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Ken Myers
Beating around the bush may cause all sorts of critters to come running out.
Sometimes you just have to come right out and say it.
My favorite way to play with sticks #escrimma
If you look down you see the bottom but if you look up you see the top. #ChinUp
How to be prepared for recruiting, and six other tips @KenneyMyers learned during the process.…
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@ncsa: Talk to your kids about examples of good and bad sportsmanship, according to @KenneyMyers” parents too
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Talk to your kids about examples of good and bad sportsmanship, according to @KenneyMyers
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What you want to do sometimes has to take a back seat to what you have to do.
Legacy FC 36: Event This Friday Features Pair Of World Title Fights mmaconvert #ufc
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Sometimes a little embarrassment upfront saves a whole lot of embarrassment down the line.
Good luck to all the kids taking PSAT's today! If you don't know it, don't answer, but you DO have to answer some. ;-)
If you ever lose the passion to compete it is truly game over.
Sweet! @CincoVolleyball won 3-0 against Tompkins tonight! Congrats to the team! That was fun to watch!
"7 Ways to Prepare for the College Recruiting Process." Guest post by @KenneyMyers on our blog…
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Big thanks to @ncsa for giving me the opportunity to share some of what we have learned about college recruiting…
Free Fight! Before @gloverteixeira faces Phil Davis at #UFC179 watch his TKO of Ryan Bader from last year:…
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So when is #TUF20 back (new espisode)? Tomorrow night? @ufc
The worst part of a protein bar is how the "chocolate" flakes off and makes a mess everywhere. #scarfitdown
I don't care how bright the sun gets in my office I refuse to pull the shades. #bringiton
Funny thing smart people don't seem to like it when you think you need to tell them they are being smart. I guess they know it already.
Redundant planning is good unless it gets in the way of actually doing anything.
Trying to stop a plan in motion can lead to all kinds of collateral damage.
When your stomach is turning chances are you are learning.
When you sit & watch your daughter talking to colleges it sinks in quickly - she is really going to be on her own next year! #prouddad
Friends don't let friends use #snapsave #Snappening
Don't forget to use positive experiences as well as #TeachableMoments for your kids.
I've noticed that #TeachableMoments always seem to be tied to some sort of screw up.
Make the most out of every opportunity you have today, this week, this month, this year!
If you have a senior daughter heading to college next year, is planning a self defense seminar. Let me know.
Talk to your kids about examples of good and bad sportsmanship, according to @KenneyMyers
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Thx! 🍰�@KenneyMyersrs: Thanks for the reminde@toxunoxefehe@Caiikieie is a great artist!Highly recommend following her!”
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MATCH DAY! Iowa State takes on Oklahoma at 1:30 PM at Hilton Coliseum and on @ESPNU #Cyclones
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Here's more live video play of #AshleyMyers #CincoRanch #Volleyball at the request of college coaches.
Hey, @KenneyMyers! Just checked out #FightMatch Very cool. Keep in mind w/my fight scenes— artistic license ;) TC!
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@ADillon__: @KenneyMyers did you go out!!” I was right there but he released it - just #freerolling he knew he had me so we reset.
I got caught in a solid RNC yesterday I was too stuborn/stupid to tap - you got me... I knew what to watch for the next time. #ainthappening
There's nothing quite like waking up the next day to see how much damage your last #freerolling or #sparring session did. It's all good!
Nice! @RonnyMarkes and @gloverteixeira two of my favorite fighters! Looking forward to both of your next fights! Is this @ATTConnecticut?
I'm surprised by how many books are only available for the nook/kindle and not in iBooks. Kind of a drag sometimes - have to load more apps.
Just picked up the first in this series @CassidyJonesAdv looking forward to seeing how this #superhero develops.
Summer may be over but THE HOT BOX is still sizzling! 8 best selling thrillers for the price of 1! @ckRaggio #ArtKNB
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SEC Ready, our first feature film, is available for pre-sale starting…NOW!
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Gotta say I am super jealous of those of you close enough to take advantage of this! @Pit_Master #PitBootcamp