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Kirstie Mary Allsopp
Thank you! RT @WarrenMeadJS: Thank you to everyone for their generous Harvest donations for @homestartuk
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RIP Lynda Bellingham, she was an inspiration, she so wanted to make it to Christmas, if you're working towards that, don't give up hope.
Rob & Helen is a runaway train, clear the tracks, someone is definitely going to get hurt #thearchers
Remember the last one of those!! #dreadful@BBCTheArchers: Ooh a family meeting at Brookfield *rubs hands* #thearchers
I'm afraid Granny will believe what he's done, she's come across this type of thing before! #thearchers @BBCTheArchers
Proud! @sofie_allsopp very pleased with my FYHFR inspired recycle. Lloyd Loom chairs transformed ready for new house
Really?! @ClaireEM73: well whatever you meant you have insulted almost half population of Scotland by insinuating we are uneducated
@KirstieMAllsopp people hide behind Twitter. I had similar from no voters. Don't see why folk need to be nasty at all. agree to disagree.
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@KirstieMAllsopp if someone walked up to a stranger in public and verbally abused them there would be trouble #onlinecowards
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@KirstieMAllsopp - Agree completely - my strategy for abuse on Twitter is to ignore - no point reasoning with the unreasonable
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No-one should be abusive, on Twitter or anywhere else, there is no excuse. Debate is vital in an engaged society, abuse is pathetic.
For the record, I said that those who are abusive bring shame on their nation, not the 45 in general, but why be accurate?!
Those people who are just abusive because they lack the vocabulary to be critical bring shame on their nation.
I've come across unpleasant groups, but for sheer nastiness on Twitter the Yes lobby or the 45, as they like to be known now, win the prize.
@KirstieMAllsopp inspired after @HandmadeFair the last month: first of my Xmas stockings ready 4 craft fair at work
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The amazing inspiring Lloyd with his family and @AlanCarr @Stanup2c
Trash. Tomorrow. Rome. Official International Trailer (Universal Pictures) HD: via @YouTube
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Please text TEN to 70404. #StandUpToCancer @StandUp2C we all know someone who's been affected so let's try beat it
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So you know someone with Cancer? Silly question, of course you do, we all do so let's Stand Up To Cancer @StandUp2C #research #knowledge
Turn to Channel 4 now for all sorts of goodies & fun stuff to amuse, amaze and inspire you to raise funds to fight Cancer. @StandUp2C
Lots of other folk have put together this amazing, inspiring evening, SO proud that my boss @Channel4 have taken on this fight @StandUp2C
On way to @StandUp2C for a big evening of Live TV & huge Thank you ewes to all the fab sponsors @WeAreZizzi @EAGameUpdates and @BTCare
Yeh! “@haslamdr: @PipofftheTV followed advice in your book to the letter, today we got the keys to our new Home!
Nigeria says it has agreed a ceasefire with Boko Haram - and 219 kidnapped girls will be freed…
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If you missed this remarkable collection of #Ebola testimonies on #newsnight please watch… (Thanks to @scosl)
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❤️“@TomChivers: WARNING. Do NOT read this (via @LettersOfNote). It will make you SOB LIKE A CHILD.…
But why does it change bit to but? “@svallance1: Auto correct? Takes over every time.”
Had to delete that last tweet - bit not but.
This is where to go for accurate figures on Scottish Property Tax thank you @paullewismoney…
Interesting how many people don't understand this from of punctuation ? it indicates that you are asking for answers.
Wowee! “@NTSouthWest: have you seen our yarn-bombed apple tree yet Kirstie? More here >>>…
@KirstieMAllsopp Guest House on market for 2 years at £499k. Stamp duty = £15k, new tax =£27.3k. Increase £12.3k = 82%! No chance of selling
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High Street giant @johnlewisisretail is looking for makers to create small-batch ranges with them #opps
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@KirstieMAllsopp that'll help first time buyers get on the ladder. Just when you thought your savings for a 10% deposit was enough! 👎
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Yes, they can! “@simpsontrevor: can they actually just do this?? 25k is Alot of money!!”
Yes, Twitter is putting tweets in your timeline from people you don't follow
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It is rumoured that a 10% buyers tax is proposed in Scotland so someone buying a home for £250,000 would have to pay £25K in taxes. #madness
Hearing from lots of panicked Scottish homeowners, who out there really knows what's going on with proposed new sellers/buyers taxes?
@KirstieMAllsopp As a fellow border lover please can you RT to help find this chap? #FindToby ThankYou
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@KirstieMAllsopp @StandUp2C my dad was given months & we had 4 precious yrs! Cancer isn't always right, let's shout at it - VERY loudly! x
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But never stop hoping, my Mother was terminally ill, with months to live, for 9 years! She was never that good at maths @StandUp2C
A good Dr told me when the changes are month to month you have months, week to week, weeks & day to day, days. #knowledgeispower @StandUp2C