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Khoi Vinh
Post: secret origins of the NY Yankees logo—both the NYPD and Tiffany & Co were involved.
“How top startups pay designers”—@dburka sheds light.
My friends at Notabli are looking for an iOS developer to work on their terrific mobile app for families. Remote OK.
Designer of Yes and Asia albums loses suit contending that "Avatar" ripped off his cheesy covers.
iPhone 6 Plus teardown from iFixit.
A graphic designer at Bloomberg just became the world grandmaster of not giving a fuck
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Interstellar cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema to fill Roger Deakins's shoes in next Bond movie.
Also fantastic: the PowerPuff Girls and Mojo Jojo as interpreted by Mike Mignola.
These Scottish front pages are incredible
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Lil MacGuffins: cute illustrations of famous film plot gimmicks by @100soft.
If you're in NY, fluent in modern web development, and want to teach it, Noble is hiring just that.
Via @tomfinley, some styles from that Lulo stackable typeface I tweeted earlier are actually free from Mighty Deals:
Art directors: Any recs for good studio photographers in NYC who can shoot a series of products against a clean white background? Thx!
.@Cocoatech: Path Finder 7 is great but I miss the old icon, more easily findable IMHO.
Post: Thinking about what to do with an old iPhone.
Huge list from @macstoriesnet detailing all of the tiny changes and improvements in iOS 8.…
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This display typeface is *stackable* to create neat old-timey effects.
I'm telling you, 1Password as an extension is the single best thing about iOS 8.
Post: superb, clever illustrations of famous films and TV shows from DKNG.
Azavea is hiring a UX/UI designer to work on mobile/geospatial interfaces—sounds like good stuff.
Who is this band iOS 8 and why are they trying to put their free album on my iPhone?
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Phone updated. Now updating all those apps I never use.
Had no idea that a league ops for NFL, NHL had tax-exempt status. That's ridiculous.
Handy chart from WSJ's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus review.
Yes! Post-Macworld, @jsnell's next is Six Colors. Congrats Jason.
Post: two terrific, revealing articles on the secret history of women in comics.
Bryan Cranston performs some of baseball's greatest hits as a 1-man play.
Criticwire on "The Availability Gap: What We Lose When Netflix Wins."
Everyone’s totally baco for bolts!
Pop has become the black sheep of U2’s catalog, and that's a shame
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If you know the name of the design star who supposedly did the design, s/he probably didn’t do the design.
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Design studio Creative Soapbox is hiring an interactive designer.
If you can get over the offensiveness of getting the U2 album FREE, this is a great article on themes in U2's music.
Back to school night at my daughter's elementary school, yo. Awww yeah.
Post: Leica's gorgeous, absurdly priced M Edition 60 camera.
Co. Design analyzes the new Apple Watch typeface.
Wired: What can be done to increase smartphone battery life?
WSJ reports that dogs are most active in Portland and laziest in Houston, so there you go.
Quora users try to answer “Why did Apple announce Apple Watch now when it won’t be released ’til early 2015?”
Roundup of iPhone 6 and Apple Watch design resources from @MengTo.
Mockuuups lets you put your app in an iPhone 6 mockup today, no need to wait for the hardware.
Fantastic opportunity: The Wirecutter is hiring a Creative Director, telecommuters welcome.
Post: New York's beautiful WalkNYC wayfinding signage system.
Kanye West has his special needs discriminated against by fan in wheelchair.
.@cameronmoll and the Authentic Jobs team are trying to raise $10K for charity:water. Please help!
Longform Reprints: Playboy Interview with Steve Jobs, 1985.
The amazing story of the 9/11 photo that found its owner this week - the people are all alive.…
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Senior UX designer wanted to build products at @SlicedBreadUX—Bay Area or work remote.
Post: on exhibit in NYC, a wonderful retrospective of 50/60s illustrator Mac Conner.