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Khoi Vinh
Hotly tipped NYC startup Spring is hiring a designer.
The Verge: The story of the IBM Model M, “the greatest keyboard ever made.”
Post: Photos of Los Angeles' old Broadway theaters.
Very eye-opening story in this week's New Yorker on the underground network of Chinese restaurant workers in America.
Big bundle of display + novelty fonts w webfonts, extended licensing for US$39.
Archie vs. Predator is a real comic book that the world will see soon.
Ars Technica: Possible reasons why iOS 8 adoption is slower than iOS 7.
Uber and Lyft flunk the Better Business Bureau test.
LEGO capitulates to Greenpeace campaign brand, agrees to stop selling at Shell stations—but ruefully.
A fake porno title from tonight's Law & Order SVU. Scorsese must be thrilled.
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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Women Pay Gaffe: "I Answered That Question Completely Wrong." via @karaswisher
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On my list things I'd like to redesign: Basecamp.
Post: Summary of reactions to #ProjectLayUp: FINISH IT AND SHIP IT.
Post: Curator is an elegant app for assembling mood boards.
Design studio Think Brownstone is looking to hire a Sr UX/Visual Designer.
Second post in @lissalauren's series on “Applying Architecture to Product Design”:
YWFT’s best selling Agostina Alternate typeface is on sale for $5.
Awesome. The history of architectural photography told in 16 stunning images, by @awalkerinLA
If you want to feel "hopeful" don't ever speak to anyone in a decent history department. Ever. You can't handle it.
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Video of me presenting #ProjectLayup at Adobe MAX on Tue night. In the bkground: Joseph Gordon Leavitt!
“GoDaddy is better now! Our CEO hired a woman!” again with the looking for the cookies for doing shit you should be doing anyway
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One of my favorite apps: Mobile dossier startup Refresh finds a revenue model with its salesforce app.
New York: I have a Thurs-only pass to NYCCC if anyone wants to go—free. Bought it on a whim, but can't use it. Pickup on Grand St.
Youch. RT @jheftmann: Andrew Sullivan-> "Buzzfeed is really an ad agency with some journalistic window dressing."…
NYT Public Editor scrutinizes the paper's coverage of the publishers vs. Amazon squabble.
Over at Gizmodo, @awalkerinLA wrote about #ProjectLayUp, my collaboration with Adobe.
Inkling is hiring a Sr Product Designer for “the world’s first cloud publishing platform.”
From last week but still good: An in-depth look at what's behind Apple Pay.
The Guardian: News is bad for you – and giving up reading it will make you happier.
Hello there! We launched Flickr support for beta users today. If you want to live on the edge and try it out, give a holler.
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If you're excited for #ProjectLayUp, please upvote it over at Designer News. Thx!
Post: Here's a preview of LayUp, the new iPad app I'm building with Adobe. #projectlayup
People are horrible. NYT: Baby black bear found dead in Central Park, no explanation.
"How The New Yorker Finally Figured Out The Internet: 3 Lessons From … Redesign" talks to @nxthompson & @mtwentythree…
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The very brief rise and fall of NBC’s “Say Anything” remake.
.@TheAVClub: Can Thom Yorke legitimize BitTorrent?
Bloc Inc has an interesting opp for UX/UI mentors who want to teach & aspiring designers who want to learn online.
GoodReader, the very handy (if also very wonky) document reader app for iOS is on sale for ~60% off.
Parenting tip: whatever you're doing with your kids, you should be doing either LESS or MORE of it, if not both. Or else they're ruined.
A new, typically magnificent Zola Jesus is album out today.
Post: a video about Montreal’s Mural Festival, starring Tom Hanks's head.
Analysis: what it would cost to raise a child as destructive as Calvin of “Calvin & Hobbes.”
Post: Adobe’s slew of new mobile apps, plus SDK, signals a new Adobe.
Rolling Stone: The genius of Mike Judge’s terribly under-appreciated film “Idiocracy”.
Pinterest starts curating its own content with weekly collections called “Pin Picks.”
My pals at Underdog are rising fast—and they're hiring a lead software engineer in NYC.
USPS releasing commemorative Batman stamps in 4 designs for the character's 75th anniversary.
NielsenNorman Group on image-focused design and whether bigger is better.
Post: Jerry Seinfeld's shockingly honest Clio award acceptance speech.
Post: early morning shot from my hotel room in L.A.