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Kristin Chenoweth
Just left the group sales presentation. Our ' On the 20th Century' boys killed it. As did you @AndyKarl
@Kevin_Eubanks: @franknote @KChenoweth Thank so much. What a wonderful event. Loved working with Kristin!”now I'm stalking you.
Michael McGrath, Mary Louise Wilson, @Andy_Karl + Mark Linn‐Baker will join @KChenoweth for On the 20th Century.
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Ma and country LEGEND @garthbrooks a thrill to finally meet him
Me and the fantastic Kevin Eubanks. Thanks kev for playing with me!
@KChenoweth u will make an excellent ANNABELLE.Going to want to see pictures.Just don’t scare @MaryMitchellC too much #nightmareinducing
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Christian? Yeah. Perfect? Nope. Forgiven? Yeah. Worthy? Nope. Accepted? Yeah. Deserving? Nope. Loved? Yeah.
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Ok so. On Halloween I'm singing at The Breeders Cup. Excited. Then Halloween party. I wanna go as ANNABELLE. Thoughts?
@ChrisPerillo: @KChenoweth @kiddobeybe_ @Gorgeous_Breast Best Butt, too, according to my list.”dumb and dumber is my butt
@Gorgeous_Breast: @KChenoweth did you know you made a best breast of the last decade list? #Beautiful…”wowzers
@whispernghope: @HausOfJosie @KChenoweth Actually it's the lady IN the dress that is remarkable!”um that ww sweet!
@THERealLyndaDC: @KChenoweth @ChisaraAsomugha just saying how's your hairdresser Ismail? He's my Secret weapon. ;-))🌟”he did great tonight!
The mark twain prize tonight for jay Leno was fantastic. Everyone killed it! S love you @jayleno
@ChisaraAsomugha: @KChenoweth your voice is amazing! Awesome performance fot Jay Leno!”thank you!!!!
Very honored to be at Mark Twain Prize for mr Leno. Yay he deserves it!😀
Short is great! Hahaha
@markcombs11: @KChenoweth what do u order when u go to In n Out?”fries a coke and cheeseburger.
@Imaaaano: @KChenoweth If you could play any character on any broadway show who would you want to play?”lily garland. Playing her spring
@jenna_chapman: @KChenoweth so I am doing a project on you. What would you want THE MOST to be in my power point about you?”Givemesomeexamp
@gabecrawford: @KChenoweth so exactly how long can you go without visiting #Oklahoma?”no look her then 6or 7 months
@GoodPeps: @KChenoweth think it's so nice how you talk about candy and respond to people. #goodPeople”I love peeps.
@KChenoweth big gulp 😂😂 your great I love the coke slurpees their great. Have you ever mixed it with cherry?? �
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@MaryMitchellC: @Lancmike @KChenoweth everything KC sings is pure gold. (She is sitting next to me, ahem)”well said mmc.
@MaryMitchellC: @KChenoweth @TheIntervalNY I want to pick the questions.... :)”no I GET TO PICK THEM
@ItsMeAthena327: @KChenoweth What was the coffee shop did you go to when you were in Albany, New York?”ambition coffe shop
@MaryMitchellC: @KChenoweth I don't drink coke! Blech. And I see what you're doing here caffeine before the movie!!”😝
@savannafain3: If you could play anybody in any movie or play who would it be? @KChenoweth”Dolly.
@chelywright: @KChenoweth @PaijeSpanjer is there a good scary one in theaters now that we need to see?”yes ouija is coming and you're comin
@madysonrenae: @KChenoweth what's your favorite bible verse?”Ephesians 1:5
@trvlnlt: @KChenoweth @MaryMitchellC You two are like Frick and Frack! LOL 😃”which is which?
@LaughsForEvie: @KChenoweth have you seen the wolf of Wall Street?”yes.
@MaryMitchellC: @KChenoweth can I steal an ambien before the movie?”NO but I will give you a coke.
@royallymeryl: @KChenoweth are you gonna watch the movie version of Into The Woods ? :)💕”U know it!#annakendrickk is going to kill it.
@PaijeSpanjer: @KChenoweth what's the scariest movie you have ever seen?”when A Stranger Calls. Carol Kane.
@KChenoweth @Fanzel24601 oh god. Me and Coca Cola are on a break. I’m heartbroken…. I sing “Blues in the Night” For Coca Cola nightly.
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