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That’s one of the things that makes a person love a record. The pops, the bends, the crackles. No two are exactly the same.
Now. I’ve seen all these babies on insta saying “Ohhh that record is warped.” Guess what. Vinyl gets bendy. It’s rarely perfect.
**the more you know**“@chriscmpos: @kaskade oh lord. I'm accidentally learning.”
We play wax on turntables. Not a vinyl player. If u feel ambitious go ahead and say the “wheels of steel”. But that’s tricky.
“I bought some vinyls” No.
1st: Vinyl can be called records, wax or plastic. But we do NOT say “vinyls” or “plastics” when talking plural, OK?
Let’s do a quick + dirty crash course to get you all up to speed for when we’re talking about vinyl. #Redux EP
nobody ever tried to eat an mp3... that stuff nasty. but the vinyl, mmmhhmmm watch out with that.
I just want to take a bite of it while it is spinning around on the turntable....
super stoked on how it all turned out. the music. the vinyl. the art. how it sounds. the touch. the feel. that freaking white vinyl...
I am trying to have it all up and ready for mid day but that might slide back just a bit depending on how the morning goes...
Vinyl lovers rejoice, the #Redux EP will go up for sale tomorrow on
Which song?“@MikeChave: You know your listening to badass music when the car next to you asks you the name of the song. Way to go @kaskade
@KateTheGreat091: @kaskade is there anyway to get the ticket name transferred” I imagine speaking to the club directly is the best way 2
@kaskade we would do that in boarding school when someone was acting up and getting is all in trouble. It really works!!
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@kaskade jacket over the head + beatdown?
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blanket party is where a blanket gets thrown on the person and the group beats the crap out of him…
…I can see I lost some people with the blanket party term. Hmmm. A classic from my youth….
…you will show up to the club to do your deal and will be met with a blanket party. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
and a message to the few guys on CL that are trying to re - sell for 100X face value, it’s a trap…
@kaskade after checking with @eventbrite and @MIGHTYsf tix for your show can't be transferred. Can you retweet so people don't get taken?
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…but a message to the 1 or 2 chumps out there that think they can re - sell. You can’t.
I am glad to see that almost all of the redux tickets went to die hard fans that know what is up…
Wow. Now that's an honor. 😂So is the trophy in the mail or...?@taryn11266@3LAUU@DANNICdjj@diploo@feddelegrandd@BadKidsCoo