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Kristin Chenoweth
When I see @Rosie on tv , all feels right with the world. Thanks @theviewtv
Do you know how much it’d cost to replace all the items in your kitchen? #ProtectItOrLoseIt with #sp
@wkw701: @KChenoweth beautiful tribute to a legend!!!”thank U Wendy!
Watching The View. Go girls! #whoopie#rosie#ro#nicolle
What's state was first runner up in miss America ?
@ErikaBuis: I need to know @KChenoweth thoughts about what's happening on the Miss America pageant..”proud of MIS Oklahoma
@Rosie: @smallwhitedog @KChenoweth - SHE IS ON TOMORROW AND I LOVE HER SO ....”I love u so much. U already knew that ...
@PlatoTp68: @KChenoweth Educating my daughter about Florence Birdwell and Susan Powell and of course you.”:)
@BHSushi: @KChenoweth Cheno, watchin' Miss America tonight?”rooting for my Miss Oklahoma!!!
@larmanius: @KChenoweth if you love them, let them go.”if they come back to you it was meant to be.
@psychicmediumje: @KChenoweth would that be considered a crime scene???🚔🚨😜”u know it baby!
All my lashes died and went to bathtub.
@KChenoweth In heels?? Better watch out 4 my #Browns this year. Maybe... Just maybe...
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A treat last night was meeting our secretary of the navy Ray Mabus. Very cool
@_IrisTinkerbell: @KChenoweth you were UH.MA.ZING last night. Make Our Garden Grow was such perfection! And so in love with your hair, :)!
Great pic. Love both. “@metheridge: Yes that's me and my sweet friend @KChenoweth she is so freakin' talented...
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@metheridge: Yes that's me and my sweet friend @KChenoweth she is so freakin' talented...”aren't we cute?
@KChenoweth Opera Darlin, opera really is your forte. Beautiful, just beautiful : )
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@TomJohnson314 my fiancé looked at me and said: how is that big voice coming from that little body? No offense @KChenoweth :)
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@KChenoweth glad you had fun, can't wait to see you're concert on PBS too! Not too much longer to wait! #ComingHome
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@KChenoweth I watched the trailer of #TheBoyNextDoor & I absolutely cant wait til january, really, I'm so excited to see u and my @JLo there
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@sspring211: @KChenoweth What's the latest reality tv I must indulge in?”botched.
@ColorMeKaylie: Are you a fan of Doris Day? @KChenoweth”YES
I knew @KChenoweth was a great singer but I didn't know she could belt out like opera style. Watching her on PBS and WOW, WOW, WOW!
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@KChenoweth just soared on Til There Was You. And now a duet with Paulo Szot. Incredible!
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@chelywright: Our boys are listening to Broadway soundtracks. Aren't you proud, @KChenoweth?”that's my boys!
congratulations to my friend @Diane_Warren on her #pointfoundationaward So richly deserved.
@ChrisBohinski: @KChenoweth which side is better of a Twix: left or right?”I can't possibly decide so I will eat both skews
@Saebuffyboy: @Stephie928 im hearing rumors of @KChenoweth on pbs soon. @arishapiro can you confirm?”tomorrow night PBS.
@stateofshailene: @KChenoweth what's your favorite musical you've ever seen?”gypsy. Sound of music.
@Imaaaano: @KChenoweth I really wished they aired the glee 100 total eclipse of the heart!! LOVE that version 😍”the mind wonders.