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Kirstie Alley
“@TheLeeWilliams: A lot of winterberry ripening up fast. #fall” so pretty.. fresh
“@hilariabaldwin: I love being a mama💜�” beautiful child ..loved
I'm pretty sure I breathed in a pound of dust today... 40 boxes shipping out ...I'm a hoarder but I have a few homes so it's hard to tell
“@CustomBabyDolls: @kirstiealley @OfficialSanta I am already making my Christmas Elves :)” cute!!!
“@oldpicsarchive: 1950s Hats” ok..our fashion sense is SO off the Mark ...jeez..stupid sloppy unisex we have become
“@SkyLee026: We've got two #UnbrokenNutz birthdays in the house! @Ivashechkin @lovelySJG!” HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH Of U!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
I wish every kid in the world knew one create your own one else can, so it makes u unique
I saw the most extraordinary house today that owns a rock quarry..this photo doesn't donut justice
OMG THABK YOU ALLIE BOWEN at Hannaford Super Market in Camden MAINE ....for being SO AWESOME and helping us quickly do a charity gig..:)
think of all the things you miss out on by not being awake at 4 Grassology......which I purchased by the way
Violence is not always loud.It is intimidation by domination. Attempts at humiliation privately or publicly if U don't comply. QUIET erosion
“@kkat112: @kirstiealley hi k, are you still the spokesperson for jenny Craig?” YESSSSSSSS!!!
“@pohippia: @kirstiealley My fav scene from It Takes Two. Love love love ♥” GOOOOOT!!!
It's that time of year to reinvent myself...then I'll do it again in 2 months ... and so on
With only 26,000 in existence, African rhinos have two years until they're completely extinct
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It is just like man's vanity and impertinence to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions.
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There are plenty if things out there to kill us ... we don't need to kill each other
If you want to really hurt your parents, and you don't have the nerve to be gay, the least you can do is go into the arts.
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“@HistoryInPics: Audrey Hepburn, 1964” what a dream woman..gossamer
Anybody got a moving truck Co..Maine to Florida haul.. if so, please put your Co, and number here... thanks
This has to end - Asia please help stop those who believe lies about rhino horn.
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I laid in bed ALL day and decorated a farm house kitchen ...this beats hitting the streets least for today
“@pohippia: @kirstiealley Because the sun never sets on a badass” @ZANGTOI gold purse ...incredible
“@pohippia: @kirstiealley Because the sun never sets on a badass” @StevieB0i shades..The BEST!
It is rarely popular to take stands against injustices...people feel more comfortable with milk and toast
<5% difference in DNA between these 2 fingers and yet 1 of them is driving the other to extinction. RT if you agree!
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25 years of TIMELESS ELEGANCE @ZANGTOI 25th Anniversary Runway Show Sept 9th #MBFW.
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Nicholas are Godsend...WOW!!! What an example of greatness!! Bravo!
If u want to see something extraordinary watch 60 minutes and see what one man "Winton" did...he saved hundreds of Jewish children..brave
We just went to the WIENERFEST IN BELFAST MAINE...hundreds of Dachshunds racing and prancing..sooooooo cute
GOOD MORNING!!! Day trippin TODAY!!!! MAINE is extraordinarily GORGEOUS!!!!
I've just ordered a magical letter from SANTA CLAUS from the best Santa Letter website: via @OfficialSanta
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dogs calm now.. buried deep within my blankets.. TV up real loud to drown out thunder ..working!!
BIG STORM ...scaring my dogs ..sad yet annoying
Go to gorgeous fabrics and wallpapers etc..ALL made in AMERICA..Sister was one of the greatest designers..& FRIEND :)