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Ken Jennings
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If I could host dinner for any five people from history, I'd pick a person who severely wronged me and the band The Eagles, then I'd leave.
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Very excited to be back at #Bumbershoot this year...with living legend/hat wearer George Meyer!…
I like this thing a lot of trees are doing right now where they have new leaves on them. A+ work. Just my two cents.
Today's @woot "Debunker": did Shakespeare's English sound like modern American?…
.@TMobile Sometimes I have blood in my stool.
If Obama was really born in Hawaii, where is his pog collection
So we're all just okay ignoring the age difference between Mickey Rooney and Kurt Russell in The Fox and the Hound? smh
"Maphead": What is this Yorkshire farm doing in the median of a highway? And is the farmer trapped there forever?…
Big shout-out to the phrase "leg-butt" for helping me say LGBT in the right order every time.
"I guess they say any publicity is good publicity..." —Jesus reading Twitter today
A festive new Kennections puzzle from your friends at @ParadeMagazine!…
I would describe my Sunday morning look as "Ethel Rosenberg mug shot."
Seattle: one night only, Dave Eggers and Maria Semple at Town Hall this Wednesday! DO NOT MISS.…
Making cool friends on the World Wide Web.
The rock lyric that really makes me say "Damn, so true!" is Lou Reed singing "I love to watch things on TV."
More like Cedric Deadory.
People just can't get over how chill and fun I am when I say I'm going to "shoot" (never "send"!!) them an email.
Today's @Slate News Quiz turns the tables on NPR's @petersagal. Does he really know stuff or just read it off cards?
My superpower is always turning the wrong way out after walking out of a hotel elevator.
New Kennections puzzle! Dr. Seuss! The Marx Brothers! The Marines!…
If somebody says about a movie "oh, that's a classic!" you can be 100% sure that it is not a classic.
If I win this Jeopardy tournament, I am never buying store brand syrup again.
Debunked for @woot today: King John didn't sign the Magna Carta. Not sure about all the Robin Hood stuff.…
You guys, what if the toy plane was inside of us all along
Feel like I'm usually a 2. "You know, that girl on the third floor, short hair, uh, black, brought muffins that one time."