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Khoi Vinh
Post: awesome illustrations of famous contemporary skyscrapers—as monthly wallpapers.
Post: breathtaking photos of Hong Kong in the 1950s and 60s by Fan Ho.
It was only a matter of time. James Murphy working w IBM to make songs out of tennis matches.
Bill Murray takes tickets at a minor league baseball game because of course he did.
Post: Roger Angell’s farewell to Derek Jeter.
Hollywood just had its worst summer box-office since 2006, and its first summer w/out a $300mm hit since 2001.
Try as he might, David could not get the waiter's attention.
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Eat almonds they're great for you! Don't eat almonds they're terrible for the environment!
Bob Dylan's complete, legendary “Basement Tapes” will be released in November.
NYC digital agency @barrelny is hiring a UX designer, right upstairs from us at @trywildcard.
Post: Lessons from architectural principles for app design.
Buzzfeed: Hello Kitty is not a cat. Also, lives in a dimension between time, space, beyond our comprehension.
Post: lessons from director Steven Soderbergh's years of failure.
Happy Friday. “Party Down” is coming to Hulu, with first 5 episodes free to non-subscribers.
Post: dissecting OS X Yosemite's new icon design language.
This looks awesome: “Visual Futurist” wanted at Center for Science and the Imagination, Arizona State University.
Post: this is the best-yet primer on animation for mobile apps, from @flyosity.
Finally! 1960s “Batman” TV series to be released on Blu-Ray in November.
To all the doubters (including me): @CJR says The New York Times’ paywall has plenty of room to grow.
Damning examination of “Casual cruelty against women in video games” and maybe even worse response from some gamers.
Philly! @thinkbrownstone is hiring a Mobile Visual Designer in your neck of the woods.
Re Monday's post: gorgeous F37 Bella font is still on sale for half off.
This CSS experiment shows some of what can be rendered with just a single div.
Post: Did you know that Ikea's catalog images, like this one, are 3D rendered? Fact.
What happens to complaints against the NYPD: interactive explainer from @WNYC and @datanews.
The Colors Of Motion: breaks down movies into their dominant colors.
Great Internet Film School piece on circles, lines & the art of misdirection in the Coen Bros’ “The Hudsucker Proxy.”
Thought this was a joke! @verge: This speaker blasts old timey typewriter sounds to motivate Times reporters
Morning. This is genius. Un-cropped road signs: ⚠️
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Folks at Designer News dug up this 2009 branding document for Pepsi—a masterpiece of pure B.S. from @ArnellGroup.
.@Lendio is simplifying small business loans, and they're hiring a Sr Product Designer.
Here are some grown men trying to make throwing star versions of Captain America’s shield.
If you're a #kidpost user and want to try out a fun new feature we're beta testing, please let me know!
Post: I try to answer the question, “What are cards?”
I'm not a skater, but these decks for 5BORO VHS Series are awesome. Found at @AisleOne.
NYT continues relentless pursuit of young people with article about what the Internet was like 15 yrs ago.
Reuters: China is developing its own OS to take on Google, Apple, Microsoft.
The Dissolve’s Movie of the Week is the phenomenal “Out Of Sight,” one of my favorites.
UX Designer wanted in Atlanta to help @BitPay bring the potential of Bitcoin to the masses.
TiVo releases an over-the-air version of their DVR for cord-cutters: $50 + monthly service.
Post: F37 Bella is a beautiful Didot-style serif type, on sale for 50% off today.
Quartz has a new design that confuses me. The previous design was so good. How does this improve on that?
I've deleted enough tweets to know that I should never get a tattoo.
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Hagiographic profile of Yves Behar at @TheVerge.
Calvin and Hobbes on the end of summer.
A beginner's guide to “Doctor Who.” For Yanks, obvs.
It depresses me how this is a totally different era now.
Sometimes when it’s raining and Dark Sky says it’s not raining, I don’t know whether to believe Dark Sky or not.