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Khoi Vinh
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It depresses me how this is a totally different era now.
Sometimes when it’s raining and Dark Sky says it’s not raining, I don’t know whether to believe Dark Sky or not.
That is, Android engagement numbers are lower not because of all the low-end users, but because even the high-end users act very differently
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There are very roughly the same number of high-end Android and iOS users, yet total Android payout in last 12m was $5bn, where iOS was $10bn
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We used to think that though Android engagement averages were much lower, high-end users were worth the same as iPhone users. Not the case
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.@beh_zod @_richardrae @jhembach @fredzaw Also just got an email that's like an MS Word bullet list. Style counts! cc @coin.
Rollout of @coin is super confusing. Guys, you need help with comms.
Fascinating: How art is crucial to understanding the Human mind.
Updated my post on "The New Stock Photography" with a new resource.
Post: noPhone is a surrogate for having a smartphone in your hand.
DreamHost is hiring a UI Developer in SF, LA or potentially remote.
More fake UIs: designs for the indie short film "Simian."
@khoi Pandora's diversity numbers need work, but the the transparency they built into their report module, wins.…
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Post: Chronicle has put Paul Rand’s “Thoughts on Design” back in print, kinda halfheartedly.
WSJ: Hollywood is working hard to make you cry.
One incredible entrepreneur saved this struggling neighborhood by replacing poor people with affluent people.
Pitchfork: The 100 best albums of the decade so far (2010-2014).
Get paid to move to Switzerland: @iconworldwide is hiring a UX design intern there.
What other industries have their own versions of Netflix? Spotify for music, Oyster for books, Epic for kids books…any others?
Scientists who apparently have nothing better to do try to figure out why so many pets look just like their owners.
By the numbers: Saturday Night Live goes to the movies / The Dissolve
Fans of art, tech and Brooklyn: The @brooklynmuseum is hiring a web developer.
A proposed 9-yr franchise plan for a Marvel movies-style Coen Bros universe.
Moscow is mad that Bulgarians have been painting Soviet-era statues as superheroes.