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Kaung Ko
Shouldn't atheists type "ong?" #thinkaboutit
Trying to argue via #texting is like being #Italian and talking with handcuffs on. 😁
The fridge is a clear example that what matters is what's inside. πŸ™Œ#allthatmatterss
It doesn't even come with Hex codes. :(((((( #boring!!!! #yawn 😌 #50shadesofgrey #fiftyshadesofgrey
Dear #USPS, #AprilFools joke yesterday was cute. Now where's my package promised redelivery since Mar 31st?! 😑…F@USPSS
#youknowyoureamericanwhen soccer is not football and you think others copied & altered your "ancient" game.
You can park wherever you want if you put your hazard lights on and take your tire off. #yourewelcome
Support Quark and Join the Thunderclap!… [@ThunderclapIt] #QRK #quarkcoin will be the next #btc Get in early!!!
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If you guys ever need anything always remember I'm just an unanswered phone call away during this #MarchMadness. =] #yourewelcome
Sometimes, no matter who you are and what kind of a person you are, you will always be an outsider ... #life
If you ever feel unattractive, just remember you look like your ancestors and they all found someone to make babies with! πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά#thinkpositiveive
#Alarm clocks should have sounds like "tiny doll feet scampering into the closet". I'M NOT HITTING #SNOOZE WHEN I HEAR THAT! #goodmorning
Getting an unbeatable taste of the new #BaconClubhouse Burger thanks to @McDonalds & Klout!
Trust who you are. Trust what you are. #Trust what will be. #life
The heritage of Jack Link’s Beef Jerky tastes good. I just claimed the @JackLinks @klout Perk. #SmallBatchJerky
YES, #Pandora I am still listening. Why so needy? πŸ˜’@pandora_radioo
❀️ @Aquafina on you babe! β€œ@alexrico4: Most refreshing chap stick! Didn't know it existed! #aquafina #RefreshFriday”
Ask yourself what you would do for one more day with ones you've lost and then do those things for ones you still have. #life
Guys!! I finally found the bread!!!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Well p#WalmartWalmart, well
I'm going to be frank with everyone from here on. =] ... Don't want people to be knowing my real name. =}
And there is still nobody to talk to ...