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Kenny Chesney
Listen in to @radiolia now for a KC spotlight:
Ready for #TheBigRevival? Made y'all a video. Pre-order the album & get the title track now:…
.@iTunesMusic @kimba7391 ..those Boston stadiums, Red Rocks, the Keg shows. #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic @kimba7391 You’d be shocked how many stand out, & why. Dallas in the rain is one, when we called it.... #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic @ekvikmost Lotta new music. Some songs you haven’t heard... The rest is a secret, but it’s gonna be cool! #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic @ComWowway's like a new way to talk about who we are. #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic @ComWowway How different every song is & the players. It’s like “Young” all over again... #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic @JohannaDeGeus This album! Going in, finding this energy & these songs! I ALWAYS get psyched for the road.. #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic ..I just wanna find the best song yet, then give it to people. #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic ..there's no bigger rush than that. Music drives, heals, inspires. Lifts you up, cuts you up... #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic The fans & energy they bring. I know what music does for me... But to see what these songs give others... #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic ..we were writing, got to talking and the song just spilled out. #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic You don’t think about time going by. Had a friend call me & say he'd been there. @davidleemurphy & I.... #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic There are places time doesn’t stop, but it suspends. Just you, your friends, a good time... #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic ...and I wasn't gonna settle. It’s not just the first dozen songs you find or cut, that’s how it gets tedious #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic Writing songs. Looking for songs. Recording songs. I wanted something more, something deeper...#AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic Depends on the nite. What people r feeling. When they sing em back to me, makes the songs hit me even harder. #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic.. I saw how the music hit people and I was hooked. #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic Music was around, like air in our house. Freshman year, I got a guitar, I played in a bar for tips... #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic ...And that It’s not the same old same, what’s been done. #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic That it feels true: to me & to the lives people live. That it feels good: groove, melody really moves you... #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic @gracepotter. Expect a wild child, loud guitars, Appalachia, an old Silver Eagle, their lives... #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic To see their lives in new ways... Songs that’re different, but full of energy. @AlisonKrauss, @DanTyminski... #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic From the #AmericanKids vid. Nothing says free spirit or color outside the lines like a psychedelic school bus #AskKennyChensey
.@iTunesMusic ...reconnecting and living with passion. #AskKennyChesney
.@iTunesMusic No matter how good life is, you can lose site of that. #TheBigRevival is about getting fired up...#AskKennyChesney
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#TheBeliever: The LIfe & Career of Steve Spurrier airs tonite at 8/7c on the @SECNetwork. Produced by Kenny. Tune in.
If you're only gonna put on one concert in 2014, do it like this: @kennychesney
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Listen all afternoon to hear a special message from @kennychesney to everyone who joined us for the #FloraBamaJama !
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Over 40,000 of you came out to #FloraBama today. What a moment. #noshoesnation
In time for #florabama... “American Kids” and “Flora-Bama” are on @SpotifyUSA’s #UltimateCountry Playlist:
Countdown's on. Preorder #THEBIGREVIVAL on @iTunesMusic & get "Flora-Bama" & "American Kids" instantly. Preorder here
NEW MUSIC ALERT! Tomorrow @ 8a ET, we'll debut a special new @kennychesney song from #TheBIgRevival! Don't miss it!
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Happy birthday, Louie Messina! @kennychesney's go-to guy and a dear friend of Gillette Stadium!
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