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Ken Myers
@KenneyMyers would love ur Fight Match audience to participate. Free Boon gloves, & NuPak. See: Pls RT
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Everyone please join me in welcoming @jens_pulver to @CyberDustApp please get cyber dust and add Jens +jenspulver @mcuban @RyanOzo1
I'm a duster! The better question though is why aren't you? @CyberDustApp
Numbers don't lie: Craig Biggio stood out amongst his peers during his #Astros career. #BiggioHOF
Retweeted by Ken Myers
Man I wish I could follow along with @jens_pulver as he preps for… Tons of respect for him as a fighter and a person!
No disrespect and I don't think I am being a homer but this is silly… @JJWatt He's great, but not #JJWATT
Every interview, every preview, every tweet about #UFC182 with @dc_mma makes me want him to win even MORE! #KingOfTheGrind
The daily grind is so tough but it'll be worth it. There is nothing like running to the cage knowing…
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#wisdom: Begin to live as though your prayers are already answered :) - @TonyRobbins Yes - stay #positive! & #smile:)
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For those who believe, no proof is needed. For those who don't, none is possible @TonyRobbins
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@michello67: We are so HAPPY to have you! @RajonRondo WELCOME to @dallasmavs & @CyberDustApp ! A Winning Team! #cyberdust#RondoToTheMavs
@KenneyMyers Are you ready for UFC in 2015? Add every fight to your mobile calendar here (19:28:13)
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So tomorrow we christen the newest MMA ACADEMY @Wimp2Warrior with our first guest & newest @ufc champ @CarlaEsparza1 #grassrootsMMA #family
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I'd rather send someone a dust than a snap! #cyberdust Dusting is a lot more pro! @mcuban
Very interesting story on snapchat's valuation and goals derived from the sony hack…
VIST LINK below for chance to WIN @dc_mma #KINGofTheGRIND Walkout tee - instructions on DC Official FB page #ufc182…
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I think #HBOT is really intriguing what are the biggest benefits you see is this where you go? @dc_mma
I am an evangelist for #cyberdust not because I have a vested interest (I don't) I just believe in what they are doing over there!
Hopefully you will see a bunch of #cyberdust hashtags today from CD people maybe @mcuban @Luminous_Cheri @bcuban can help spread the word!
If you have #cyberdust I'd like to follow you both here & on CD +kenneymyers this is not just a test it's a commitment to make a difference.
If someone you respect points out an area that you need to work on then get on it right away or at least take a good hard look at it!
@KenneyMyers most importantly play less HALO than me and Eric did. 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Ken Myers
@KenneyMyers @TAMUniversity get involved w/a FLO (fresh leadership org). Good to have friends in same new situation to help adjust.
Retweeted by Ken Myers
@KenneyMyers don't over do the meal plan, never use them all. Can't carry them over and a coffee and muffin is not worth cost of a meal.
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Any advice for a parent of an incoming freshman @TAMUniversity things to do or best accounts to follow? Thanks!
@heidimontag: Check out Cyber Dust and communicate privately with friends, celebrities & more. Add me +heidipratt" done! Welcome to CD!
Do you think that Jay Cutler would be a fit for the Texans under Bill O'Brien? @AdamSchefter What other teams might be interested?
Watch Brendan Schaub's Hysterical Reaction To The UFC Lawsuit… via @bjpenndotcom
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Matt Hughes: ‘Lawler-Hendricks Trilogy Should Be Next’ bjpenn #mma
Retweeted by Ken Myers
Some people are so literal that I wonder how they make it through their day...
@KenneyMyers @ishsregor @mcuban Ken it's people like you that make it great too! I NEVER watched MMA now I do! Your blasts are Great!
Retweeted by Ken Myers
Ha! Gotta admit that's pretty cool! His passion for it is completely genuine and contagious for sure! @michello67 @ishsregor @mcuban
@KenneyMyers @ishsregor It is!! I used to have @mcuban all to myself but now I have to share him with people!
Retweeted by Ken Myers
Terry Brands committed to get a Twitter if we raise $1k for him @ Help get this done for America. #GetTerryonTwitter
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UFC 182 Video: Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier Extended Fight Preview #UFC
Retweeted by Ken Myers
I don't use cyberdust to avoid standing behind my word - I don't want them taken out of context or intercepted by third parties that's all.
I think someone hit the nail on the head! Cyberdust is the grown-up snapchat that's exactly how I feel about it too! #professional
If you can't remember what you are saying in a cyberdust conversation it prob means it wasn't that important after all!
My business partners, my friends, and especially my wife are all now on @CyberDustApp shows you care about their privacy too! @mcuban
Once you start using @CyberDustApp you realize just how careless you have been for years with your communications! @mcuban #eyeopener
If you think what you say say or message today can never look stupid in the future, you have a real lack of self awareness @CyberDustApp
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I just blasted a photo of my home made meal and desert on Cyber Dust... I am now comfortable in admitting it is the grown up SnapChat...!
Retweeted by Ken Myers