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Our 1st one in Denver YES. Then as many as I can afterwards. “@5ergi0h: @kaskade are you gonna be DJing at spark run?”
Denver? I’m waiting on those teams. Get on it. Register + send me a screenshot. First (2) get dope rare Kaskade t’s for all.
Ok. @josswhedon can be on my team too. “@KaskadienDevil: @kaskade DC? No love to MARVEL?”
@kaskade not to mention the daddy issues. If Bruce Wayne was a girl he’d be working the pole at Scores Gotham City.
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It’s all here:…@Frankieshteen: @kaskade can you fill me in on 5k run??”
On the fence about Batman. Too many gadgets and ego problems.
So my ideal running team would be made up of various super heroes. Obviously Flash. Probably not Robin. Definitely Wonder Woman.
Denver: 05/09 LA: 06/07 “@AubrielleSummer: @kaskade Is it May 9th or June 7th? Have seen both dates for Denver on different sites..”
@kaskade not in Denver, but reporting for duty @thesparkrun LA! Can I still win cool shirts for my team?
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Ahh, sorry. Forgot snap means snapchat now. Send it to me here. On The Twitter. I don’t snap. “@andrealule3: @kaskade what's your snap?”
Register here: Go. Go. Go speed racer go.
First (2) teams to send me a snap of your Denver registration - no matter how many ppl - receives rare Kade T’s for all on team.
I love the idea of teams entering @thesparkrun. Everything is more fun when you roll in w/ friends.
Let me just address Colorado for a minute. And the surrounding areas. You guys here? Need a minute? Let’s make this interesting.
@billboard got the scoop on @TheSparkRun shenanigans. So. Who is gonna bring their A game?
Kaskade Pairs Running With Dance Music for Spark Run Race Series (Exclusive)… via @billboard
@kaskade is it true @thesparkrun will be sponsored by your favorite Apple Jacks? Please confirm.
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it's no longer for DL but you can still give it a listen.
…I did this remix in 2005 and was listening to that stuff at the time. Check it here:…
I liked a lot of it but always wanted it to roll just a bit more or go into a solid groove at one point...
…remember that whole broken beat thing going on in London around 05/06?
Vinyl being packed and shipped like crazy over here. Go ahead, order the #REDUX EP. We got this.
My @kaskade vinyl is on its way to my house... but I'm 2500 miles away. Guess this gives me time to buy a record player
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CHI is on the books! LA/DC/Charlotte, too. Info:…@Tylord_18: @kaskade bring your 5k run to Chicago :D”
@kaskade 's Spark Run is a great idea! (5K ending with a live party) + Ryan said he's running!
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