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Karen Geier
let's talk about that amazing thing that happened at the VMAs
.@DrOz my dick is cheney
the duckman rewatcher
Errbody keep it lighthearted and squash the jibberjabber
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the dog, just now RUN AWAY!!!! SHE'S TRYING TO HUG YOU!!! Oh wait, you've got a veal parm?
From now on, call all mountains Geoff
.@DrOz coke zero is the manliest soft drink
kris jenner's I love my friends likely generated more money than We Are Your Friends have a great day
i have bad news. they took it and renamed it. now the mountain is going to gay marry k2 while banning guns across the world @JohnRMcClure
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white people mad at name for mountain they likely couldn't identify the location of
love too watch dogs swimmin
banksy wishes he invented bic pen tattoos that kids make that say stuff like Love Kills
@karengeier u ever notice that if u add a "r" to capitalism it becomes "crapitalism"… almost like they knew it was bad when they invented it
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here's a banksy 🚔=💩
do people like banksy because it's funny to see the MOST OBVIOUS THING SPELLED OUT?
play this for your dog and crap laughing “@iD4RO: the screaming rubber ducks vine is our generation’s moon landing
but you know, spending 4 billion on the olympics will be a piece of piss…
watching educational tee vee
people who think trump's hat looks good are upset that kanye's a "joke" candidate
fav this if your dog has a few days every month where they act like a complete shithead for their waking moments
adults deeply involved in celebrity beefs online dot tumblr dot com
today's top dog commands: -put your penis away -that's not food -show me what's stuck in your nose
the uk has a union for nude art models called RAM
i trust anyone with a pulse with my bags! no phantoms or specters pls
What is the jerry Seinfeld deal with clerks not filling reusable bags when you bring them? It's still a bag guys
wish u were rip'n chicken
europe, am I right?
free restaurant name: hunan 4 u, man
we should be able to do a way better job than we seem to be able to with chocolate soda
duckman was good
definitely a sandwich
guys, dogs would actually be really bad poker players. y'ever watch a dog enacting a "sneaky plan?" They are idiots
fresca is dope AF
dogs who try to steal shanghai noodles dot tumblr dot com
Hurry up ya dangus. I'm hungry
leave the cows alone, pervert jesus “@lolwutsatan: @karengeier when u vape jesus shakes his head in udder disappointment”

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