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Kirstie Alley
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I have SO much energy I scare myself!!! Wish there were 48 hour days!!!!! WAAAAAA HOOOOOO!!
β€œ@CozmicTouch: @kirstiealley @DawnMarchi Perfect with the hat and pink bike. #Bows Lol πŸ’‹” OMG!!! pink heaven!!
β€œ@bruceCtaylor: @kirstiealley Don't forget the baguette!” I think "forgetting" the baguette is one of the smartest things I CAN do..:)
β€œ@DawnMarchi: @kirstiealley Don't forget the hat with ties so it doesn't blow away...” and the Valentino heels
I've decided to ride my bike to work!! a towny bike.. not a cool race bike .. yep, I'll be the one on the pink bike with the white basket
β€œ@violet500: @kirstiealley are you cooking this holiday?” no I'm eating @JennyCraig Chicken Fetticini!!!' Almost down 10 lbs...:)...xxo
here comes Peter Cottontail
BREAKING | Captive dolphins successfully rehabbed back into the wild. We have proof! #Tweet4Dolphins
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β€œ@rickygervais: If you never want to be criticised then say nothing, do nothing & of course be nothing.” good point Ricardo, good point
β€œ@WynonnaMusic: PERSPECTIVE...”. Really good one ..... Too funny !
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β€œ@chrissauve: @kirstiealley LOVE THE TV SHOW! Check out #madmaus i think a #kirstiemaus needs to happen ASAP with @Pat_Field" MausLOVE
β€œ@JackieLSwanson: @kirstiealley @misslala300 …cheap whore?…did somebody just page me…?” lol
β€œ@misslala300: @kirstiealley have a glass of wine and a mani & pedi” Or glass of wine and a cheap whore
β€œ@traci_monroe: @kirstiealley hell I feel that way on a daily basis.” lol.. this made my day
This was one of those days that I almost threw my phone through the window !! Hard to get me really pissed but damn!!! Glad I spared it
β€œ@murphydes1: @kirstiealley 'Folks are usually about as happy as they make up their minds to be!' #AbrahamLincoln :o)” truth
Choose the people in your life wisely .... one bad apple CAN spoil the whole bunch .. like one virus can kill you and everyone around you
It's hard to be funny these days...many take things literally ... and social media trolls think they are literate..
β€œ@iamjoshkaufman: @DaniMozMusic - thank you so much! What a compliment - much appreciated.” MUCH deserved!! WIN THIS THING!
JOSH KAUFMAN.. wow!! you are BRILLIANT.. Damn!