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Ken Myers
This message makes you feel special right? "Hi.. he or she? This is myself with my own website" Somehow I chose to ignore this AIM/AOL spam!
MMA fighters come from all walks of life and all ages if you don't believe me just check out @Wimp2Warrior for some great examples!
I just wanted to thank the folks @phonegap & @PhoneGapBuild specifically for jumping on this and giving us a quick fix. #GreatSupportTeam
@MMAMADESHOW: @KenneyMyersMMA just wanted to stop by and say hi. Have a great week.” Same to you!
Did you ever get the feeling someone was looking over your shoulder?
Ready to hit the pads tonight and push my body to the limit #crosspit #kickboxing #houstonpit
You know you have succeeded in going viral when kids everywhere are doing the #IceBucketChallenge #goodcause it has def hit our house!
Here is what the new profile looks like - all the stuff from the site plus the ability to chat easily with others!
As soon as @phonegap fixes the android PGB bug the new mobile app for @fightmatch will launch
Hello @phonegap it looks like a bug was introduced impacting PGB for android… Can you provide us with a fix ETA?
Sometimes you have to put your crazy fandom allegiances on pause to enjoy something truly special. You can always go back to being a hater.
Whenever someone sets me up for a good inside/outside leg trip I'm 1/2 thinking about a break-fall & 1/2 thinking yeah that was a good one!
If ever there was a good reason to give this is it! Let's help support @Grizzlady15 and her family! #domesticviolence
Follow my guy @1Pesos_ and get him to 16k followers!!!!
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When your job involves watching great fights, IMHO we are very lucky! Thanks #TeamFightMatch!
That was an awesome fight and a siick backflip @savageshawn - vicious ground and pound!!!! #UFCFightNight