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Kitty Brucknell
Seriously u gotta give it to the Simpsons for this level of detail. Only massive movie geeks will get it...but still!
I am back on radio tomorrow interviewing X Factor star @LolaSaunders and singer @kittybrucknell tune in from 6pm
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My album will be released...TOMORROW!!! Ahhh this is exciting stuff 😃😃�
Huge thanks to the wonderful @kittybrucknell for her interview for us with @mh1986esc - thanks so much for your support!
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Hey can you please RT this link 😘😊…15@kittybrucknellll will Call me if I get 100+ RT please Help me
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Glamour and Damage (my album) WILL NOT be available anywhere but Pledge Music. If you want your have to get it tonight!
Glamour And Damage update: Last chance to get the album!!! Exclusive Demo Track!!!… @PledgeMusic #pop
LAST CHANCE to buy my album is today. RT RT RT!!!
Last day guys RT @kittybrucknell: Today is the LAST DAY to get my album!!! - after that thats it!!! Xx
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Today is the LAST DAY to get my album!!! - after that thats it!!! Xx RT
Kitty Brucknell - Yearning (Die Große Entscheidungsshow Switzerland 2015)…
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Uggggghjhh I'm not well :(
Night night divas and lots of divahugs!!!! Xxxxxx
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It's been more than a week since the performance with @kittybrucknell and I'm still finding glitter everywhere Lool
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Yeah I have just downloaded #GlitterInTheSky by the awesome @kittybrucknell from Amazon. What a tune by the way! :D #LoveIt <3
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So yeah. They really need to burn that episode. So so so cringe :((((
No matter how I came across on this show...think about that guy! He's probably married with a kid now! #cringe
So..I'm watching this dinner date thing from ages ago. Gotta say...that guy was a MASSIVE DOUCHE
I miss my old flat...Ahhh this brings back memories
Awwww I want my hair back :(
Everyone PLS RT this tweet link - she needs to get to 100!…
WHY do I have the UKIP Calypso stuck in my head? Pls answer me that. 😂😂
OMG I've just discovered I'm number 18 and 20 in the @hmvtweets digital chart! Wtf! This is nuts! Xxxxxx
Took my extensions out and now my wig has more hair than I do. 😂😂😂
How is it summer weather when it's nearly November?? #bonkers
Let's continue with @kittybrucknell and Glitter in the Sky. We're going up, up, up this morning on @bcbradio uk
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@kittybrucknell OMG KITTY I'VE ONLY JUST NOTICED "Glitter In The Sky" got to #9 YAASSSS OMFG!!!!!
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💀🌿📀💀🌿�@kittybrucknellcknell Kitty you promised if I get 100+ RT you would call me 😘📲 go and check 💀🌿📀💀🌿📀
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@kittybrucknell @officialcharts Sometimes good news is like a creamy vanilla ice cream with smooth, silky chocolate sauce on top. Yeeeeeees!
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Congrats to @kittybrucknell who enters the Top 10 on this week's Official Indie Breakers Chart:
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Glamour And Damage update: My amazing radio tour plus an exclusive track!… @PledgeMusic #pop