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EDM protip: if youre going to make a group / trio act... dont fire the guy who actually does shit. #themoaryouknow
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@kaskade holding this dude for 3 hours wasn't easy! But it's all worth it!
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@StazziSaldii: Need the @kaskade remix of Galantis - Runaway” soon my friend 🙏
Why you gotta leave my high-five hanging, @TomorrowWorld crowd? Still love u tho.
Why you gotta leave my high-five hanging, TomorrowWorld crowd? Still love u tho.
To everyone letting me know about Jeremy Balason - I see you. I’m so sorry you’ve lost such an important friend. #jembals #resteasy
Total madness and lots of confetti fetti fetti... at Tomorrow World.
Last night at Tomorrow World celebrating life!
Ever seen a stage explode? @kaskade makes it happen. #tw2014 @ ∞ TomorrowWorld ∞
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taking in Tokyo...
Walked past @kaskade taking a phone call on my way to Spring Awakening 🎶�
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Man, I could do this all day. U are crushing it. My faves so far: @donilon @_FeZ @clubJG follow @Kaskade411 for some stuff.
@kaskade that time we didn't notice you creepin behind us at Beyond Wonderland. #Photokade
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@kaskade When you photobombed my 21st birthday selfie. 🌚
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You guys have some mad photoshop skills. And then…some of you don’t. (Looking at u, @ItsJHawk)
That one time I gave @kaskade a photo shoot. He was so little 😩�
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Remember when @Drake photobombed us when we were getting ice-cream with @ThisIsJohnnyN ?!?! #photokade | @kaskade
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@kaskade you really had to be the center of attention at my ugly sweater party #PhotoKade
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@kaskade that time you DJ-ed in my Coachella x Global Inheritance TRASHed bin
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Stuck in Santa Barbara with no money or car to go to Vegas. So @kaskade brought summer lovin to me
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One day I woke up from a bad dream only to find you laughing at me LOL @kaskade #PhotoKade
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ASAP - don’t get all perfectionist. Quick + dirty. You know how we do. “@jessicadiane198: @kaskade time frame?”
It doesn’t have to be that photo - use any one. Make me laugh. It’s Monday.
Put a pic of me in your fan photos. Or family photos. Whatever. Be creative. I’ll hook up my faves. #PhotoKade
This game is for my smarteee-pants photoshop techie friends. You guys up for it?
Yeh - let’s play something. “@Schreibs21: @kaskade I'm here. It's Monday, whatcha got for us today?”
So. Ello. You guys on this…or nah?
If you’re not sore on Monday, you’re doing it wrong.
Still can't move from @kaskade. That means we were doin it right.
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| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | K A S K A D E | |_______| . (\__/) || . (•ㅅ•) || . /   づ @kaskade
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Thank you for making such a monster. “@SikDuo: @kaskade thank you for your support for our Calabria mash up @TomorrowWorld
If there’s anything these past 2 weeks have taught me, it’s this: Don’t store my nudes on iCloud.
Bob @Lefsetz talking a hell of a lot of sense as usual about Thom Yorke's new album……
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Guess you're going to have to DVR Real Housewives and Sons of Anarchy tonight.
Yeh, that graphic is confusing. That’s the broadcast. I’m playing 10:30 - Midnight. “@isarunstheworld: @kaskade 6 hours is not even fair.”
Oh man - my dream. But no. I’m playing 10:30 - Midnight. “@marcusramsey: @kaskade you're doing a four hour set?”
If you can’t get to it live, go ahead + give this a spin: TomorrowWorldTV 7pm – 1 am ET  #TomorrowWorld
Feeling 12 kinds of excited about tonight! @TomorrowWorld
Kaboom. 💥@fv23thedonn: Yo homie you ready to close tomorrow🌍 with a bang?@kaskadede”