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Katy Perry
🙅🏻when they try and serve you a guinea pig sandwich🙅🏻 More highlights…NRyW8
Some South America Prismaticness for you! ❤️LIMA❤️…
Singing and dancing at over 8,000 feet, no problemo Bogota, Colombia 👍�FT
You used to call me on my floating island phone 🙍🏻
The locals were v impressed with my "tuxedo" they called it. So nice that even ppl at 13,000 feet can appreciate fashun *kisses sky*
❤️lil ninã ❤️
👽going home👽 @ancientaliens_ #gateofthegods
Hanging with my beautiful Peruvian sisters ❤️
#netflixandchills #netflixandfever #netflixandsweat #netflixandsnot #netflixandstrangesmells #netflixandcoughtillyoureadonkey #netflixandburningeyeballs #netflixandhotpees #netflixandgreenslime #netflixandwhateverisonamazonprime
Missing this lil pepperoni pie who lights up my life and makes it all alright ❤️🍕❤️ ILY @belovedshirts for making this onesie in bb sizes!
Smoking Cristos & pondering life with Francis Mallmann after consuming the best meal I've ever had...
Ahhh the life of a pan flute retiree...
LIT in Rio 9.27.15 #rockinrio 📷 @ronyalwin
Me possessed by the 🌝super moon🌝 and 100k people in the audience tonight giving me life#RockInRio20151#ilookhungryrPh
just. one. blow.
💦💧when you get wet, we get wet💧💦 S.P. 9.25.15 📷 @ronyalwin
🇧🇷Mãe está em casa!🇧🇷 Sao Paulo 9.25.15 📷 @ronyalwin
Do llamas produce milk, and if they do could it feasibly be made into cheese, and if so, does that mean we have an unlimited source of "spending" and we are therefore "big pimpin"? Discuss.
Oh, you thought this was a joke? Tell that to the Incan gods who smiled upon me with a double rainbow of approval 🌈🌈
Yesterday at 6am I started climbing that huge mountain you see in all the Machu Picchu pictures called Wayna Picchu. Before I left for my 4 hour journey the hotel kindly gave me a pan flute to entertain my fellow adventurers along the way. When I got to the absolute highest peak of the mountain some
Living that bucket list lyfe 🙏🏼 📷 @ronyalwin's just like riding a bike LIMA 9.22.15 📷 @ronyalwin

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