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JessicaJane Stafford
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What people think it's like having a hairdresser for a husband.
Just cried at Beyonce's VMA performance!!
How insane is Big Brother this year!!
Does anyone know where Emma Willis' pink dress is from!? #CBB
Our new dog walker had a lovely first day with Knickers and Pants. They barked at a man on a skateboard who fell off and called them C***S!!
The urge to dye my hair back to black is creeping in again!!
Chesney Hawks looks about 25!!
Just eaten an entire box of Jaffa Cakes thinking they were 12 calories each, then re-read the box... '12 Cakes' 😳
Put Angel in his Arsenal onesie and he hadn't stopped crying!! Obviously not a Gunner.
Watching first of my life The Real Hustle on #DiscoveryChannel and love @KissJessicaJane already #cute 😄😘
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Does anyone know what are the best apps for selling/buying/trading clothes please?? 😘💕👍
This 'Fit Tea' is advertised everywhere!!
Nighty night McNighterson noodle nuggets 😘💕
Baby, husband, popcorn and Bridget Jones 👍