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Kitty Brucknell
I'm not allowed to sell it...only swap. We agreed 30 swaps and see who has the highest value item. I want to win! Lol :-)
I want to win this :-) hahahaa if I lose he gets my X Files and Stargate collection! Nooooooooo! So need some diva help :-)
Not my choice to start with but the rules of the challenge is that it can be anything. So need to swap for any other item.
I've been challenged to a Swap Challenge :-) sooo... I'm swapping these salt and pepper grinders, for anything else
divahugs are the bestest EVER I love my divas ahhhhhh
WTF this sign is up on a wall near my house. Not sure whether to laugh or be seriously concerned about my area!?!
Oh wait? @DarrenAronofsky lives in NYC. Ahhhh I get it now :-)
Wondering if @DarrenAronofsky has read Uriel's Machine? Ahhh #geektweet
So, yeah,'s actually an awesome movie and worth seeing on the big screen :-)
I know I'm a major nerd for knowing that but hey :-) and The Watchers are in the book of Enoch (I think?) which actually got banned!!?!!
I loved the fact tht @DarrenAronofsky hasn't gone with just the bible story but he borrows from the book of Enoch and the Sumerian story too
Just a few thoughts- I've been reading all the reviews on imdb, but I think they missed the point of the movie completely. @DarrenAronofsky
Just seen Noah at the cinema TOTALLY worth seeing. I get why it's been criticised but I thought it was great. Very dark tho...
Just heard about Peaches Geldof :( that is incredibly sad, so young. Makes you stop and think :(
@kittybrucknell Nice choice, I'd hate to be the person sitting on the Iron Throne when she finally rocks up in King's Landing!
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Who is staying up to watch Game of Thrones? :-)
Unnnggggghh Sunday. What to do? :-)
OMFG hahahahahahaha it's this butch looking Indian guy! HAHAHA does he realise everyone can hear his personal soundtrack haha
OVER. AND. OVER. Someone is #obsessed lol