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Can Costa Rica pull an upset? I wouldn't mind seeing the underdog win.
Move it football head!
Too school for cool.
US is playing 3 up front. Do you think they should switch back to playing a diamond in the midfield to match Belgium?
I rooted for France through the group stages but I'd like to see the Super Eagles win this one. #GoGreen
After that goal I ran to class... Still praying for USA to make a comeback though.
Second halfs already starting, I'm glued to my seat. Guess I'm missing English 2.. God have mercy on me.
Pondering whether I should miss my first class to continue watching this USA game... What do you guys think?
Strong first half for the Americans. A steady back four and the counter attacks have been dangerous. My belief is increasing!
Germany's weakness are those outside defenders, they're slow. Look for Beasley to have a big game.
I sense the nerves... I feel it myself. Make some simple passes, gain some confidence.
Taken right before I left Nairobi, I was fortunate to meet these two great guys from @jacksgap. Special moment. (Photo cred: Finn Harries)
Final day in Nairobi...
About to meet @JackHarries and @FinnHarries in Nairobi. How strange and cool. #youtubers
My dad made me watch every James Bond movie growing up, he's obsessed. Wishing him a happy Father's Day.
These ladies caught me watching fault in the stars in Nairobi by myself... Fantastic movie :) They also said I should tell people that Kenya has areas that are more developed and "pretty." This is true.
Thanks @TheRealRyanHiga for allowing @JLin7 and I on your "Dare" episode. Click to see who wins:
Wasn't able to spend my birthday with friends and family back home, but I was able to feel welcome, regardless. Thanks to all you for the bday wishes (6/12).
My birthday's in two days... meh. I can't wait for the world cup ;)
Happy birthday to Mr. Higa. He's a very "deer" friend. Get it? Cause his profile pic is a deer? @TheRealRyanHiga #imfunnyipromise
5:15pm slum selfie. Walking to my bus stop with students John and Felix. I'm reminded of the reality of others. This ends my batch of selfish selfies. I wanted to show you a day in the life at Jumba high.
5:00pm last bell selfie. Form 2 is feigning excitement after a long day at Jumba High. As a student though, I am blessed to share in their passion for education, growth, and community. They send you a warm hello. 'Til next time.
3:20pm football selfie. After a long day of classes, the Jumba high school students have P.E. The older boys like to have a serious football match. Brb, time to do some spanking.