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👽ALIENS👽 Check out my bo@ferrasas interview…N2
Bringin that 90s No Fear brand right back! Denver- let's hang after my set tonight! I'll be on the…
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I'll trade you grace if you trade me transparency.
Hey Salt Lake City! Come meet me right after my set tonight! I'll be on the main concourse across…
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Does anyone else adopt the mood of the movie they see when they leave the theater... For like a solid two hours?! 😳👈 guilty!
I'M HEADLINING ROCK IN RIO NEXT SEPTEMBER!!! Keep your 👀 peeled for more info, coming soon!#RockInRioo
SOUTH AMERICA! I have SO much planned for you, but for now, I would like to announce…
Got dat hot wheels hurrr/play doe pink do by @DannyMoonsWorld
I’m so proud of YOU, KatyCats, for supporting #MakeRoarHappen & I’m proud that I get to shine my light on something truly impactful. 👊
Thanks to @Staples & @DonorsChoose for helping to #MakeRoarHappen by supporting 144,439 teachers & students & raising $2.5M!!!
It's weird having a cold when it's 90 degrees out 🙍
Rode my 🚲 22 miles from Palo Alto to The venue in San Jose...Just Incase ur wondering why I'm limping on stage later#ThePrismaticWorldTourr
Hey San Jose! Come meet me tonight after my set by section 117 on the main concourse next to merch! Let's take a selfie! 📱👽❤️😎✌️🌙
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Hi hometown... It's just gonna be one big family reunion tonight! #LosAngeles #theprismaticworldtour 💁
LOS ANGELES- friends family and aliens. I go on at 7 pm SHARP. If ur not at staples early u WILL miss my performance. Traffic sux so hurry!
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Anaheim!! Ready 4 round 2?! Come take a selfie with me by section 219 on the main concourse near the merch after my set!!!!🔮❤️👽😘✌️
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So I've set my DVR to catch my bad-ass babe @octaviaspencer on the premiere of #RedBandSociety tonight on Fox! Don't miss it either!
FYI to all new IPHONE 6 buyers, there will also be a free selfie of me already in ur photo roll 💁
Hey Anaheim!! Come take a selfie with me by section 219 on the main concourse near the merch after my set! Show me your best pout! 👄 ✌️😎👽
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WHOAH...Lucky number 7 nominations! 😳 I encourage everyone to vote until they get calluses comparable…
A 10-year-old goldfish had surgery to remove a tumor, he's expected to live another 20 years
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Hey Tacoma! Come say hi right after my set! Meet and greet by the merch table near section 15 on the main concourse!
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Aliens 👽👽👽- Watch me wi@elvisduranran this weekend @etnownow. 7pm Saturday on CBS in NY and L#checklocallistingsn#etnownow
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Portland peeps- come say hi right after my set tonight: main concourse across from section 104 near the main entrance by merch!
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Be a fountain, not a drain.
RT @ferras: Vancouver! Come say hi on the main concourse by section 120- meet and greet!
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Sometimes this little raver likes to play sophisticated swan, here's the proof:
Don't forget @hernameisbanks debut record GODDESS came out today & it is MAGNIFICENT!… #dontfuckwithagoddess
Teddy Wolf and I just arrived in Vancouver! Come say hi to us tonight after my set on the main…
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Oh hay 🍁Vancouver🍁 I brought yo@teganandsarara today in REAL LIFE 3D. SO DON'T BE LATE#ThePrismaticWorldTourur
Waking up to hear the news that the iPhone 6 has 128 GB has me saying OMG like:
Watch out for the Regina George in sheep's clothing...
Wanna see how a music video so fabulous-o as #THISISHOWWEDO is made?! Let's just say, it takes a village:
When your constant motto is, "we'll fix it in post" you've given up on life.
👼feelin like a Fiorucci angel today👼
#FBF to that time I wore a Canadian tux by @Versace w/my side piece Riff Raff @JODYHiGHROLLER 2 VMA's #ThisIsHowWeDo
Watch one of my favorite documentaries ever about some of Joan's life:…
What's the point of wearing all these dumb costumes if Joan's not here to rip them apart 😔 RIP Joan Rivers. You are a one of a one.
💘EUROPE!�@charli_xcxcx is going to get prismatic with us next February & March! Excited to welcome her t#ThePrismaticWorldTourur!
@sofifii: I INVENTED THE HAMMOCK!!!” How dare u
AMSTERDAM GUESS WHAT? I've added a 2nd show just for U on Mar 10! On-sale dates & more info HERE: #PrismaticWorldTour
Psychiatric evaluations in 2014 should really be made on most recently used emojis.
Adventures in Canada May result in falling off a cliff or having a fist fight with a bear. Whuteva.
Marry me. Wait ur my brother 😩 @sirdavidDD: never pretend to be perfect in any way. it's the flaws that make up your beauty.”