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Kristin Chenoweth
@carpenter_paul: @KChenoweth who's the one person you can go to when you need a laugh?”@kathynajimy @kathygriffin
@savercoolio: @KChenoweth if you weren't a performer, what else could you see yourself doing?”private investigator
@wicked101_: @KChenoweth thoughts of playing Christine Daae in Phantom?”did.
@rebecca_volk: @KChenoweth What's your favorite genre to sing? Opera, musical theatre, classical, pop, or anything else?”country
@Imaaaano: @KChenoweth What is the first song that comes to mind? GOO!!”God Is There. By Ricky Ian Gordon
@Allen_R_Clark: @KChenoweth Who inspires you the most?”veery tough one. @MaryMitchellC
@immazinaman: @KChenoweth How do you a show face when people keep discouraging you?”I delete there words from my mind.
@_elizabethfinn_: @KChenoweth what food or dessert are you craving?”junior mints.
@Imaaaano: @KChenoweth What is your ALL time favourite song?”till there was you. From the music man.
@unplannedpeack: @KChenoweth what was the most enjoyable thing about being on Glee?”working with my kiddos
@QueenIdina_: @KChenoweth what's one show you would love to do?”mame. Hello dolly. Or Dolly's life story.
@InspiredbyIdina: @KChenoweth who's your favorite person?”dad
@fuentesrules: @KChenoweth random question- are you a fan of Lady Gaga? 😄”yes tested
@nikkischwartzs: @KChenoweth favorite role you've gotten to play?”Cunegonde.
@paigeward24601: How does one do 8 shows a week on Bway with insomnia? @KChenoweth”coca cola.
@idinacrazy: @KChenoweth you keep me sane, which is good I guess 💗”yay. No one wants a cray cray tweeter. Ha
@ilovebroadway_: @KChenoweth what's your favorite quote? Please?😘💜”don't sweat the small stuff.
@KristinCmyIdol: If you could hug anyone right now, who would it be? — @KChenoweth”my grandma.
@johnsaletel: @KChenoweth 2day: fixed mower, cut grass, played lumberjack and switched between baseball and nascar.”sounds good too.
So proud of my soul sister @MaryMitchellC girl you always inspire me. I really DO believe, btw.
Today: Maddie. Polo. Memorial Hall at Harvard. Dinner with friends. #beautifulday
@chboz: @KChenoweth Kristi, polo just doesn't seem like U, rodeo/cowboys, yes , polo ?”trying new things...!
@DaveLehman: @KChenoweth @SonsofAnarchy new season begins September 9th. I know what I will be watching. How about you?”YES!
@Squirtjm32: @HausOfJosie @KChenoweth love your hair kc pretty”thanks!
@KChenoweth just been on an RCI cruise - the Quantum looks stunning in your 'trailers/promos'?!
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@GitRDoneLarry: @KChenoweth you gonna do a keg stand?”u know it baby ! Haha
@americanrep: @KChenoweth thanks for coming to see the show! we 💗 you”I BELIEVE!
@ArabellaDewhurs: @KChenoweth Hace you seen @DollyParton 's ALS Ice Bucket challenge??😄 xx”the best one!
Another pic of @KChenoweth new hair💕i love this selfie so much!u look so cute KC!☺️
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@MaxineBennett: @KChenoweth do you know when your PBS special will air?”nov 28
@sunny_and_SHER: @KChenoweth What was your favorite song from #FindingNeverlandART? (Though they were all fantastic!)”Sylvia's lullaby
@emmaoz31: @KChenoweth will you see the upcoming Annie movie?”of course. I love movie musicals. :)
I saw #FindingNeverlandART in Boston. Get ready bway. We got a hit.
Great rooftop dinner the other night at @STKRooftopNYC thank u guys. Great DJ too
Oklahoma sized grasshopper on windshield. Huge.
@dotmariejones: “@KChenoweth: Obsessed with Ray Donavan. Thanks #showtime”RIGHT!! ITS THE BEST SHOW!!! #HOOKED”yes right?
Obsessed with Ray Donavan. Thanks #showtime
Teeth is on. Bryanfuller.