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Kerri Walsh Jennings
« Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value. » Jim Rohn
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1) great practice with our truly special Brazilian friends 2) a show of solidarity in my great sport 3)...
So pumped!“@DrRibasHC: @caseyjennings The Jennings family is amazing! Kerri is going to be donating an hour of her..
Today is the last day that my big bro&I are the same age 😜 I've always been proud 2b ur#Irishtwinn mostly bec you're so RAD!@martewalshh 🙏❤️
One tree survived when the World Trade Centers fell on 9/11, and is now at the 9/11 Memorial.
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Thanks for creating such a sweet buzz, Twitter! And special thanks to @kerrileewalsh and @ResourcefulMom #TeamHoney
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“Mums the word @TigerDol: I'm from the South & gave up sweet tea 4 iced green tea & honey. Don't tell anyone. Could lose my Belle benefits😉”
I might just need this right NOW!!!! meandrojewelry's photo
You guys rock! So sweet hanging out w/ you. Thanks for the love. enjoy your evening #justaspoonfull goes a long way ;) Good night #TeamHoney
i love Clover honey & raw almond butter in my morning oatmeal. sooo yummy @redfuzzycow #TeamHoney
A10: I’m partnering with my friends @NationalHoney for a month long challenge. Join #TeamHoney! #inspiredliving
The party is raging ;) come on in! 6 minutes left!!!! @MmommyMusings #TeamHoney
i need to try this! My mane is a little unruly even 4a leo RT @4evamamii @ResourcefulMom Q6 i use honey n my DIY deep conditioner #TeamHoney
A8: Portable and easy to eat, some honey sticks are just what I need to get my head in the game for the extra energy boost. #TeamHoney
A7:One of my favorite desserts to make is this easy yogurt recipe that calls for my favorite liquid gold! #TeamHoney will help you find varietals near you! it's a great resource for us honey lovers #TeamHoney
A6: At home, I like to wind down by treating myself to a honey face mask, keeps me refreshed! #TeamHoney
A5 cont. I use honey pretty much during every workout for a quick yummy burst of energy #TeamHoney
A4b: I’ve always wanted to tackle making a honey baked ham, why not now! The holidays ARE coming!!!! #TeamHoney
Honey helps me on&off the court in SO many ways! It also helps me seem like a gr8 cook in the kitchen ;) simply yummy #teamhoney #TeamHoney
Love it! that's a huge deal! RT @Craving2QuitBot RT @DebbiPapay: @ResourcefulMom Q2 well i quit smoking this year #TeamHoney
A3: My family is my biggest motivator, I want to stay active for them so I can watch them grow! #TeamHoney
A2: This month I am quieting the “buzz” to spend quality time with loved ones, going off the grid for a few hours a day. #TeamHoney
A1: I’m always celebrating honey, but this month I’m joining #TeamHoney. Are you up for the challenge? #TeamHoney
Hey everyone!!!! I'm here and I'm super excited to hang with you for the next hour. Let's have some fun! #TeamHoney
Today I quieted the "buzz" by taking a jog along the beach. Strong body, string mind, strong spirit #teamhoney @nationalhoney
Who's joining me for my #TeamHoney @NationalHoney twitter party?! Get your questions ready! Go here for details…
@kerrileewalsh You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.
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I know he's a father of 4, but he'll have 2 have the patience of a saint to play w/ me 😳I have a baseball swing�@TheWilsonVBV@rogerfedererer
Happy happy happy birthday to the one in a bajillion talent & very dear friend @geeter3 Make a good wish 🎂 & tell me when it comes true 👍🙌👊
I'm getting ready! “@snarky_1: PARTY ALERT! Join us TONIGHT 8 PM ET as we tweet #TeamHoney with @NationalHoney RSVP:…
That's why I only go knee deep ;) can't wait to see you girls! @MClaraSalgado
Great practice in sunny MB & a jump in the sea.. Was amazing but carol said she saw something then i got your shark panic @kerrileewalsh..😁😘
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Inspiration is all around and today I find myself inspired by and grateful for Miss @Meagan_Sommers 🙏#itsawonderfullifee#fightforitt xoxo
Tried a new recipe from for my 30 day challenge w/ @NationalHoney. Have U posted ur progress on IG yet?#TeamHoney #ad
Today, I will halt all smart phone activity no later than 5:00 pm, as part of my #Teamhoney goal of quieting the...
Happy happy birthday to my dear friend & a favorite among favorites @geeter3 the Jennings family ❤️s you today & always
@kerrileewalsh Defeat is nothing but education, nothing but the first step towards something better.
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My cousin challenged me to write down 3 positives in my life every day for a week. Day One: It's Tuesday, the...