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Kevin Mitnick
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Interesting: get pwn'd running strings on a malicious file? Now that awesome!…
.@csoghoian Not at all. For you it's free! I support the ACLU :-)
.@csoghoian I still have a lockpick business card for you ;-)
.@csoghoian Yeah? -- and I can still launch nukes by whistling into NORAD's modems. The FBI lies? What else is new? And of course the NSA.
.@csoghoian Next time it may be the ACLU ;-)
.@csoghoian Why not? We use the same methods when conducting social engineering pen tests. You do whatever it takes to exploit the target.
The US Government loves snitches except when they reveal horrific Government wrongdoing.…
.@WhiteHouse hacked? Sorry. @BarackObama Call me. I could help you guys out.
I doubt the Russian hackers would hack the White House. Not enough credit card numbers to steal.
White House hacked? I doubt they have much Internet-facing applications so probably it was good old fashion social engineering?
Yeah use anonbox version 2 RT @AzureNinja99: @kevinmitnick Encrypt physical mail?
You have no privacy, get over it! Encrypt this bitch!…
Your wait is over - The #SECTF Report from@_defcon_ 22 is now released. Enjoy.
Went to see Citizenfour. Didn't really learn anything I didn't already know. Saw familiar faces like Assange & Applebaum, etc. Was OK.
Everyone is at the game .. Perfect time to be in the city
Citizen Four or Guardians of the Galaxy?? Hard choice!
pwning Shimomura? RT @RaspberryPirate: @kevinmitnick what makes for a good hacking movie?
The cabbie is asking me how to get somewhere? Wtf? Shouldn't they know?
CitizenFour is not playing at many theaters in SF
Saw the Blackhat trailer.. Skeptical that it's going to be a good hacker movie. Thinking another Die Hard 4.
Anyone see CitizenFour yet? How was it? May go see if this evening.
Photo: My little hacker picked out @kevinmitnick’s book at the bookstore. Should be an interesting read!
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How to know what the -real- hot security topics are? Follow @hackbusters and you will get real-time tweets with the hottest security news!
Wheels down SFO :-)))
.@theodorevincent If you don't like it, talk to Eric Schmidt, not me. You can find him at Google! LMAO
"If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place" Eric Schmidt Gotta love Eric!
With respect to my 4 GPU cracker, my props go out to @_Nips_ for assembling it. Thanks, Matt. Great work!
Here's another view of my 4 GPU cracker!
"Assume your adversary is capable of one trillion guesses per second"… I want to build THAT cracker!
Reaching out to some close friends to share funding of building a 25 GPU cracker. Then all your passwords are mine!!!
@kevinmitnick I am pretty sure Dropbox was linked to the original Prism slides. At that point, Dropbox should have been dropped by all.
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700,000 Dropbox Credentials Hacked, Hackers dump ‘Dropbox Hacks Teasers’ on Pastebin…
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Here's a pic of my 4 GPU cracker for those that wanted to see it :-)
Interesting: Snowden recommends to drop dropbox ASAP. Point well taken!…
Dropbox hack: Tons of hotmail accounts.... Looks like a phish to me.
I guess this goes to show you - you CANNOT trust the Cloud. Dropbox allegedly hacked or maybe Phished?
Will this really stop phone-based social engineering? Hmmm.…
That's for MD5 Unix hashes.... too slow.
Speed.GPU.#1: 644.8 kH/s Speed.GPU.#2: 622.2 kH/s Speed.GPU.#3: 623.6 kH/s Speed.GPU.#4: 588.1 kH/s Speed.GPU.#*...: 2478.7 kH/s
My 4 GPU cracker is not fast enough. I need to add more cards. I am impatient when it comes to cracking passwords ;-)
@dannykellywords @talkSPORT Ghost in the Wires by. @kevinmitnick is superb, though not sports related. Dickie Bird's book is great too.
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Kevin Mitnick, CEO -Real Hacks You'll See Live!-: via @YouTube
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Twitter sues US Govt, arguing it's a 1st Am viol to ban them from discussing surveillance orders they get from Govt…
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The funny thing is Nestor's investigator almost told me how Nestor did the hack, then quickly changed his mind until I was retained. :-)
Very cool story. The FPD was going to hire me as an expert on the Nestor case but they won on technical grounds.…
They should pay! RT @sambowne: FBI Pays Visit to Researcher Who Revealed Yahoo Hack…