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kelly oxford
Sick at home and obsessing over these @bludot copper stools. The only time I won't give a shit about my kids tiny hands patina'd all over them forever.
@kellyoxford I paused it to answer my phone. This is the screen shot.You're the best! Always a treat when you're on.
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SOMETHING FLEW OUT OF HER BUTT. #nightmare #nakeddating #CharminBear
5 yr old: Oh man, my brain keeps saying a bad word. Me: What word? Her: Fricken... OH GREAT, Fricken AND shit! My work here is done.
See me shock @nicolerichie while makeupless and high on #VH1 tonight. #candidlynicole
@kellyoxford If women started kicking men in the nuts, would our first reaction be, Stop kicking my nuts or Damn I should have worn a cup?
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Problem: if I need nail polish to stop men from raping me they sound like monsters RT @jhassler80 stop acting like men are fucking monsters.
It's been two days and I'm still getting hundreds of replies telling me I'm a moron for saying women have always tried not to get raped.
It's very hard to explain to men what it feels like to constantly be told "Do this so a man can't hurt you"
This Friends bit on @jimmykimmel tonight was perfect. Love it so much
In other news, tomorrow I'm on #CandidlyNicole w/@nicolerichie See me high on painkillers for half of the ep. b/c we did yoga in first half
Dear people comparing a woman being raped to leaving gold on your doorstep or your doors unlocked: ITS NEVER A WOMANS FAULT. END OF MESSAGE.
"I just texted some dumb research to Mario" Bea is on her A game with Gus this morning.
Headquarters are moving to Canada. "You dumb bitch" RT @HustleGang236 wtff u mean moving?Burger kings been in canada for 20 years dumb bitch
I love you guys a lot. Some not as much.
@kellyoxford I've just read through the comments you've received on this topic & feel like I've been plunged into a terrible nightmare.
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If this is your metaphor for rape, you dear sir, should be arrested. RT @PaulWDrake Do you leave your keys in your car? If not, why not?
1. No. 2. Yes, rapists shouldn't rape. RT @holliscomputer curious, do you hate men? Next, do you believe in any personal responsibility?
. @BluEyedGeek Why? Because boys know stealing a car is wrong but they don't know that getting drunk at a party isn't carte blanche on pussy
Tweeting "Unfollow" is like crashing a party you weren't invited to, then announcing you're leaving when no one even knew you were there.
Teach young boys that rape is wrong? RT @jesperkiehn So Kelly, what's your fantastic solution to help with this problem?
We've been raised to place so much blame on victims, we don't even realize how asinine this whole thing is. Men *can* control their dicks.
People defending the date rape nail polish: Would you want your 1st thought to be, "Damn, shoulda bought that polish," if you were raped? K.
This new nail polish that can detect the date rape drug is great if you think women aren't trying hard enough not to get raped.
Watching Leonardo DiCaprio footage while listening to Turn Down For What is not helping my productivity this morning.