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Kitty Brucknell
Did the lighting for @kittybrucknell at @Liveandlouduk now have her song in my head... We go up up up we go up up up tonight ye-eheah-
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On tomorrow's #FoxyRadio @cristo_radio will be joined by @kittybrucknell! Send in your questions for Kitty now -!
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@kittybrucknell I am in love with Glitter In The Sky!! It is such a inspirational song that tells you to be yourself! #KittyDiva
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This is one of my favourite mashups performed this at Glastonbudget with a @WTofficial instrumental x
Are Within Temptation doing any shows in the UK? I'm still obsessed. Need to see them live!!!!
Please go pre-order @kittybrucknell's single, support & love is needed in every personal journey. 99p, GO BUY IT.
Retweeted by Kitty Brucknell OMG! We reached 20K views in just a few days! I can't believe it! I am SO grateful! Never thought this wld happen! Xx
Every. Single. Morning. I don't like getting out of bed. #Morning #needsleep #tooearly #bed #ilovemybed #ti...
Don't forget to follow @Mummydivauk that's my mum 😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️
Thank you soooo much @Liveandlouduk you are AWESOME! Going to hide from all the giant flying bugs now! ❤️❤️😘
Have u pre-ordered @kittybrucknell 's single Glitter in the Sky yet? If not, do it now please!
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@kittybrucknell thanks for the pic and pre-ordered lovely follow me please see you later☺️☺️x
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@kittybrucknell thanks for coming to see us! Preordered for you lovely ☺️💕
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Thanks to the lovely @kittybrucknell for coming out to see us! Go pre-order her single peeps!
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Who's coming to see me at @Liveandlouduk today in Birmingham? 😃😃 RT and tell me! Don't forget 2 pre-order my singleglittersingle.comO0
Don't forget to request Glitter on the radio!!!!
Planning my birthday party 😃😃😃 you are all invited and it's gonna be MEGA
@kittybrucknell I love the video, by the way. Almost 12,600 views. :-D
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Dessert porn @cafedeparislondon #dessertporn #foodporn #toffee #cake #letthemeatcake #icecream #yummy #obsessed
At literally the best thing I've ever seen. @TheStageCDP OMFG
Amazing dinner @cafedeparislondon #dinner #foodporn #yummy
Thank you guys so much for all this...this morning I had 10k it's 11.5k and I'm so grateful! Xxx massive DIVAHUGS
10,500 views? What's going on with this! So happy!…
8,200 views...I'm watching it go up and I'm so excited 😃�…Af I love you divas sooo much x you mean the world to me
Can we just take a moment and breathe and listen to @kittybrucknell glitter in the sky #inspiration
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If I hear another person tell me they can't wait to see @kittybrucknell at Live and Loud I may just scream - join her
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Just discovered @WTofficial am totally hooked OMFG
Nearly 7000 views!!!! I'm so excited!!!… Don't forget to pre-order - this is super important!
If Scotland wins the Yes vote Braveheart DVD sales are going to sky-rocket. #YesScotland #NoScotland #FREEEEEDOM
Loving this gorgeous dress from @thecityrack .-) can't wait to wear this! #gorgeous #dress #style #fashion
Hot Tune Of The Day: Kitty Brucknell - Glitter In The Sky…
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Omg I am so like 😮 5700 views is awesome!!! Keep em coming!!! 😃😃😃
Divas! If you want to help get my song on the radio...use this website!
This site has request forms for many UK radio stations, send them in for Glitter in the Sky! @kittybrucknell
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Who's yet to pre-order my single? Xx get it now x
Omfg @kittybrucknell this so good😭😭� love you😭💗
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