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Khoi Vinh
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What other industries have their own versions of Netflix? Spotify for music, Oyster for books, Epic for kids books…any others?
Scientists who apparently have nothing better to do try to figure out why so many pets look just like their owners.
By the numbers: Saturday Night Live goes to the movies / The Dissolve
Fans of art, tech and Brooklyn: The @brooklynmuseum is hiring a web developer.
A proposed 9-yr franchise plan for a Marvel movies-style Coen Bros universe.
Moscow is mad that Bulgarians have been painting Soviet-era statues as superheroes.
Ridicutelous. RT @bobbychiu: Here's a little Groot and Rocket I did. Hope you like it.
Post: the Muppets “cover” the Beastie Boys—gloriously.
Thanks to the bravery of America's founding fathers, this french fry holder is available for your purchase.
A plugin for @sketchapp that generates animated GIFs, so users of animated GIFs can be even more clever.
Post: a new kind of Twitter card hints at what's possible with the card form.
Foodie designers, here's your chance to work at @Food52. #authenticjobs
Kodak discontinues its iconic BW400CN black and white film.
Holy moley. Man makes unbelievable recovery from a motorcycle crash.
"I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me." Horrific op-ed from an LA cop.
Mashable: China's MIUI 6 is the most blatant iOS 7 ripoff ever.
Brilliant review of "The Expendables 3."
.@verge on Sharp's new phone for Sprint: "first smartphone we can call truly 'edge-to-edge.'"
Product designer wanted at @zinio to work on their magazine apps.
Post: showreel of UI concepts produced for "Guardians of the Galaxy."
How to watch an unaltered copy of the original “Star Wars” in HD at your house.
This makes me so sad about humanity: Facebook to add "satire" tag to satirical content.
Post: new book tells 29 untold stories of world famous logos.
Things that should be easier: pasting text copied from a desktop app into a web app eg, Basecamp without styles going haywire.