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Ken Jennings
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"Rid-OCULUS-ly good!" —Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
I bet the worst part of being president is having to endorse all those tax checks.
"Great Conjunction" from The Dark Crystal or gtfo
The power and majesty of a total lunar eclipse.
Just made an Uber driver late for Seder. :(
Authorities seize custom flight simulator belonging to pilot of missing US Airways jet.
.@USAirways Looks like someone set their device to airplane mode lol! honestly tho thanks guys this is better than Christmas
I am actually aboard the US Airways plane. Wifi is still working and everyone is pretty chill.
.@USAirways keep in mind your nearest exit may be behind you
Health tip: you will weigh less if you move to northern Canada, because gravity is weird.
The guy gets home only to find that his multi-level marketing company folded and his McMansion was foreclosed on months ago.
That was a #cool #tweet for all my followers who are fans of John Cheever AND suburban Utah backyard culture.
John Cheever's "The Swimmer" but in Utah. The guy bounces home across his neighbors' trampolines.
Are there any kids movies about learning to be true to yourself
Hard to get too worked up about climate change or income inequality when airport food has gotten SO much better during our lifetimes.
Here's a new "Kennections" puzzle to try at 4:20 today, if you know what I mean!! ;)…
A fun thing to do is say the Spanish name of a TV show in a big announcer voice when the title appears on the screen. "¡JUEGO DE TRONOS!"
♪♫ Kurma police, arrest this naan
Good news, all the people responsible for this not being called POKEMONOPOLY are now in jail.
"It's so awesome that we live in this alternate universe where rock never became more popular than jazz!" *does quick air trumpet solo*
#FF @pattonoswalt who was a great sport as our Slate Quiz guinea pig today AND has this hilarious new special out.…
Can't believe the Arby's deal has gone from 5-for-$5 to 2-for-$5 *in my kids' lifetimes*. #tcot #NOBAMA