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Ken Jennings
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Don't worry, they were just surprised by that headline! They are not actually stuck lol
What's the center of the galaxy smell like? From the new JUNIOR GENIUS Guide to Outer Space:
TREBEK: Nothing, what's up with you
I liked it better when IMDb bios were written by, like, DarkmanFan_77 and not by the stars' actual publicists.
I will not be giving to the Wikipedia donation drive until they remove this provocative, insulting rhetoric.
Hey, a black hole that plays in B♭! Holiday gift idea: the JUNIOR GENIUS GUIDE to Outer Space.…
Mom, I'm not sure you know what that image means.
I am very into Kabbalah and these numbers have a good energy imo
If the Masonic conspiracy gets its way, post-human Seattle will be overgrown and returned to the Sasquatch.
And you guys laughed about that Nobel Peace Prize thing.
Reminder from the JUNIOR GENIUS GUIDE TO OUTER SPACE: it rains diamonds on Uranus. (ouch)
"Hey let's not show their softer inner feathers!" "Tern down? For what?" [government scientists high-five]
Wow check out Chuck Johnson without the beard
Best book I read on a novel-dense Thanksgiving road trip. Hands down. @mountain_goats
Ugh, this is the greatest gift Rolling Stone has given "men's rights" activists since...
Fans of the @Slate News Quiz don't like it when I take a week off for Thanksgiving.