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Turk McStuffins
these ones except this person was cheap with the candy
send cookies… those ones that are chocolate bears with the M&M on the tummy
this SCREAMS “Our social media team thought we could recreate the pea thing, so here goes!"
#RememberTamirRice We’re @ a crossroads as to whether routine murder/violence against our children will be acceptable in this society or not
Retweeted by Toffee Finger
it me, the money turducken
tony hawk’s on lipitor y/y?
dad’s upset you guys
i’ve only made a couple of hundos so far
whoa. must’ve had a woman pilot
Serious question:are trailer parks being gentrified thanks to tiny homes?
Having a nap and resting his wiener on a bullwrinkle as one does
social commentary on fleek
aight party’s over. peace out!
great moments in history: boy was teen
and that’s the kind of thing that gets their soldier to stand
a certain kind of technodick is not going to understand the message of #themaninthehighcastle because it’s about SF being occupied by japan
the phrase "piss poor" is criminally underused imo
this confirms those rumors about him more than any sighting at the chateau does imo
update: I’m Hitler, but if I want to rub his tummy, that would be OK
grump ass ragamuffin looking at you like you’re being a dick.
it. is. too. adorable. when your dog does not want to get up despite them waking you up at 6 am every weekday like clockwork.
a fun reminder that culinary murder mysteries is a thriving book genre
hey ladies: congratulations on not dying and also being leaders in your field or some shit like that
I’ll just put them back on the shelf and go about my day
ok changing gears. That Rolling Stone cover with Bernie Sanders makes him look like the dad who found your birth control pills but was chill
who are these white people who can’t just shut up and listen to instructions for an hour? oh wait. I just heard it.
there’s also apparently christian yoga, which replaces all the authentic language and names with bible crap
what kind of a person becomes a yoga instructor and is like “oh most of this shit is wack. I’m going to make it whiter"
yeah none of that authentic shit
someone needs to apply the firmware update to Jeet…
what about Cheeky Handos
the dog is sleeping with his toothbrush like its a teddy bear again
when the delivery guy says he’s 5 minutes away
If j don't eat, I'm going to go Glental
i think I have low t
I really did have to transfer
More on the girl who cried: I hugged her, said I was sorry and then I had to get off to switch lines. I felt badly.
The #TTC is doing their part to thwart Syphillis by putting the subway cars on "Malaria" temperature. Thanks guys! Who's paying for that?
I guess I just have one of those "please sit next to me on the subway and tell me your uncle just died and start crying" faces.
Gremlins are an allegory for Chanukah…

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