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kelly oxford
comedian comedy hipster 578,629 followers
Someone is really into her native land. #canada 🍁
PSA!!!!!!! @jennylewis new album The Voyager is amazing and now streaming on NPR. Go!…
Happy Sunday Morning! #CvsLot
If you're married to me, and go out without me, this is the kind of text I send you...
the ocean is so beautiful.
stared into this for long time #pilldiaries #gertie
Pretty high on meds. Easily making my arm look deformed to share with you. If you ever need a pal to make you look deformed on Instagram, come to me. #Specialist #PillDiaries #Moles
Can anyone explain this to me? It appeared to be a hobo with pack horses. #LonesomeCowboy
Some say the Olsens, some say Celine, I say James Gandolfini brought the Birkenstock back in Holofcener's 2013 Enough Said. 🙌🙌 #EnoughSaid #TonyTheSandalSoprano
I've Shazam'd this fucking song 3 times.
I just asked him if he's ever been in love.
You'd think people looking for a house on an HGTV show titled "Fixer Upper" wouldn't be so shocked & say "Wow, this need work." 89874 times.
"Take a picture so I can see my tortilla face," is the new, walking to a mirror.
Inventory of what I've eaten since my family left a week ago. No children to feed = Reverted to my 22yr old childless self. #CinnamonGirl #OranginaLoveCanBreakYourHeart #TheRaisinandtheDamageDone #HeartOfTitos
There'd be soooo much silence. #PediatricianWallArt
@manrepeller keep feelin dem vibes. #murderglasses4ever
That moment you realize the wifi can't support Netflix because you're in the Canadian wilderness. #victim
"@kellyoxford: Signed a stack of books at the Bookstar/Barnes & Noble in Studio City. It's ok, I wrote it." 2 left.
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This guy, always making my day.
5 year old is at my Gram's memorial. She's pissed that Gram didn't show up.
I like how the Argentinian team is just standing on the field, not talking, arms crossed, staring at the German team celebrating.
5 miles through Rose Bowl. 30 for painting. 6 for bowl. 4 for plants. 20 for boat.