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Ken Myers
FightMatch is looking for interns around the world that are interested in making a difference for amateur & pro fighters! DM for details.
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If you fight, spar, are a trainer, or own a gym please take a look at as we are a FREE resource looking to help you!
For some reason it is a RUSH #TBT for me… #TomSawyer I remember playing their songs in high school garage bands.
If someone says "get your hips into it" and you immediately think of #freerolling then you may be a grappler. #BJJLife
Getting strung along is okay up to a point but like with an #armbar there is a fine line that once you cross it you snap. #BJJLifeLessons
Dang! After several days of hard workouts my legs were so sore I could barely swivel to execute a proper triangle choke! #jiujitsu #oldman
Cinco Ranch Spirit Rally tonight! Volleyball team ranked #1
FightMatch mobile links iOS -… and Android -… Now full International support! Please share!
That does look like a pretty cool heavybag @FloydMayweather… Are they on twitter? Is that a new model?
Trying is not the same thing as doing.
Believing in yourself should NOT feel like the ultimate leap of faith.
Eating clean unfortunately has nothing to do with the dishes or silverware you use although that's a good start.
Teaching your kids to conquer their fears almost always causes the whole family some pain, but if you don't do it who will?
Rule 2: Bucket must contain AT LEAST 50% ice & poured within 180 seconds or it's worthless! #alsicebucketchallenge…
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Show your wife appreciation not that you need her she is already keenly aware of that. #NoteToSelf
AWESOME - aw... some people tell you they are and but some people show you they are!
Just placed another order @NashuaNutrition - Love the #ProtiDiet line of products very close to #IdealProtein but way less expensive.
After 8 days of review, the new mobile app version 1.1.0 is now available for iOS too!… The new international version
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Round after round of sparring last night reminded me yet again of how bad my cardio sucks! Awesome workout! #kickboxing #pitohana
I have read at least a dozen books this year which could be more than in the last dozen years. Really enjoy iBooks great way to pass time!
Just finished the first two books in The Hero Chronicles & wondering if another is coming. @TimMettey Free on iBooks…
Fresno State University president announces the return of its storied wrestling program…
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When it comes to appreciation, showing more and expecting less is probably a good rule.
100% agree “@KenneyMyersMMA: Teaching can sometimes be the best way to learn - especially true for me with martial arts techniques.”
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It's amazing how much you can get out of doing something you started out not wanting to do. #burpees #squats #swings