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There's something special about listening to 'Atmosphere' from the Ultra 2013 set vs the CD. FEELS ARE EXTRA INTENSE. @kaskade
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Caught my Remix of @wearegalantis track "Runaway" at TomorrowWorld. PRESS PLAY and don't be afraid to sing along. Just yoooooo + I- I- I - I - I...,
Caught my Remix of @wearegalantis "Runaway" at TomorrowWorld. Press play + don't be afraid to sing along…
Just yooooo + I - I - I - I - I - I
Tech difficulties on “Yep”. Posting it again when all good. Go listen to my @Spotify list while waiting.
Allmooooooost there #FreeTheMusic Kaskade & @AMTRAC “Yep” Listen now. Listen free.
Tweetception “@Pizzasluttttt: remember the time I had a dream that @kaskade RT’d me & then I tweeted about it and he RT’d me #goodtimes
It's time to see The love you give Is killing me And I wanna live 🎵 Oh@kaskadee 😭
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"@kaskade: Panama in the pouring rain! 💦💦💦 @ Hard Rock Hotel Panama"
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Lightening #storm about to engulf us - read the story on @kaskade feed. It's was rad / scary.
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This photo was taken by @markowensphoto on the balcony of my hotel room from the 44th floor. He caught the lightning as it struck in a storm that was headed directly our way. I went on stage 10 minutes after this photo was taken. The stage was located on the rooftop of a 62 story building. Oddly
I'd love to put together a festival with only kind, amazing artists like @kaskade @theglitchmob @Zedd @BigGigantic @Excision @tippermusic 👍
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Can’t say we didn’t try!! “@jdalveo: Ni La Lluvia nos detuvo 💦🌌⚡”
Panama in the pouring rain! 💦💦💦
…but I have to say that was the rowdiest and probably the best (and only) 45 minute set I have ever played! Much love Panama!
So so sorry Panama but when it starts to pour down rain the show has to stop for the safety of everyone…
@senor_franciSCo: At the Coli for SC game thinking about how @kaskade owned this place for EDC a few years ago” I will never forget 2009
Guatemala. Beautiful country. Beautiful people. 🙏🙏🙏 Thanks for having me, see you next time!
I am all about pushing to max capacity but at some point the doors have to close.
I would like to recommend to my people coming out tonight in Panama to arrive early to ensure entrance.
…sorry to those that waited and were unable to get in last night. I hate when this happens. We tried to get as many in as possible.
Today kaskade playing in Panama , Full Madness🙌🙌🔊👊👊✌@kaskadekaskade
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Thank you Guatemala!
Who needs a poncho while I’m here?
@PandaKhal: I still listen to @kaskade’s ”Turn It Down“ 24/7 as if it just released” no shame in that.
@amber_hasson: @kaskade I am a firm believer that hand sanitizer actually contributes to people getting sick.” But it smells good 😁😷
@itsbryanliptak: @kaskade next Wednesday ‘Fire & Ice’ is 3 years old!! :)” 😳😮😬
hand sanitizer ✔️
1 yr ago.. I experienced one of the most beautiful nights of my life.. @kaskade #AtmosphereLA #LetTheMusicSpeak 🌌
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Our love is a wonder drug 💙💊 “Catalyst” is live on YouTube +
If you’re going to act like a clown, don’t be mad at the jokes.
@THEJordanGetz: @kaskade will you upload the stream from Ultra Japan?”… thas all I got bro - me talking Japanese
Tomorrow in Guatemala and Saturday in Panama - get that! I WILL check out that canal… it's got the hype.
@Nessa415: So idk about everyone else but I know what I'm doing Halloween weekend. @kaskade in Vegas #XS” that's the move. @XSlasvegas
Congratulations to the @SFGiants!!!
KSKD radio makes me happy in every single way😌@kaskadee
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@baaaabe: @kaskade just got my #redux pictures developed today! 😭😍” analog
All of NorCal be like… is it 5pm yet?
S/O to @coalheadwear for hooking me up with all the fresh swag. You are the man Brad, this stuff is awesome!
#TBT London, Nov. 2012. Boundaries are important to set up in every relationship, no?
2nd song off The Redux EP. “Sweet Love” feat. Joslyn. SC: YT: #FreeTheMusic