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Kevin Mitnick
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It's interesting how much people believe sensational media reports. I love free press. Ordinarily it would costs millions. Thanks Wired!
Exactly! RT @BrightSideNews: No, @kevinmitnick is not selling Zero Day exploits to hackers...
Cant wait to go back to Vancouver. I miss the best sushi!
Next stop DerbyCon ... Bye bye Vancouver .. Awesome time
Last night in Vancouver before Derbycon. Gotta find something cool to do ;-)
This new bash bug reminds me of the old rlogin -froot bug.
.@Eminem Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me Cause we need a little controversy, Cause it feels so empty without me
You can pry my encryption keys from my cold, dead ... ;-)…
I basically refused so the government wasn't forced to turn over the encrypted files. No big deal.
Well, I never gave my encryption passwords when the government demanded it.
Just change your password to: imguilty and take the 5th lol RT @TN_Jonesboro: Can't one plead the Fifth Amendment regarding passwords?
Any suggestions for good Thai places in Vancouver?
About to go on stage.... ready to rock!
Court could also easily order law enforcement to press defendants finger or thumb to unlock device.…
Too bad I don't have the time to visit Victoria on this trip. Gotta head to Derbycon right after my gig here in Vancouver.
This place reminds me of the Jetsons. :-)
Roaming here is impossible. Can't get messages. Really sucks. Guess I'll get a Bell SIM tomorrow.
What's up with Rogers.. Data and text not working except intermittently .. Maybe RCMP intercept?
Bummed. No Hard Rock in Vancouver. No t-shirt or shot glass.
Since I am inn Canada I can buy an unlocked iPhone 6 plus! Looking for Apple now!
Gotta find an Earls!!
Lines at LAX suck today :-(
Headed to Vancouver for a gig tomorrow. I hope they have Hard Rock cafe! Running out of t-shirts :-)
I bought 3 extra battery packs so I'll have decent fly time
First time flying this thing .. $1500 bucks at risk lol
Can't wait to fire up this drone ... Hope I don't crash it :-(
Gotta go up to Mount Wilson and see what radio fun could be had ;-)
This new 2m handheld reminds me of the days of going on 154.600 and taking McDonalds orders! Lol
Anyone have a Yaesu FT1DR? If so, do you like the rig?
Saw Tombstones starring Liam Nelson. Pretty good but Taken was better!
Took the time to read about Apple's new mobile payment platform - Apple Pay. It actually looks pretty good.
Looking for A-player security researchers that want to make top $$$ finding new bugs. If interested, look here:…
Who is that handsome devil with @kevinmitnick on the front page of ?
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Finally finished reading Ghost in the Wires by @kevinmitnick and it was amazing
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I plan to be at DerbyCon so I'll bring some lockpick business cards there. If you ask I'll give you one for free. :-D
Want one of my lockpick business cards? Please visit:… If I see you in person, I'll give you one for free!
Hotter in LA then Vegas. I can't win.
"I don't run the NSA". Well, that explains it. LOL…
Vishing Module Takes a Bite Out of Automated Attacks.…
On the last #StillUntitled @donttrythis mentioned his son going through Customs with a @kevinmitnick business card. Now I want one.
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Haha. I just got an email from Apple saying I can enable 2 factor auth on my iCloud account? Isn't it a little too late for some?
Cryptography puzzles that can stand the test of time are more worthy of trying RT @kevinmitnick: Only one team ever cracked your codes!
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Will John Key be in office next term? Will the public care if their head of State is lying about mass surveillance?…
Thank you for your responses on the stories :-)