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Karen Geier
we day seems like a total farce, y/y?
If you offer material support to politicians who advocate extreme cuts to social programs and grant funding, you support those things.
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I have sandals, a long dress, and a poncho on right now to walk the dog. I look like I'm in a nativity play right now
fair warning: my puppy photography game is about to get stepped up
"If you believe in John Tory’s 'Smart Track' you might as well believe in unicorns" Chow #zing
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Almost 1,600 offensive Facebook posts to Olivia Chow campaign deleted for sexism, racism, other concerns. 1/2 #topoli…
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"Does this say "Bick"?" "Yes, it's short for Bitchard"
look at this idiot who's not even breastfeeding right.
we have reached the point where the dog might eat some of the reno guys
who is making political figure guy fieri photoshops?
BBQ is the only food where you would eat it despite the cook's name being Itchy Cooter
@karengeier oh yeah some magic animal produces sausage, bacon, AND pork chops. I'm tired of the meat industry's lies!
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Tax Increment Financing: a feat of acrobatic logical abstraction designed solely to help politicians get elected without raising taxes.
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thanks for all this breaking news that's about a guy who died 150+ years ago, canadian media.
The only thing they said was medical and EMT was on scene. No service sb from Bloor until further notice
Major ttc disruption at Bloor sb. Seems v serious like a birth or a death possibly. No details are being shared
The new subway cars offer no respite from crying babies. Major design flaw
Hello? Yes. One nap, please *empties $6000 in dimes on the counter*
100% true: all the comments on Ebola stories are actually good
nah bra #libertarian@Gawker: Will an Uber driver beating a passenger with a hammer finally force Uber to grow up?
love too wait intolerably long times for things 💃🐸🛀
@karengeier Deco gives away their labels for free, right? #topoli
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plotting making a massive pot of pozole this weekend
Teens, be empowered to make your own sexual decisions “@Slate: Parents, get your teenage daughters the IUD:
why isn't there a sleep machine with the sounds of a whipper snipper from outside your window?
Hi Toronto. A reminder: -shit costs money -Toronto needs a lot of shit -The land transfer tax is an important revenue tool #topoli
I wasn't a believer in medicinal margs until last night.
.@WendyDavisTexas leads @GregAbbott_TX among Hispanics 62-26, sez new @TexasLyceum poll. Abbott ahead with white voters 62-27.
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Doug Ford speaking today about plans to deprive the city of much needed revenue #TOpoli
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Hi. The nationality of the Ebola patient is immaterial. Stop making this a golden opportunity for racism to propagate.
Wouldn't it be awesome if people boycotted Walmart finally because of Tracy Morgan?
Those docs will be released on Soknacki's website Friday #TOPoli
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Remember the freedom of information requests David Soknacki made & the docs he said proved Rob Ford was using mayor's office to campaign?
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Someone on the ttc has the whistling part from moves like jagger as their ringtone. #bless
.@DrOz why do I laugh so hard sending dumb photos to joe biden?