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Karen Achtober Geier
My sandwich artist today is banksy. The sandwich cost 500 million dollars and turned out to be a lecture on capitalism
Men not aware of their surroundings and not saying excuse me dot tumblr dot com
Lobster costume fashion show
Hello huge Manwich fan here: No
If it's 12 inches long and in a jar, it's a Deutschlander
@karengeier @dongohuber @RedDebate LOL i re-discovered this tweet (Karen, did you come up with this idea)?
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Talk about bumcakes, my aunt's got 'em🎶
baby boomers spent an embarrassing amount on grass, condoms and concert tickets. so what?…
when ur waiting for ur #broen subtitles
#DowntonAbbey would be a million times better if the Dowager Countess was like Mona from Who's the Boss?
Dream #DowntonAbbey ending: Lady Mary farts at a ball thrown in her honor and Lady Edith has to raise the fart as her own child
.@DrOz I don't know what to do about tossed salads and scrambled eggs they're calling again
dream ending to #DowntonAbbey: the family die in a fire after simultaneous embarrassment and the help steal everything not nailed down
sausage viscount of chicago
hi #NRA dicks: the government does not need to invest $1 in false flags as long as 180k americans injure themselves on toilet seats per year
meli melo is DISGUSTING compared to cheerios mix. fight me
is cheerios snack mix no longer for sale? I have already had my edibles and this is about to be a huge bummer
@karengeier it's not what he went there to do, it just kind of fell in his lap
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is today the day marty mcfly went back in time to fuck his mom?
last tweet: the comments are more harrowing and the original post
be nice. Everyone is fighting a battle with fucked up childhood foods you can't even imagine…
the new PC "we go anywhere" ad is hilarious because Galen Weston looks like a guy who finds sour cream spicy
I am a free man in a free country, commissar.
uh I'll take those comments back when I see a meathead watching Prof Brian Cox on a gym tv.
just like you can incapacitate a croc with an elastic band, you can incapacitate a muscle head by making him calculate a tip without a phone
this month's raisin dick magazine seems good
time to notify the family of the "greeter"…
staying woke on the rock
aaron sorkin is the only person who could become less creative after eating a whole bag of magic mushrooms
written by Aaron Sorkin “@Slate: Why did The Newsroom fail? Via @Quora:
it's a weird thing when a grown man pretending to be god polices those who refuse to believe in him and attempts to smite them idk
*extreme boss hogg voice* Toronto Blue Jays
*extreme boss hogg voice* Dave Javerbaum
I lost on Jeopardy, baby
I guess there are no editors left at the NYT to read this aloud
Blunt Talk is good. If you miss Bored To Death, start watching it.
sounds like the sports are on
you sell fucking cereal invented by a man who used to give people yogurt enemas and make women use vibrators for hours a day. FUCK OFF
this special K ad: "let's tell our inner voice to SHUT UP" then "let's be nicer to ourselves" stop commoditizing self esteem you ghouls
nose news: we've had a breakthrough and now I can breathe through the nose 100% of the time #humblebrag
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