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Kaung Ko
#SorryButYoullLoseMyRespectIf you grab that last slice of Pizza like a boss!
Hooters better not run out of wings for me!!!! lol…
#FirstDayOfSchoolThoughts "Where's my homie at??!!!!" 👀c
#SorryButYoullLoseMyRespectIf You -disrespect others -bully -are racist/sexist -can't admit your wrongs -cheat ✋❎ @TheHashtagGame
#MakeAFunnyMovieSerious Harold & Kumar Go to Blanco El Chapo Cartel
Forced AND recorded sex act with minor? That's not how to treat a lady as your princess! I don't hate but #RespectForCarter, NO.
#LingoAFilm Fiddy Turn Ups of Grey (Director's Cut - Untold Cool Story, Bro)
#LessPopularChildrensBooks 50 Shades of Grey Pop-Up Picture Book (500 words or less)
#AsAChildMy meal choices were 1. TAKE IT 2. LEAVE IT @TheHashtagGame
#LessPopularChildrensBooks Three Little Pigs and Their Services to Community
Here's my new YouTube video! Give it a thumbs up if you liked it or it helped you in anyway: #APositiveMessage
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#RatedG_Insults You're special ... yup, a very ✌️ special ✌️ person ...
#RuinDinnerWithYourParents I'm not being mean or anything but, about our religion ...
#APositiveMessage on a Friday! That's like taking a #TGIF into a whole new level!
#DisappointASong BABY! I just gotta shake, shake, I shake it off, I shake it off. All the worms and maggots drop drop, drop away!
#MakeAMovieParanoid The Notebook with my name?!!
#3WordWorstCaseScenario -Phone battery 15%, overnight charge, battery 1% in morning, charger connection loose -Pizza banned -Loss/Death
#INeedANewPhoneBut my bank account is starving and my wallet is anorexic. @TheHashtagGame
#IfICouldTalkToGod I might be dreaming because I'm already talking to Him through prayers during wake hours.
#WhatIsAHeroToMe Character of not giving up, standing up for belief, admitting wrongs, respecting all, being proud of self, speaking truth.
I want Alex Morgan's autograph! 😊😐�#AlexMorganrgan
#UnexcitingVideoGames Grand Tax Return Calculations (GTRC) - scores & levels based on how much you get without IRS red-flagging.
#ExplainEarthToSpaceAliens Earthlings were once 👶👶👶👶👶 up until bi#ImNotEvenDrunkThoughtsu1pECU
#TheLiesWeTellKids Money and materials do not matter in life.
If you can't be the reason someone smiles, be at least the person who doesn't give a reason to frown and a bad day to someone.
#IfLifeWereLikeTheSIMs I would be growing all sort of plants and getting rich. @TheHashtagGame
#TurnOffs Cheating Lying Bullying Disrespecting Bad attitude Smoking Drinking ✋🚫
#GrowingUpLookingGood I was diagnosed with Delusion of Grandeur. @TheHashtagGame
Extra time = Road-trip adventure time!! 😁😍😋🙌🏽 #MountRushmore #reasonstoshopboxed @boxedwholesale
#MyUnpopularBlackOpinion 50 Shades of Grey + much more shocking "darker" scenes = 50 Shades of Black 😏👀
#GrowingUpShy, my freaks and loudness get exposed only after once the person knows me better. 😈#GrowingUpSecretss
#GrowingUpWithMyName Only a few has correctly called me by or spelled it correctly in U.S.
#FakeCarFacts Canola oil = extra 10mpg, Corn oil = extra 7mpg, Vegetable oil = extra 1mpg than gasoline.
#StudentLifeASong 🎼 Where are you long breaks, why can't I find you? 😔�@TheHashtagGameGame
#FAFSAsAllLike "I see you usually order an extra dipping sauce with your pizza... you must not need that aid" @TheHashtagGame
Oh pretty headphone! I would love one!!…
#SeniorCitizenASong 🎵I'm sixtey plus and I know it! ... Girl look at that body ... I work out! �#lmfaoaUL
I'm still waiting for your #BROFO*! @justinbieber *(bro to bro followback)
#Take10MinutesADayTo 💩. Constipation is no joke, yo!!!!
#WorldEmojiDay Minions, where they at though??!!!😡😏
#GrowingUpWithStrictParents I'm thankful for my mom and dad for raising me to be who I am today. 🙌🏽😊
#GrowingUpSpoiled I have a fridge in my room at a hand stretch distance. 🙌🏽

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