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Kevin Hart
Message to old people in California....stop giving me fucking candy when you see me in the month of October!!!! I'm not a child people SMDH
Mark the date damn it.... JAN 2015 #WeddingRinger #ComedyAtItsBest
I told y'all that this movie was going to be special....I'm promising all of my supporters that I'm not going to let y'all down anytime soon
The reaction from the "Wedding Ringer" screenings have been AMAZING....My timeline was full of nothing but positive feedback from u guys
I bet my good director friend "Chris Robinson" aka @MrRobotoDirector that he couldn't lose 60lbs in four months ...
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Kevin Hart Presents | The Return of Chocolate Droppa
I'm not playing any games with the entertainment business!!!! #CEO #MogulMindset #HustleHart #ComedicRockstar ...
They call me Puerto Rican Joe people....I'm shooting a episode of "Real Husbands Of Hollywood"....I'm doing ...
I swear Twitter Is amazing, I love how I can talk 2 y'all & get direct feed back. I will be adding & announcing more colleges next week.
What other universities should I add to my college tour???? Talk to me damn it....I need suggestion ASAP....lets go mothafucka's
Everything I do I try to do it big....This college tour will be HUUUUGGGGEEEE. My movie "Wedding Ringer" will be even Bigger #WeddingRinger
I will also be doing special screenings for my new movie "Wedding Ringer" at some of the colleges that I will be performing at.
I'm kicking off my college comedy tour this weekend people, I'm heading 2 "Western Connecticut State Univ" & "University Of Rhode Island"
Me & My crew..... This movie is on a different level of funny people!!!! "Wedding Ringer" is hitting theaters ...
RT @baboutbizness: @KevinHart4real Everything about Real Husbands of Hollywood is DOPE ! <#RHOH #RealHusbandsOfHollywood
love @KevinHart4real so much, funniest man alive without a doubt #RHOH ❤️❤️❤️
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Had to see what the hype was about. Finally, I'm a believer! #RHOH Def needed those laughs! @KevinHart4real
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Real husband's of Hollywood has to be the funniest show out there. @KevinHart4real
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@BETRealHusbands craziest, silliest, funniest show ever. Hopefully when I become a actress I can play on shows like that. @KevinHart4real
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#RHOH funniest thing on T.V. Right @KevinHart4real you are one hell of a comedian #Comediology
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@KevinHart4real funniest man alive 😂�#RHOHOH if ya didn't watch it you missed out.. 😂😂
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@KevinHart4real had me dying 😂😂 but it was a good ass sho#RHOHOH
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Lmao @KevinHart4real is the funniest man alive. I'm crying laughing over here watching real husbands of Hollywood #RHOH #RealHusbands
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@KevinHart4real best season yet of Real husbands of hollywood!! Always look forward to new episode #hustlehart
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@KevinHart4real #RHOH Had me throughout the show😂😂😂😂😂!!!
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😂�@KevinHart4realal so funny man .. It's only two episodes in and I'm lovin this season alread#RHOHOH
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At this point I don't think there is anyone close to being as funny as @KevinHart4real is right now!
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@KevinHart4real !! 😅😂 I haven't laughed this hard in so long, tears in my eyes!!! Thank u, def what I nee#RHOHOH
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@KevinHart4real bring me some tissue... I'm crying watching these #mitches. R.H.O.H is by far the funniest shit. #meetDick #cantcontrolit😂
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@KevinHart4real if I go to the hospital watching this.....!!!! Hurting from laughing at this craziness!!!! LOL #BUTIFUL #RHOH
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@BETRealHusbands Maaan listen. That whole scene from beginning to end had me LLAMF. Especially @KevinHart4real's laugh. #NoNewFriends #RHOH
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I told y'all that we were going to be bigger and better this season!!!! #RealHusbandsOfHollywood #RHOH
My timeline is going crazy right now....I love that y'all are loving tonight's episode of "Real Husbands Of Hollywood" ....
We are 15min away from the east coast airing of "Real Husbands Of Hollywood" ....let's gooooo people!!!! Turn ...
I just cracked 13million on Twitter.....yeeeaaaahhhh baaaabbbyyyy we are growing!!!! I love the shit out of y'all....
On the set of "Real Husbands Of Hollywood" with my girl Sally Richardson acting a damn fool!!!! Our show just ...
Make sure y'all tune in tonight at 10pm/9pmC on @BET ....I promise you will not be disappointed...This episode is fucking hilarious #RHOH
Who's ready for a all new episode of "Real Husbands Of Hollywood" tonight???? The answer to that question should be EVERYBODY DAMN IT
That moment when you forget your profession and try and live in the moment!!!! #WTFwasHeThinking ...
I'm trying to crack that 13million today....tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to join our family!!! #BestFansEver #LoveYall