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Karen Geier
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@karengeier on that 506, you know I want to riiiide out, even if we only go on a detour that takes us 12 blocks from myyyy house
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I had a very heavy stout which makes my heart sing
Can't wait 'til Jeremih does a song about streetcar sex.
Congrats to @laurenstrapa who threw a VERY SUCCESSFUL #broadsheet event! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
No. I don't pee on my arm. “@seanmerat: @karengeier does your left arm burn when you pee?”
Hello, Twitter. I had stout. AMA
Talking about the important differences between "cottaging" and "dogging" with @dicampbell25 and @reneeswilliams
Concert by Nate Kogan #huelysocks @huely
At the #huelysocks party.
Pre-socking for the @huely party
Cans of Faygo: only ever spotted in dufferin station #EnoughSaid
Dear white man REEKING of booze who just tried to cut the TTC line and called me sweetie: pray your liver takes you first
Love too contemplate suicide on public transport.
John Cameron Mitchell taking over 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' (@HedwigOnBway)
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@karengeier my pants have expanded exponentially since you posted this. Pls help. I'm lost in the pants.
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Here's how cold it is: @casanovafranken just peed on the first quarter sized patch of snow directly in front of the door #dlws
oh the things you must have seen
"the age of adaline": hollywood can imagine an old woman finding love as long as a 28 year old plays her
everybody who thinks canada is a polite paradise is welcome to take the TTC at 5:30.
has everyone picked a partner for cyber monday yet?
and if you get text messages asking to settle gilmore girls related bets, you need to be cordial. Your reward will come in heaven.
twitter PSA: my phone is fully charged and I will be drinking wine and beer this evening. do with this information what you see fit
putting pants on for 2 events. I hope y'all are worth it
.@libbycwatson do you remember the sloth shit story from QI?
*barbacoa- apparently autocorrect likes to whitewash my kitchen
I made barbecue beef today and the house smells trill as an MF AMA
.@DrOz who is ur crush?
I'm an expert at those. “@reneeswilliams: Daily surreal conversation. This time with @karengeier.”
facial skin peeling ON FLEEK
is it #misandry that @reneeswilliams and I are attending a male sock event tonight?
John Tory worships at the United Church of Canada, where I'm assuming warming centres are a higher priority than saving Uber from a lawsuit.
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some of you need to let me know when you're finished listening to this week's serial so we can talk about it. Also, no serial next week :(
oh, you've got a big scoop on george's toy choices? here are some babies with AIDS who need to be fed. TY
ok you want to report on the royals. We're going to let you do that, but first, you have to serve lunch at refugee camps for 2 years
do you think people who report on the "royal beat" ever look at themselves in the mirror and vomit all over their tits? They really should
jesus christ toronto. Way to fuck up the trans remembrance day ceremony on a Fordian level without FORD
I ate a lot of mayo at lunch AMA
if it's easier to put a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven, the vatican's fucked
I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding, though. A millennia long misunderstanding
it's almost like the very nature of the vatican is to perpetuate a state where priests live the life of riley while preaching the opposite
jesus christ. How about actually giving some of those billions to build irrigation and buy meds for society's most at risk?