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Kevin Hart
comedy lol standup comedy 11,515,774 followers
The new season begins 10/21 on @BET .....the show continues to get bigger & better. Mark your calendars damn it!!!! #RealHusbandsOfHollywood
Watch this sneak peak of season 3 of the "Real Husbands Of Hollywood" ASAP damn it....I keep bringing the funny!!!
Who's ready for season 3 of "Real Husbands Of Hollywood" ????? Blow my timeline up with your answers....let's goooo people
I got my cool as dad with me....I love seeing him Happy!!! #dopepic #MyDadSwearHesTuff #GottaLoveHimTho ...
Feet up & wheels up....Atlantic City Bound. #HartBeatWeekend #hustlehart
Last year I only did Atlantic City...This year I'm doing Atlantic City, Vegas & London....My brand is growing people..My eyes r on the prize
The goal is to eventually get "HartBeat Weekend" to a place where it is INTERNATIONALLY known. It is well on it's way people.
So excited for "HartBeat Weekend" in Atlantic City this weekend. I love to see my dreams become a reality.
Y'all should be afraid of what I'm gonna do next....I can't wait for January to get here!!!! I'm constantly ...
Y'all are the real MVP's....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lmfao shoutout to all the people on twitter with 30 followers or less that have tweeted over 50,000 times!!!! Who do u think is listening?
Spending some quality time with my Dad before I go back to work tonight....I swear he might be the funniest man on the planet.
Love that Positive mind state even through negative, congratulations man! Keep staying Positive Making big moves! @KevinHart4real
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Finish the sentence....This is the face you make when_______ #OhHellNooooo #BitchWhat #iWishaNinjaWould ...
@KevinHart4real watched your interview with Oprah. I don't think I've ever watched her interview anyone. Lol. Well done my man.
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@KevinHart4real PHILLY BOY to fellow PHILLY BOY, thanku so much for reppin us so hard. And makin me laugh so hard. CONGRATs
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RT @Big_Al_Tikey: Why isn't there a @KevinHart4real TV Channel?? <Good question man...I'm about to bring that shit up lmao
I love @KevinHart4real he is hilarious, cool, and responds to his followers/fans. I love you man and congrats ☺️😘 I just wish you would rt.
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RT @foamkid: The funniest man on earth just got engaged!! @KevinHart4real just remember all the tips you gave us on women.Use them.< lol ok