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Karina Pasian
#TBT Everyone's right... I do always look mad 😂😞 #sorryyall #ivebeensmilingmore
Good morning #whenitstimetogofoodshopping
Adobo solves all my problems
Who remembers this song? Come out to the Gardena Jazz Festival this Sunday to hear the rest along with my whole set! #rehearsing #15secondsisneverenough #alwaysendssoabrupt
My debut album "First Love" was released on this date in 2008. Thanks to all of my loyal fans for sticking by me!!! #newmusicsoon #ipromise
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on.
We all are one-consciousness. The earth is a living entity and it grows human beings. We feel what our Mother Earth feels & vice-versa.
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Being mad is a slow vibration and a lot of us are mad. What do you think all of this anger is doing to our mother, who's already stressed?
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It's uncanny how much I feel like I'm home in NY. 😍 #SanFrancisco #TheCity
#benzfriendz #mbusa #wefinallygothere #brunomars
Bumped my head earlier while laughing too hard. 😩 #goodtimes #studio #joshonthephotobomb
Depression is real and shouldn't be looked down upon. RIP Robin Williams. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world
Potatoes have feelings too :(
Happiness mistaken for fame.
😏 RT@tucci_jeneee: Just got word@karinapasiann will be at the Gardena Jazz festival !! Yaasss
That makes two of us 😔 RT@717shidd:@msbella_rosee@karinapasiann that's me every time I eat smh
When you wear your new shirt for the first time and spill something on it <<<<<<<<<<
Look up Marlon, say cheese!!
In honor of the Bey + Nicki "Flawless" remix.... #imagoofball #foolinaround #shekilleditthisweekendthough
I'm crying 😂😂😂😭�@ItsChrisJacksonck@karinapasianasian have you tried McDonald's? They got the new McQueso de freir and McSalchichón
Being Dominican in LA is so difficult. I can't find queso de freir and salchichón to save my life 😫😫😭😭😭 Anyone know?! Someone help meee
Down to the wire I wanted water, but I'll walk through the fire. If this is what it takes to take me even higher, then I'll come through...
But we're so excited though. #ontheruntour #beyonce #jayz
This guy @peterleejohnson is laying down some amazing strings! So excited #eargasm
I made such a terrible mistake having McDonald's for breakfast this morning 😖😷
#FBF: "Laughter is Contagious." With @creolebaby and @chanice_b 😂
"And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, 'You owe me.' Look what happens with love like that. It lights up the sky." -Rumi Peaceful morning drive on the Pacific Coast. 😊
And she's back... 😈 #septumring #wentayearwithoutit #missedit
#TBT the day I signed to Def Jam in July, 2005. Playing Czerny's Étude in C Major (Op. 740 No. 1) for Jay-Z. I was such a pensive child lol #poorqualitybutyougetit
....Currently kicking myself in the face. 😒
Check out the trailer for Dear White People!! Pay attention, you may see a familiar face.... 😏…q
Ay Dios mio RT @OksanaPasian: nothing sucks more than leaving your wallet at home -______-
😌😊 R@DearAry_y_: Slow motion @karinapasianan 👏
But why is my best friend so amazing???!!?! @TislarmBouie always goes hard with his choreo... Check it out!!…
Guys are so confusing....
That moment when you see him tweet something that should be about you, but you're honestly not sure if it is.......
Thanks again to everyone for all the birthday love. You guys really helped make my day even more special than it already was 😊❤️
There's something really attractive about Drake but I honestly don't know what it is......
Love you bri ❤️ RT @creolexbaby: Its my talented ass friends birthdaaaaaay! Love you!!!
Racing @kyrapringle 😂😂 I won though!! #birthdaybehavior #imstill5yearsold #followher!!!
Thanks so much to everyone wishing me a happy birthday!!!!!!! I feel the loveee 😘😘
23 is gonna be a good year... It's Jordan's number. Duh 😏😂 #happybirthdaytome
Already feeling so much birthday love from the east coast... Thank you guys so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️