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Kim Severson
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I will not be eating these. Just trying to bribe the NYT video crew.
These Southern exoneration stories just get more jaw-dropping. In today's @nytimes.…
Feeding an infant peas and carrots and the like makes for thinner, more adventurous eaters later.…
Wasn't until I helped The Messy Baker (@charmian_c) do a cooking demo that I realized they don't sell butter by the stick in Canada.
Local food means something different in Alaska. A clear-eyed look at growing food in the Last Frontier.…
While you were at the beach: Posts on naming teen sex-abuse victims; if NYT favors private colleges; and 'no angel':
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True service journalism from @nytdining: Find the best New York coffee near you:
The world of cover-ups on one Chinese beach, through the eyes of one photographer.
Working on my tri-tip recipe. #nytcooking never takes a vacation.
.@brianstelter @StoneBarns And note that a good food writer never reveals her sauces. RIMSHOT!
Listening to authors of Citizen Farmers. Charmed by the phrase garden to party. So much nicer than farm to toilet.
Mic'ing up half of the @beean1802boys for their demo. In the ATL, Y'all.
Brilliant booth here at the the Decatur Book Festival. Got a question? #dkbook2014
Come to my #dbf2014 panel on book reviewing; noon today at marriott ballroom A with @leverus @traybutler Valerie Boyd & Parul Kapur Hinzen
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I host the @DBookFestival cooking stage today. We will waffle, cook w/ @Beekman1802Boys, talk farming and bake. 12-5. #DBF2014
Last Southern supper of the summer. Praise.
More proof of the okra revolution. Plus, a smoked butt. My friends can cook, and I love them for it.
Colman Andrews in the wild, at a Catalan lunch in support of My Usual Table. #decaturbookfestival
More proof the okra revolution continues. @robertsietsema: Red and green okra, Abingdon Sq Greenmarket
A very Times-y (and very good) Times headlne: "Here Comes September. There Lie the Mets."
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Anthropologie. Looks like Pinterest walked in here and got sick.
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That number on the right of plane ticket is the key to flying out of Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone: Your temperature.
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The thing is, once you start packing lunches like this there is no going back to a ham sandwich and ants on a log.…
Yowzer, @joshuawhitman: Sunset at 16th Street Baptist church in Birmingham. @TweetHomeAla
"Flannery O'Conner would have been really really great on Twitter." -- Joyce Carol Oates at #dbf
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Friday Night Lights, Atlanta style.
For Labor Day, will you go all Norma Rae or will you cook? Good ideas for the latter in our #NYTCooking newsletter.
I pray that somehow I will find inspiration to stop eating potato chips and reading tweets so I can finish my work this afternoon.
The revolution is on! Okra an alternative to ice cream stabilizers that sound like a chem class quiz. Via @ModFarm…
Katz’s Deli has sold its air rights, but no fear: the pastrami is still safe
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A reminder: you might want to read this lovely essay by a great cook about summer, corn and growing up gay in Iowa.
From one of my fav @nytimes video journalists: @leslyedavis folos a man afraid of water.
Laundry Love, a charity that helps poor people wash their clothes. Brilliant. A report from @nprnews
The incomparable NR Kleinfield, on one man's struggle to swim
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Departing CNN producer: "Oh how I long for that wonderful time when news was the star."
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Chef shilling beyond the culinary. Christina Tosi sells cars Richard Blais sells cat food…
In the ATL? Watch me (Sun.) and @AJCJohnKessler (Sat.) host the @DBookFestival cooking demo stage. Authors galore.…
The Obama personal chef who, thanks to First Lady, has become America's foodmaster. Classic, delicious @jestei tale:…
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Holden's cheese sandwich, Oliver's gruel, Proust's madeleines: 10 great meals in literature, in photographs:
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How that state-by-state graphic of who buys what on eBay played in Mississippi, where mattresses topped the list.
Cooking journalism at its most tedious: eapertura trying to capture the moment oil shimmers.
Love that “@lpolgreen: Pushing 2200 comments: the @jbarro airplane seat recline juggernaut continues.”
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