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JessicaJane Stafford
Hotel playing 80's film credit type music, Lee playing motivational seminar on YouTube..feel like I'm in an 80's aerobics video..
β€œ@millie_c_: Todays post: how I have been converted to @leestaffordhair bleached blondes” πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Last day in Ibiza!! 2 weeks feels like 2 months!! Fantastic time and can't wait to get back to London baby!!
Pretty sure @TinieTempah sat next to us at The Beach House a few days ago!! #ibiza2014
Just been sent this pic by @KissJessicaJane of me + @EdKear messing around on the Devil's Tower set... Don't ask :)
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β€œ@leestaffordhair: I want to sleep in a proper bed, not a cot.” Beautiful Angel 😍😍
Great reviews for my latest movie 'Devils Tower'.. Available to pre-order!!…
Hahaha, sat round the pool laughing at @TinderPost !!!!!!
Sat by the pool with my phone thinking 'What shall I tweet..?
Everything I do is accompanied with "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" And everything I hold has a slight rocking movement!! #MommaJess
I'm sure certain people only Whassap me so they can show me their new profile pic!!
Does anyone know where Bridget Jones lives?
No place I'd rather be πŸ’™β˜€οΈ
Since having a baby, I keep referring to adults as 'humans'. Lol!
Joan Rivers has kept me entertained on E! For years, really going to miss her humour. #RIPJoanRivers
I'm pretty sure Miss Hall from Clueless walked past me at Heathrow.
@KissJessicaJane September definitely my favourite month of the calendar so far. Stunningly beautiful 😘
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'Spot the cabbie with a working chip n pin machine' is much harder.
Just played 'Spot the Poo' on the train tracks of Liverpool Street. Wasn't challenging enough.
Enrol NOW at the Lee Stafford Academy in Leicestershire. Only a few places left!! call 0115 9557673 Coalville
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β€œ@DelanceyandCo: Sneak peak #1 to get the taste buds going - Challah x Salt Beef!” Get in my belly!!!!
Really boring question..BUT..Does anyone know a company that can/will clean a deep shag-pile rug?
Last day of @juicemaster 5 day detox...I'm already back to my pre-pregnancy weight!! Feel so bouncy!!
You can't breathe in Apple without an appointment.
My @juicemaster food for the day!! Feeling full up πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
What people think it's like having a hairdresser for a husband.
Just cried at Beyonce's VMA performance!!
How insane is Big Brother this year!!
Does anyone know where Emma Willis' pink dress is from!? #CBB
Our new dog walker had a lovely first day with Knickers and Pants. They barked at a man on a skateboard who fell off and called them C***S!!