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Kirstie Alley
lord parents teach your children basic table manners and etiquette ... OY
My simple request :...please eat with your mouth closed ...ALWAYS ....FFS
OMG...I hung with Duckie for hours..swimming in the ocean, flying and just chillin on the sea wall..I LOVE MY DUCKIE!!
@redwing1499: @kirstiealley Just read your book the art of men. Loved it, could not put it down!” thank you !!!!!!!
I love my Duckie....what a wonderful thing to help raise a wild animal up and help them return to the wild...
@Harvey1Patty: @kirstiealley what did you use to lose your weight” Jenny Craig ..:)
There's only one thing worse than not giving advice to someone in need and that's the person who pleads for it but will never follow it
The best days of my life...back to the future of what I've only dreamed of... never succumb to hardships can change :) love love love
Duckie learning the ropes of flying and hanging out on the sea wall
Too many girls over the world victims of violence and deprived of rights to education and health – they need our protection #dayofthegirl
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@kirstiealley Nosey suffers from ARTHRITIS, but was forced 2 TOW A VAN. She could DIE SOON. TELL @USDA 2 help NOW!
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But I still think the turtles were cool zzzzzzzzzzzz
soooooo I'm awake at 4 AM tweeting about turtles...I'll just go back to sleep now
Hope this becomes popular ..we call it the "unselfie" ...AKA photograph
My whole universe has shifted...when we seek to better ourselves and are willing to earnestly change, we prevail..#happy
For some good news: My Duckie flys free now, circles and then returns to me... heaven
@kirstiealley I forgot how delicious getting healthy and skinny feels!Working on those pesky 19 pounds!! @JennyCraig
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Steven Collins activities are not "allegations" they are confessions. He "thinks" there were 3...which Prob means 30
Child molestation is not a sound bite .... throw child molesters in jail and throw away the key... no mercy on this activity
WOW !! The Voice is just the most upbeat tribute to artists on TV .. Sooooo refreshing not to have devils advocates .. ALL VALIDATION
You rock @kirstiealley !!! @JennyCraig PLZ carry Pagoda! It's the BEST Green Tea Sup. on the market. Been taking it since 2010.
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FBI asks for help in identifying English-speaking ISIS jihadist in mass execution video:
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Cannabis can be just as hard to give up as heroin, a new study's found.…
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The function of the artist is to make people like life better than they have before.
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Global wildlife populations declined by a stunning 52 percent over the past 40 years
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Sitting by the sea tonight watching a pod of dolphins .. free...happy...playful..Sentient beings like this deserve respect #stoptaijikilling
Those moments in your life when you are so happy you can't sleep....bliss
@kirstiealley I missed watching your series Fat Actress 😔 Not anymore, SHOWTIME has it on the iPhone App....WHAT!!
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"@kirstiealley: This Taiji issue must be a very political one ... I wish I had more solutions ..actually I ...
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This Taiji issue must be a very political one ... I wish I had more solutions ..actually I wish I had any
ok people.. I TWEET and campaign for Taiji Dolphins continually & have for years ..when I say "it's difficult" it doesn't mean I'm stopping
@kirstiealley Finally back track with my diet.Gained an unsightly 18lbs last winter.#RescueMe helps control cravings! THanks K& #JennyCraig
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Restore your own power and you will emerge something you forgot you were. Yourself
Why not visit your local rescue centre this weekend and bring home a new best friend @pupaid #adopt
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Stop poaching & end the trade for good. Join the march for elephants & rhinos @EleRhinoMarch
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Excited to watch bad ass @katewalsh play a Bad Judge tonight! Love her!!
Reporting for duty.....xxxooo
God I love the coaches on the voice!!! They Are the MOST alive upbeat artists on earth !! Not nasty,just dynamic!! Kudos NBC@NBCTheVoice
jeez..I REALLY NEED TO PLAY spaders F'd up sister on the Black List...come on!! no brainer ... Twisted Sister meets Faster Pussycat
this next dude on the voice is so freakin fun!!! I wish him well!! go get it buddy Troy Ritchie
The Black List...oooooo so can't wait to see it...:)
Drugs do not get people off drugs or alcohol ... seek a drug free program for addiction..AA ....Narconon to name a few
I wish everyone felt safe...fear is a crippling emotion