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Keri Hilson
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RT: @Duh_ImTroi: @KeriHilson please make another album 😩 <-- good news, beautiful...
RT: @BeeIsLoco: I plays 0 games about @KeriHilson. & EVERYONE knows that lol. <--Lol, love it! #KerimelKisses Good vibes...
I want popcorn or ice cream. Both involve chocolate. Ladies understand my struggle.
RT: @KERINROSEGOLD: @KeriHilson we've assembled before! WE MADE IT πŸ™Œ <--HA! It's actually pretty fun! Before marrying, do IKEA test!! Lol.
RT: @KERINROSEGOLD If my boyfriend & I can get thru a trip to IKEA we can get through pretty much anything <--no...assembling it is the test
RT: @TameraMowryTwo: Every once in awhile it's ok to indulge, & these look delicious!… <--oh my, Tamera! #YEStheyDOoo
My boy @Raury released #IndigoChildProject 2nite! My real brother, @Knwledge_is_pwr produced the track, "Woodcrest Manor!!" So proud of him!
RT: @ATLVox: The presence of adversity does not equate to the absence if God. @AndyStanley @BuckheadChurch
2am. Just realizing I picked up my phone maybeeeee 8 times today?? Freeing.
...when random, aimless days spill into random, aimless nights....... = the way I wanna live fa-eva-eva!
#Nom Authentic Persian food for lunch today!! Mel's mom gets BUSY on the 1's & 2's! And Turkish Coffeeeeeeeeeeee (still wired).
They don't make me like this no mo. Sittin on that #heavychevy #glasshouse #bigshirley #72 @ on…
RT: @TheEricaAsh: dinner at Sushi Roku where I ran into @KeriHilson The Dec is reppin in the West Coast shawty!! <--yuuup! Hey Derrick!
RT: @HuffingtonPost micro-homes for city's homeless <--Kudos to Oregon, Texas, Wisconsin, NY!!
I deserve every drink I'm gonna have this year.
RT: @lovenikkichu: NIKKI CHU HOME is now available on! Every item in pic is available! Enjoy 😘
Oops. Blew out two pairs of headphones tonight. Sorry, @PmountRecording 😬😬😬 I'll replace em.
I would have said "blind," but nobody's blind.
Ppl that fix their mouths/fingers to say it's not about race are being incredibly insensitive to the pattern that "WE" cannot ignore.
My point: I don't even wanna talk about the silly un-armed "robbery." It doesn't justify murder, even IF the officer was aware. (He wasn't).
18 year olds of all colors do really stupid things...should they be shot DEAD??
It was a few boxes, but does YOUR child deserve to DIE over that???
RT: @tjholmes: Sharpton: "You telling me you have the right to run somebody down and KILL them over 2 or 3 cigars?" #MikeBrown #Ferguson