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Ken Myers
It's amazing how many people are completely incapable of accepting a compliment... #nicetry
Some people complain no matter how awesome things are - that sucks!
Yesterday #freerolling tapped a couple times but learned a ton! The more challenging the grappling the better! #bjjlife
@KenneyMyersMMA @BellatorMMA @Eyecandyayala I hear that...but it was fast and smooth, and kind of beautiful. ..imo!!!
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BTW, just noticed that @theFightChurch (the movie) is available on demand with @XFINITY - Got to rent that bad boy soon!
Well that was a suprise! #Bellator125 @BellatorMMA @Eyecandyayala wins via #RNC def didn't see that coming! #mma
CRHS #volleyball won 3 games to none against Tompkins Ashley played a great defensive game! #proudVBDad
The CRHS varsity team is 19-6 and 2-0 in district play. They face Tompkins tonight at their place, should be a great night of #volleyball!
Most of us don't have the luxury of being able to help everyone but we surely can find a way to help someone! #dudebenice
Sparring lessons from tonight - still too slow time to use progressive weights with Shadowboxing. I have a need... A need for speed!
Here is Jolene and I again and I think I am rockin my favorite #mullet #tbt
Okay check this out even in high school I loved martial arts! Circa 1988
Another awesome anniversary with my wife (first date) 28 years ago and yes we were quite young! @jolene_myers
The @astros are pleased to announce that the Fresno Grizzlies will be the club's new Triple A affiliate, beginning in 2015!
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@KenneyMyersMMA we're happy to hear that we're helping! Best of luck to Ashley!
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I can tell you that we have used a BUNCH of #volleyball recruiting sites for Ashley and @beRecruited has been the best thus far by a mile!
Don't forget tonight 8:30pm sparring at #TKA #pitohana working on the need for speed with my jab tonight plus always working counters.
If at first you don't succeed just remember that most people have some failure out of the gate.
Quick question for all college #volleyball coaches - how many of you use @beRecruited? Seems like a great platform to interact on!
Becoming a big fan of @UTTyler and @uttylerpatriots great program, great school, and a nice campus #virtualtour
CONGRATS to #uttylervb's Shabronda Prox! Named @ASC_sports Volleyball Defensive Player of the Week! More to come. #TalonsUp #ASCvb
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It's really AWESOME to see @JoseAltuve27 break Biggio's single season hit record… #KeepSwinging #GoStros
Psyched for Calderwood! Great effort by Kagan. Can't wait for next week! #TUF20
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Congrats to both fighters @EmilyPKagan and @DRkneevil it went down differently but was fun to watch I didn't expect as much grappling #TUF20
Round one summary? You throw a kick, I'll throw a punch. #TUF20
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The coaching on #TUF20 seems to be really great strong strategies - fight time! @DRkneevil and @EmilyPKagan @FOXSports1 @ufc #wmma
FightMatch Vegas… via @magisto how many UFC fighters do you see with #TeamFightMatch?
Hey hey getting close! I almost forgot!!!! Geesh! #TUF20 is on tonight! @EmilyPKagan won me over with her twitter awesomeness! Can't wait!
Hate picking tonight's fight I've been a @DRkneevil for a bit but @EmilyPKagan is a team mate! Can't wait to watch these 2 lady's scrap
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Knock Knock Who's there? Someone stupid Someone stupid who? Huh? Bad jokes for @kgmyers14 - for your collection.
"I literally have no idea..." really? I bet you do...
Pretty cool to have colleges looking at your daughter for #volleyball - most recent @OglethorpeUniv and @TempleCollege @beRecruited
I would if I could, but hopefully some of my #mma and #wmma friends will give you a follow soon! #TeamFightMatch @TravisMcP
More fun VB highlights of @ashley_myers_ using her head to win more games for CRHS…
Super proud of @ashley_myers_ and the whole CRHS Varsity Volleyball team - ashley is #16… AWESOME!!! #ProudDad
@KenneyMyersMMA this is the highest skill level' fighters in TUF history
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I am really looking forward to more #TUF20 it's cool to see such a great group of proven fighters going for the title before our eyes. #wmma
Who else is looking forward to @UltimateFighter tonight? @DRkneevil v @EmilyPKagan #TUF20 Will the upsets continue or nah? #TUF20
Lessons from last night's sparring - faster retraction of jabs and immediate counters of the opponents jab as a quick way to shut them down.
It takes a heck of a lot of RIGHTs to make up for one WRONG but each RIGHT is a step in the RIGHT direction.
It's incredibly sad to see & hear that the cycle of abuse can be passed from generation to generation under the guise of family values. #AP
"I want to put on an entertaining fight & make sure Women's MMA is represented right at #UFCJapan@MieshaTate
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@KenneyMyersMMA just informed me about @magisto. Umm, INCREDIBLE. Probably the coolest app ever. Will be using often for @FanReact vids
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Working on a project with someone that lives 10+ hours away from you is a challenge because everything takes an extra day.