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Karl Rove
Few Democrats Run With ObamaCare:
RT @GOP: .@KarlRove: The 11principles @Reince offers are timeless. Republicans want to do something for America.
RT @ShannonBream: 11am @FoxNews - GOP's plan to take the Senate - will it work? We'll break it down with @KarlRove
With Senate control at stake, discussing how Republicans can finish their campaigns strong on @HappeningNow at 11 AM ET.
Will be on @OpeningBellFBN at 10AM ET to discuss Hong Kong protests and Secret Service. Tune in to @FoxBusiness.
How GOP Can Close the Sale: Stick to emphasizing growth, strong national defense, & health care & energy reforms.
Agree-1st rate leader MT @davidaxelrod: knew Joe Clancy when he led POTUS detail. You could not find better person 2 repair Secret Service.
RT @gretawire: .@KarlRove: There’s a reason Pres @BarackObama looks detached AND aloof AND disengaged... it’s because HE IS @FoxNews
MT @gretawire: I want my Pres to have MORE info than I do - @KarlRove: that would require Pres to be ACTIVE & ENGAGED, @BarackObama is not
Joining @gretawire On the Record tonight around 7:20 PM ET. Hope you’ll watch.
Obama's Pass-The-Buck Presidency:
Joining @oreillyfactor tonight to discuss the latest news on White House security fumbles. Tune in 8PM ET.
Why Obama Can’t Say His Spies Underestimated ISIS:
.@CrossroadsGPS out w/ new ad part of $5 m buy supporting @ThomTillis and his ideas to replace ObamaCare.
In @WSJopinion: Obama Needs to Call Bush
Congrats @JanineTurner on “A Little Bit Vulnerable.” Take a look and preorder your copy today:
Wow. Looks like Mark Udall was willing to embrace nutty theories for political gain.
"Putting Putin In His Place," By Paul Johnson @Forbes
ICYMI: The 3 worst moments for Dem Senate candidate Bruce Braley in last night's Iowa Senate debate. Ouch.
What states will decide control of the Senate? Discussing with @BillHemmer this morning on @AmericaNewsroom around 9:40 AM ET.
Read for smart @MJGerson observation: "English language only offers so many words that carry sufficient moral weight"
.@CrossroadsGPS out with a great new digital ad that highlights Thom Tillis' efforts to improve education in NC.
Do you have confidence in President Obama's leadership handling the ISIS crisis? Joining @HappeningNow at 11 AM ET to weigh in.
RT @gretawire: .@KarlRove's msg to Pres @BarackObama: Stop looking at the poll numbers, and BE a War-Time Leader and President #OTR @FoxNews
What can Pres. Obama do to stop his approval ratings from falling? Discussing with @gretawire tonight at 7PM ET. Hope you'll watch!
RT @WSJopinion: @KarlRove: A foreign-policy crisis normally boosts the party in power. Not this time.
New factors have appeared that will help determine which party controls the Senate next year.
High Support For Action Against ISIS; Low Approval For Obama’s Handling:
The Issues Are Breaking Bad For Democrats
RT @foxnewsvideo: Will actions in #Iraq, #Syria change Obama's presidency? @KarlRove |
.@CrossroadsGPS takes a look at how Colorado's Mark Udall has changed in the last 15 years.
Rec'd read: "A Haunting Feeling About Obama" - by @Peter_Wehner
Talking about US airstrikes in Syria and national security with @seanhannity tonight at 10PM ET. Hope you'll watch.
Entering the No Spin Zone with @oreillyfactor to discuss some key races in the battle for the Senate. Turn on @foxandfriends now.
Today Chris sits down with @RepPeteKing & @RepAdamSchiff for the latest on #ISIS, @KarlRove & @JoeTrippi on #2014 Midterms + Our #FNS Panel
Retweeted by Karl Rove
RT @FoxNewsSunday: This #FNS we’ll handicap the Midterm Elections with two of DC’s top political minds @KarlRove & @JoeTrippi
Stonewall Koskinen: IRS commissioner was supposed to clean up mess, but he's running interference. #FF @KimStrassel
Why GOP Senate Majority Is Still In Doubt: Since Sept. 1, Dems have run or placed $109 M in TV ads to GOP $80 M.
Republicans’ Likely Voter Advantage Predicts Turnout Edge In 2014:
If GOP-ers don't donate 2 candidates & get out the vote, they should prepare for 2 more years of Maj. Leader Reid.
Sorry, NYT. Medicare Cost Problem Remains Unsolved. Read Charles Blahous' smart take at @Economics21:
The ISIS Adviser: Obama entertains a bizarre hypothetical @WSJopinion
Recommended Read: A GOP Agenda
Latest from @AmericanXRoads $3.1M IA effort hits Braley for siding w/ Tom Steyer & opposing Keystone Pipeline XL.
Discussing the latest in the fight against ISIS this morning on @AmericaNewsroom. Turn on @FoxNews 9:00 AM ET.
Calling in to @kilmeade & Friends in about 15 minutes. Hope you'll start the week with us and listen in!
See story now # 1 on Amazon, "13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi." @FNReporting special on 2night @ 10 PM ET.
RT @FoxNewsSunday: What questions do you have for our #FNS panel on President Obama's newly announced strategy to defeat ISIS?
Getting ready for @FoxNewsSunday. Lots to discuss, including Midterms, 2016, & Obama ISIL strategy. RT if you'll be watching!
RT @johnrobertsFox: Subbing for Chris on FNS this weekend. WH COS McDonough, Sens Graham and Reed, Gen Michael Hayden - Hume, Rove, Powers…