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Keri Hilson
Something really beautiful happened to me. It made my day!! Shared it with I wish I kept it to myself. Balloon burst. 🎈
You would be foolish and wrong to look at ANY human on this earth and think they have nothing to teach you.
I speak to strangers. There is something to be learned from every human being walking this planet.
"Love is a commitment to protecting another person's heart with the same passion you use to guard your own." --@RobHillSr'd have to scroll years back, but you're welcome to ☺️
RT: @InspowerMinds: People may not always tell you how they feel about you, but they will always show you. <-- "-pay attn." i wrote that :)
1st time doing this since childhood. Go easy on me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thanks leonalewis for letting us be big '
If my engineer doesn't react the way I need him to, I do it again. I trust him. He's my 1st audience. #AaronDahl #thekerimethod
No sun in my SUNday. I'm in the boof.
But the question should be, "How did I get so far away from God's voice?" Because guess what? He desires for you to hear Him!!
A lot of us wonder, "Why doesn't God speak to me? Why am I always unsure if it's His answer or my own idea? Why isn't He clear w/ me?"
Ever wonder why God whispers? Cuz He wants you to lean in closer to hear. Stop what ur doing, silence the noise. DRAW NEAR! @peopleschurchtv
I'd rather hear your worst truth than your best lie.
No like, literally, "Adore" was exactly 6:31!! Aljamaal looked b4 we left the studio. Pure coincidence! This song may have good karma, lol.
I just finished a song that's 6:31 seconds long. And I'm leaving it the way it is. Hell, Prince did it. #Adore
RT: @TREYONCE_: NOOOO, Beautiful Mistake easily the best song she ever wrote RT: @MuseTyeB: Slow Dance best song she ever wrote <--think so?
If you can't control what you think, you will not be able to control what you do.
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Pacing the floor...the loudest emotion in my heart is what I will write about...the keri method.
today's session sponsored by Jack Daniels.
Celebrate those who try for they shall eventually get it right! #DailyLove
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I think they just didn't expect to see me in church or whateva.
Wow, it's really hard not being me ;) lol
RT: @IseeJulez: @KeriHilson I would have caught the ghost in church, if I thought I saw your fine self lol <--lol!! focus, sir.
RT: @LaydieBuggML: @KeriHilson you should have tapped the friend on the shoulder and whispered, "Who am I then?" <--good one!
Girl in church: "Is that Keri Hilson behind us?" Friend: "Nah that ain't her. Uh-uhh" I'm baffled. How could I not look I'M ME.
Restrictions. Borders. Boxes. Boundaries. Limits. Rules. Regulations. Stipulations. Conditions. How to kill someone & get away with it.
Happy Birthday, @NeYoCompound!!! Love you mane!!
In the pits of Apple hell. Fix it Jesus.
Your mouth would drop if I took a before pic. 😱 I didn't tho.
Got em shined at OKC airport. They see a lotta boots in this town- knew they'd do a good job. Like new!! Thx, Harold!
@KeriHilson Thank you Keri for stopping by the store while visiting OKC! SO much fun as usual. Always a pleasure!
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If there's one lesson I've learned from observation without needing to make the mistake myself, it's that NOTHING good comes from rushing.
Happy Birthday, @KayceeHilson!!!!! My built-in-best-friend!!!
I never understood them rubbing off the lotion after the pedicure massage...I mean, I'm BLACK! We LOVE lotion.
Morning run. Ahhh, "The Great Outdoors!!"
On this day last year, my dream came true. Got to meet my fave person in world. @KeriHilson I'll never forget...
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RT: @RenatGukov: 😳😍😍😍@KeriHilsonriHilson you so beautiful sexy!!! <--you show a LOT of love daily, MUAH!
RT: @onesweetspot: @KeriHilson anyone ever told you how f*cking cold you are with that pen?? 😎😎😎 <--well yes but it wasn't you, so...thx!
RT: @herbertcooper: What you feed grows. What you starve dies. #FeedTheSpiritNotTheFlesh <--"KILL IT" circling my mind-sermon was too REAL!
GOD, I believe in your power, and I yearn to see it.
Dream in color, wake up to a blank canvas, then paint your life with all the colors your heart desires. - @KeriHilson
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Great night. Great song.