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Kenny Wallace
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WE don't have a dining room either πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ WREATH
WE have NO Kitchen anymoreπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
OH MY, I am HUMBLED ......... β€œ@MeganFOXSports: #NASCAR #RaceDay up 64% Sunday over '13 & most-watched program on @FOXSports1.
β€œ@MeganFOXSports: NASCAR RaceDay up 64% Sunday over '13 & most-watched program on @FOXSports1. @Kenny_Wallace @HollywoodJeff @TheJohnnyTV”
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I said on the #NASCAR #VictoryLane show @TheOrangeCone that "NOW" @dennyhamlin and @kaseykahne are DANGEROUS, I call it "MO" #momentum
Knowledge; At 10 est today "Tuesday" the #NASCAR #RaceDay on @FOXSports1 Starts! Our meeting to gather ideas. Show takes 6 days to make🏁
Weirdly people hating Piers Morgan on joining the Daily Mail is exactly what the Daily Mail want right now so I'm a bit like meh :/
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BIRKY is underated🏁 ....... @pdavis184919888: Brian Birkhofer 42nd Annual World 100 in 2012”
I love this! This sums up our reaction to being safe tonight on @DancingABC #DWTS @mw55 @NASCAR please vote for us!
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I did not know you won the 2014 Super Late Model "U.M.P National Champion" @BobbyPierce32 CONGRATS 🏁
Out of clever costume ideas for your youngster? Consider a toddler Mike Helton. #nascar #halloween
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LOLπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚PETER PAN ........@OleHilltopperer: Good jo@mw5555 Michael should have considered this costume
LOL, FUN SongπŸ˜€πŸ‘ ..........@937WSTWTW: Thanks for”
Awesome response by @Randy_Couture on leaving @DancingABC "I'm not sad this has been a great experience" #PMA Positive Mental AttitudeπŸ‘
Thank YouπŸ˜€ ...... @kennywfann:@DaleJrr I read it when it first came out and loved it. Going to read it again!”
That was Bull Shit on "West Side Story" production OR Whoever not letting them use what they needed on @DancingABC #BadBusiness
Love you daughter!.... @CaitlinWaltrip: So excited right nowwwwww πŸŒŸβ€
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There are so many great people out there.. If you don't see that your obviously looking in the wrong direction
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U R Good RonπŸ‘ ......@RonHornadayy: Go to my Facebook page. Bodies by Horn my new dirt modified body”
Thank you Kenny! You make me πŸ˜„...@Kenny_Wallacee:@mw555 and@EmmaSlaterDancee INCREDIBLE on#DWTSS AWESOME JOB" πŸ˜€οΏ½”
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Yall can vote on cell phones, landlines & on FB or!! Vote on all of them until they tell u that u've reach ur limit!
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@mw55 and @EmmaSlaterDance nailed it, it must have been the hat, now vote, 1 800 8683409... let's keep dancing boys!
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Slowing it down was just what @mw55 and @EmmaSlaterDance needed! Great performance tonight on #DWTS πŸ‘
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We put ALOT if effort into that book, @DaleJr liked it ..... β€œ@SStambersky: Herm! Check out one of my birthday gifts!
I really admire @mw55 and all the Amateur dancers on #DWTS @KevinHart4real said it right to @Randy_Couture Takes BIG courage to do #DWTS 🏁
NOTHING makes sense in October, Its all a Do Over. GO @Cardinals
In 2006 @Cardinals backed into the playoffs and WON the #WorldSeries In 2011 the @Cardinals were a #WildCard and WON the #WorldSeries 🏁⚾️
put this number in your phone on speed dial, 1 800 868 3409 that's the number for @mw55 tonight on #DWTS, let's keep him on the show!
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It's Monday laZy Night #NASCARNation PLEASE watch #DWTS and VOTE for @mw55 and @EmmaSlaterDance and WATCH THIS Video
I am a HUGE DIRT Sprint Car Fan @ChrisDolack and I would LOve to get out of theses tracks around 11p.m Maybe one day we can put STARTERS on?
WE are all waiting πŸ˜€πŸ‘ .....@ClintBowyerer: Pretty good day at the office...Now operation Baby Launch in full effect!!!”
That's shutout No. 23 for the Cardinals, most in the majors this season and third-highest total in franchise history.
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Congrats to the Cardinals. 90 wins. Division title. 4th straight appearance in the playoffs. #ReadForOctober #PartyTime
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CONGRATSπŸ˜€ ......@bryanis4244: I've been to victory lane in NASCAR!!!”
Yep😳 ..... @rickmast222: All these young bucks are seeing what we used to have to deal with running against@JeffGordonWebb#theboyisgoodd”
@aric_almirola Awesome effort man. Yall showed you belong. Made lots of gains. You and Trent are getting stronger.
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@Kenny_Wallace I'm a Kasey fan but I agree about the pit stops. They need to step it up.
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I'm officially out of breath from running! These band girls will fight you for a good lawn seat! #wewon πŸ‡¬οΏ½#onedirectionon
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I am happy to be 2 points wrongπŸ˜€πŸ‘ BUT I was right with Lose Lug nuts ....@StephenSladede: you were a little wrong o@kaseykahnene today huh?
LOL, I bet you were thinking of me when those Lug Nuts were left lose? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ...@troycope1pe1: Who was the guy in Raceday that said kasey out!