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Ken Myers
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Graduation is complete #kickboxing one step closer to my blackbelt #pitohana @Pit_Master
Very cool! Thanks @beRecruited for naming Ashley Athlete of the Week - Her birthday is tomorrow too! #verycool
I'm a fan of using @trello to coordinate projects with people all over the world. #pieceofcake
@KenneyMyers its funny when I yell "tie up" and then they back up right into a corner and keep getting blasted. *sigh*
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I had someone in a clinch last night throwing knees & being sloppy with my base until i landed on the ground. Dang! NTS cleaner clinch work!
Getting punched in the face is all about how you react and avoid the next blow. #sparringlastnight
@AngieOverkill: @KenneyMyers he's wise beyond his years ;)” He gets it from his mother :-)
I know I’m fiery if my buttons are pushed but a liar I am not. Ive been misjudged before and vindicated every time. This is nothing new.
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@WMnax: @feliceherrig Felice is a clown...Clearly Randa is the more mentally strong.” None of them are clowns just different #NoDisrespect
I have had the pleasure of meeting @SuckerPunchEnt via @jens_pulver they are exceptional for him & many more like @feliceherrig #FF
Congrats to all of my friends at #houstonpit getting their #blackbelt tomorrow night. You put in the practice & earned it for sure! #enjoyit
Preparing for our demo tomorrow night #BlackBelt ceremony at the #houstonpit - video coming (of course). @Pit_Master #pitohana
Look honestly I just love #mma - I'll watch anyone sparring in the gym just to get pointers & see different techniques & counters.
My son's (9 & a kickboxing blackbelt) favorite #TUF20 fighter is @AngieOverkill - Personally I am torn & think anyone could win right now.
If all the contestants had the same fighting style it wouldn't be nearly as much fun to watch #tuf20 #standup #groundwork #speed #power
I appreciate all styles of fighting. I've said it before but that is what I like about #tuf20 from @DRkneevil to @aisydaly to @randamma @ufc
Everyone pretty much knew going into the fight that grappling favored #Randa - she won that's how it is. @mix_patchy @feliceherrig
I seriously doubt that had anything to do with it - we all get caught in submissions from time-to-time @coreymanske @feliceherrig
Her stand up looked strong I thought - that armbar was just wicked fast #ItHappens especially at their level @mix_patchy @feliceherrig
Look if you want to hear straight talk about #tuf20 follow @feliceherrig she flat out tells it like it is! #refreshing #RealDeal #nuffsaid
<3 RT @Jacelynn09: @CarlaEsparza1 Carla Esparza all day baby!! Team Esparza!!!
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If you are an #mma fighter or know one let's get together & support the organization I am working on FightMatch & USAMMAF follow me for info
If you are on @CyberDustApp I need you to add me as a friend +kenneymyers so we can chat whenever you want, seriously let's do this! RT
Need to get insured for your ammy #mma fight? Visit for info and to register your promotion/event.
Who is longing for a better ammy #mma in the U.S.??? I believe it is coming very, very soon - visit & stay tuned!
If you are wondering if there will be sanctioned #mma fights here in the US check with your commission and visit
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Happy to be supporting #IMMAF with some programming elbow grease here in the US! I LOVE #MMA and totally believe in what they are doing!
Lets work on getting all @IMMAFed twitter accounts working together @cabmma @AmmaiPresident @FIGMMA @NZMMAF @pakmma @UKMMAF & @USAMMAF #mma
Thanks to everyone who contributed to my exciting journey with the @IMMAFed. We meet again! #KeepUpTheGoodWorkForMMA
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I'm also supporting and doing everything I can for @USAMMAF - an incredibly important organization for amateur #mma.
If you are into #kickboxing how about supporting @KICKIntl it's a project that I am happy to be a part of! Pls follow
In any event #tuf20 is fun to watch because the fighting styles are so different amongst the fighters. @ufc tons of respect for all of them!
BTW I am a big fan of @feliceherrig and looking forward to her next fight! Bummed she is out of #TUF20 but have to respect @randamma's game!
Not sure I get all the fuss about going to the gym at the same time. I am pretty sure they knew each other's strategy already. #TUF20
The #tuftalk was heated tonight! I hope they do settle it in the cage! That would be a great fight! #allaboutthebelt @randamma @KarynBryant
Dang! That #armbar was fierce! @randamma #TUF20 #jiujitsu is stout for sure!
BLOOMBERG: UFC may suffer 40% drop in profits this year.. link:…
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Not so magical this time, I don't get this one at all! @magicpixx