IT!!!… @PledgeMusic #pop
Come on divas!!! We are v v close x xxxx
Just seen David Cameron refusing 2pay the EU bill... Epic. I need to follow his example more often. Got plenty of bills that can "do one".
We only have 2 days to reach the top 100...we are soooo close!!! Buy all 6 versions of Glitter! Xx come on x
@kittybrucknell can you tell everyone they only have a short amount of time to get involved with your surprise?♥
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People who like Kitty Brucknell @kittybrucknell if you're not aware she has a new single available now digitally called #GlitterInTheSky :)
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@kittybrucknell If everyone buys the 6 versions Kitty will 100% FOR SURE crack the top 40!!
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Keep buying everyone!!! Today and tomorrow are the last chances!
Everyone do the AMAZING @kittybrucknell a HUGE favour & go to & buy Glitter In The Sky, get it in the charts NOW!
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Keep buying divas!!! I need loads and loads of help but we can make the top 100!!!
Today is the last day we need to totally blitz this and buy buy buy xxxxxxx itunes/Amazon/Google play
Divas. We have a mission. If there's one thing you need to's buy Glitter in the Sky!!! We can actually make the top 100!!!
Divahugs to absolutely everyone xxx if u are feeling down or sad in any way xxx I will give u a diva hug xxxxx
Have I got a spare 79p to download @kittybrucknell's new song? Oh hell yeah I do! :D #Glitter <3
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Very excited to be talking to the fab @kittybrucknell about her new hit single "Glitter in the Sky" and more! Coming soon to @NotSafe4Werk!
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Come on guys !! Keep downloading @kittybrucknell new single glitter in the sky from iTunes !! Your download counts towards chart entry !! X
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Do you want a follow? hashtag #followmekitty or RT this xxx
ahhh I love this selfie!! Post your own selfie to @OldNavy and your wish with #Selfiebration!!! #ad
@kittybrucknell your music video for Glitter In The Sky is amazing! No doubt that you will hit the charts with a brilliant song 👏
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Just downloaded the amaze single from our talented author @kittybrucknell make sure you do too
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OMG DIVAS!!! WAKE UP!! Tell everyone you know. We are charting in the top 150! We need to get more downloads because this could break the top 100!!!!! #glitterinthesky #download #music Go on iTunes and buy the single!!!! If not itunes, then AMAZON or Google play. Get as many versions as you can of
Keep clicking this button and download my single!!! We can chart divas!!!!