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Kendra Wilkinson
β€œ@AlisaLuvsHarry: @KendraWilkinson your kids are the cutestπŸ˜β€ thank you!!
Getting caught up with #KendraOnTop. I got you @KendraWilkinson I got you boo. 😘
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I never promised to be perfect, but I always promised to be myself and that means even the realest moments #kendraontop
You guys are the f*&%ing best.
damn I can't believe how many of you are on here talking to me live through #kendraontop right now when the world series is on! AWESOME!
45 mins till my girl @KendraWilkinson #KendraOnTop comes on here in Ga!! Can't wait. #love #keepyourheadheldHIGH πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ’ƒπŸ’…πŸ‘‘ Love you always!!
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I'm co-hosting E! News tonight! Check it out at 7pm and 11pm : )
Spread the word: @KendraWilkinson is guest hosting E! News with @TerrenceJ TONIGHT -- tune in at 7 & 11!
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West coasttttt you know I'm here for you #KendraOnTop
now on a lighter note, WE ALL NEED A COCKTAIL ABOUT NOW lol!
re-living all of this is hard but at the same time I wouldn't be being true to myself or to you guys to keep it hidden. #KendraOnTop
β€œ@StaceyLovelace1: It doesn't get more real than this! #KendraOnTop” it sure doesn't!
Your tweets during my episodes make my whole week. Thank you all so much for the love and even the haters lolol #KendraOnTop
β€œ@_ItsMegan: "@KendraWilkinson: Who's watching #KendraOnTop tonight on WE?" πŸ™Œ me” yay!
β€œ@_ItsMegan: I love you @KendraWilkinson #KendraOnTop πŸ’œβ€ I love you too!
Hope everyone's having a good night and a great weekend
you guys were amazing tonight like you always are. thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart thank you.
all that mattered to me was holding my son and seeing him. that's it. #KendraOnTop
.@maggieleehuff "@KendraWilkinson such real raw emotions tonight . This is why we love you . And all the fame but yet alone #heartbreaks4you
West coast I didn't forget about you! I'm here ready for your tweets #KendraOnTop
All I wanted was for Hank to admit the truth and fight back. He just couldn't do that. #KendraOnTop
It was easy to write off Hank until the moment I saw him, looked into his eyes and realized he was human again #KendraOnTop
Thank god Hank brought little hank home #kendraontop
Watching Kendra on Top because @KendraWilkinson is a strong woman and that's all the reason I need to watch her show.
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I really needed family around around that time #kendraontop
I wish I got to escape all of it. One of the hardest times in my life #kendraontop
It does get pretty scary when driving with a baby in the car and being chased #KendraOnTop
words you never want to hear as a parent "we need to talk to a surgeon." #KendraOnTop
"You just have to ignore it and just go to Point A to Point B as fast as you can." - @KendraWilkinson #KendraOnTop
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Words can't even describe how much I appreciated Jessica. #KendraOnTop
.@MelStreicher Thanks girl. I will be watching it with you guys too.
Time for a nap now. Lol. Love you all xoxo #KendraOnTop
Feels good to be back on here... thanks everyone for all your questions and comments tonight. It was hard but therapeutic. #KendraOnTop
"@brlaan: @KendraWilkinson jessica is real af! #KendraOnTop" She was my rock through all this and is a real true friend. #KendraOnTop
@KendraWilkinson I'm so glad you have Jessica there for you. Friends like that are amazing #KendraOnTop
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@KendraWilkinson What this episode teaches is that even in out darkest moments we can find that inner strength within #KendraOnTop
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@KendraWilkinson the part with Mom Mom was a tearjerker!! Such a beautiful moment. #KendraOnTop
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