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Keri Hilson
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Pj's, πŸ‘“, & πŸ’» kinda day. Inbtwn writing out ideas, I find myself pacing the crash-pad. My mind won't stop, mane! Creative adrenaline rush! πŸƒπŸ’¨
Face Timing me from the shitter πŸ’©πŸ’©THAT'S love. πŸ™Š
RT: @CeeLoGreen: Money talks.... Wealth whispers
RT: @MissyElliott As a female writer/prod u never get the credit that the guys do. But it's women out there who are ill writers/producers
All we ever really need is something to look forward to...
"Ibaka doesn't know me but you're my sister-in-law, I have to protect you." @fallyipupa01 treats me like this too! Safe in Congolese hands πŸ‘
😳 Whoaaa! Soon as I got in the car, my@Uber_LAA driver said, "I've seen YOU making fufu!" He's from Congo & we're talkin food...of course! πŸ˜‹
Rough day. β˜”οΈ
our bodies can't lie.
RT: @KekePalmer: @KeriHilson We could heal ourselves of a lot of things with our energy & the things we eat of course. <--true indeed!!
RT: @KekePalmer: @KeriHilson That’s exactly what causes it. <--Yup, I really believe that. Amazes me. #noSTRESSzone
"to the shift." the team that prays together... πŸ™ ...the usual post-church
"Just when I get discouraged, God shows me that HE is still working." -- @herbertcooper
I guess when you experience what God can do, it increases your enthusiasm towards Him. πŸ‘πŸ™Œβœ¨
gettin' dressed all early & stuff, another sermon on tv. πŸ˜† sometimes I really can't believe my own vigor!!
All week long, I count the days to Sunday, looking forward to church! I've come a long way. When I was a child I reduced God to a "routine."
sometimes your angel will need you to be theirs......
Ppl always say, "Keri you're so strong." Not true--I have a LOT of weaknesses. Cheese, Toll House ice cream cookie sandwiches, fried rice...
RT: @TeamKeriFIRST If you suppress your feelings long enough, ur going to start telling yourself that you don't have a voice in this world. can literally KILL you!
That's why I detest any physical or relational environment that prohibits me from expressing myself.
Every time I suppress a negative emotion, I feel my body will store it & it will affect my health later if I don't deal with it now.
Sometimes I feel like suppressing things can cause cancer. People need to express themselves. Everyone needs an outlet. Or two.
RT: @slayinmaven: @KeriHilson it's a question of suppression or eruption? <--yes, that. exactly that.
I'm not good at holding things in. But I'm not sure I wanna be.