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Kelly Olexa
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Dear Pop Tarts, I love thee. Love, Kelly
RT @ProBodyTalk Just wrapped our newest episode w @FitFluential Founder, CEO @KellyOlexa! LISTEN NOW! #pbt #radio
Ad. I really hope that you all will join us tonight for a Twitter chat with our friends at Hyatt… This is about a topic very near to my heart sitting in fitness when you're on the road. It's so doable - you see me talking about it on here and in my videos on my blog for years join us tonight with H
RT @JTF_IFBBPro Ever wanted to "get somewhere" in the industry? Listen @ProBodyTalk NOW- EXCLUSIVE w/expert & CEO @KellyOlexa! @FitFluential
Truth. #fitfluential #nolimits 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Ad. Know Before You Go: Tips & Tricks for Healthy Travel. #HyattPlace Twitter Chat Tonight! 9pm EST - #FitFluential
Ladies. If you are not getting yourself several jars of coconut oil for your entire body your face your hair and your cookware you are Insanely missing out… Yes of course you can cook with it but it does amazing things for your skin and your hair- and you also smell good. 😜😜😜😜 #fitfluential @vit
David Bowie - Modern Love: Oldie but epic goodie. Add this to your gym playlist. #fftunes #fitfluential
RT @Formulation1 "The team we're building here is as powerful & extraordinary as the products we're developing." Dan Solomon, CEO INDEED
Good morning peeps! Time to sweat and make some fat cry like a baby. What's your plan today? Get it done! Shoulders later today for me- GAINS GAINS GAINS πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ #fitfluential #ffcheckin
RT @JTF_IFBBPro Ever wanted to "get somewhere" in the industry? Listen @ProBodyTalk tmw- we've got EXCLUSIVE w expert & CEO @KellyOlexa!!
Goodnight my peeps. Tonight's #fitfluential #ffcheckin is late - I worked until 9pm. Just wrapped up a Twitter chat with our friends at @verizonwireless because they rock my face off #client - now I'm exhausted. Watching some NCIS (new show I'm late to the game on as usual) #ffwatchparty then BED. T
someone needs to invent a long-arm option for selfies. That is all. #vzwff
@KellyOlexa A8: use the #procamera app. Zoom with your feet, not with the lens. Steady hands win the race. #vzwff
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We will randomly select and notify our winner tomorrow via DM. Good night and good luck! #VZWFF
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That’s all folks! Thank you so much for joining us tonight and @VerizonInsider for sponsoring. #VZWFF
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Q8: What are your BEST tips for taking awesome photos and video with your smartphone? #VZWFF
@Showme_Ashley @KellyOlexa me neither! An my family jave been vzw customers since the brick size phones! #vzwff
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That means everyone can gather around & see without much glare or reflection, even in direct sunlight. #VZWFF (on the Nokia Lumia Icon)
The Lumia Icon’s 5in full HD screen features a viewing angle of almost 180 degrees. #VZWFF
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Verizon 4G LTE provides significantly increased speedsβ€”up to 10x faster than 3G. Download movies in minutes. #VZWFF
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A7 Watching video on my iphone is like trying to read a stamp. All other phones have bigger screens = better #vzwff
Q7: Do you watch video often on your phone? #VZWFF via @FitFluential
A6: I have the best backup charger for my iPhone and carry around backup cord chargers for all my other phones; cars/airports etc. #vzwff
A6: Number one obsession of mine is CHARGING THE PHONES. Isn't that right @DanSolomon100 #vzwff
Q6: How do you conserve battery power when at an event? Or do you travel with a charger? #VZWFF
You can set your phone to auto back up every photo/video to SkyDrive- access on your PC without having to plug in your phone. #VZWFF
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. @L_A_Allen it's funny how unfiltered has almost become quaint. #VZWFF
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@FitFluential A4 I love InstaFit b/c it reduces larger file photos & captures the entire pic, you do not lose any part of it. #vzwff
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A5: Dropbox and attempts at iCloud but mostly Dropbox #vzwff
Q5: How do you organize or back up your photos & video? #VZWFF via @FitFluential
Like a good date- one thumbs up = instagram worth and repeat date = cloudworthy #vzwff #cloudworthy
I just saw a tweet with cloud used as a verb and I am a fan. #vzwff Are you, is this picture CLOUD-WORTHY?
I wonder if they'll make our phone cameras with voice feedback in the future "Um, that selfie makes you look fat." you know. #vzwff
Q4: What are your favorite photo-editing apps? #VZWFF via @FitFluential
Does anyone freak out about losing pics/videos on phones and back them up regularly? #vzwff
Yeaaa not a lotta love here for Vine. Hmm. Muy interesante. cc @armano #vzwff
Oh it seems most people are using INSTAGRAM for pics/videos - who is using Vine? #vzwff
@FitFluential Instagram is my number one share site for videos/photos. #vzwff
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Does anyone know if each brand of phone has a specific storage size limit on photos? Some people here saying they have 1000+ pics #vzwff
A3: I find that I take most pics via instagram with auto publish to FB, Twitter, Flickr #vzwff
Q3: Where do you share your smartphone photos and video? #VZWFF via @FitFluential
I still haven't figured out half of the things my cameras on my phones can do. #fail #vzwff
4 high–performance digital mics allow for superb audio recording: true sound of the moment with reduced background noise. #VZWFF
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Optical image stabilization keeps you blur-free for crisp pics and smooth and steady video. #VZWFF
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With the Nokia Lumia Icon, you can quickly and easily zoom in on your subject with one finger without losing resolution. #VZWFF
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