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Kirstie Alley
Awesome awesome AWESOME day at my Bestie's house!!... Ocean swim in icy Maine water was a jolt of exhilaration !!!
Happy Labor Day!!! Many food groups will lose their lives today in America ...especially potato chips
To all of you who work hard ... you searching in earnest for work..good you lazy fucks...start contributing
xxxoooooo sweet dreams
@Lannatexasgal: @kirstiealley Cowboys are great at fixin fences and most everything else ;)” Oh Lord...oh LORD
@tatsandcupcake: @kirstiealley OMG!!! Hot!!!” Love Boat... hehehehe FREE BOAT TRIP
Jonny boy.. emergency! I need a new Lattice garden.. come quick..bring hammer… OBSESSED ...God I wish this guy was 50...I'd marry him..better yet I wish I was 20..:) soulmates
The big trouble with dumb bastards is that they are too dumb to believe there is such a thing as being smart.
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"The worst thing about some men is when they are not drunk they are sober" #WilliamButlerYeats #Ireland :-) @SamuelLJackson @kirstiealley
Retweeted by Kirstie Alley… A little late to the ALS game..but so sweet and soooo proud @CousinSlowpoke :)
GOOD MORNING!!!! Off to a VERY hard CORE class...inspired...80 year old woman beside me planks for 4 minutes..DAMN GIRL!
The @PropertyBrother season finale airs on @hgtv US tonight at 9pm e/p & next Wednesday @BuyingSellingPB premieres!
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@cfromtheict: For rent! Great house in College Hill. Call 316-555-2712 for the deets” CUTEST HOUSE EVER!! RENT IT
Thanx @kirstiealley for sharing Hackers pose as iPhone security ask for passwords TXT Looks like this - DON'T DO IT
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Yep just confirmed with APPLE and AT&T that they would NEVER send out texts like this..Defiantly a scam ... DAMN!! DON'T FALL FOR IT!
Here are the hackers numbers 210 100001 100002 100005 100006 100007
Does anyone know about hackers posing as IPhone security asking for passwords etc? DONT FALL FOR IT..WE JUST DID..
How complicated and unpredictable the machinery of life really is.
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Muslims condemn ISIS, say terrorist group doesn't represent Islam…’t-represent-Islam.html
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@Tina_jennycraig: @allaboutfigures @kirstiealley can't wait for your big reveal. I bet you are looking fabulous! #jennycraig” :).. xxo
I like this Duggar family...I really do...lots of love in that family
@JordyLaneYoung: @allaboutfigures @kirstiealley We need her back at @pier1 too.” I loved being the Pier1 spokesperson.. love those stores
@kirstiealley Yep, you were the first & you are the best spokesperson for the program! Great you're back with Jenny!
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I shall work out and lose weight until my breasts are the size of champagne glasses...and my butt is mistaken for a 6th grade boy..hahahaha
Drugging Our Kids—Children in California’s Foster Care System are Prescribed Unproven, Risky Drugs at Alarming Rates
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@ilariaurbinati: BOOM!!!!! Top of Los Angeles Times!!!!!” blah blah blah YOU ARE AWESOME blah blah blah
Lizzy Caplan looked amazing on the #Emmys carpet. See who else made our top 10 best dressed:
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apparently Ryan Gossling does the weather on Good Morning Maine..second jobs
Attention celebs! step in that E! network “glam-cam” next year and it’s your own fault. After, 4 regulars talk shit about you! #ERedCarpet
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sometimes u just gotta hop in bed and drink so much you think you won an Emmy ... And thank everyone via text
And the winner of Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy is... Ty Burrell of @ModernFam! #Emmys #Emmys
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Oh Shit! Are the Emmys tonight?? Was I nominated???? Wut? ...oh..ok.......I see how it is
@kirstiealley @ZANGTOI and YOU are the face I LOVE to paint!!!!!! Come backstage this season so I can 'touch' you!!!!!!!!!! XOXO
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@ZANGTOI: @kirstiealley @beautybyrudy YES...Rudy is the BEST !!!” MASSIVE KISSES TO BOTH OF YOU
Be sure to pick up the latest copy of @closerweekly to read about Wy & Cactus in the Love Notes section! - Team Wy
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@WOWPicsOfLife: This is what a two-hours old pygmy hippopotamus looks like.” OMG!!! be still my heart !!
Night drinks...LIMEAIDS made with stevia and mandarin tea laced with Release Me YUM
@DawnMarchi: I need a present... These work...” I need a present too