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Karen Geier
wow this is abhorrent “@DoubleXMag: Not wearing makeup: Is it feminism, laziness, or the rise of cosmetic normcore?…
Fun medical fact: Average smile is the equivalent of thirty minutes on a tread master and a frown's the same calories as a rat filled donut.
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favorite .gif genre? Animals acting like dicks, probably
send grilled hot dogs send summer first
never mind the kind of brass-plated balls you have to have to take on the mayor and do some of the things she had to do to get the story
why we need feminism: comments about @robyndoolittle's move to the G&M are primarily about how she looks. #gross
I just referred to my tax holding account as "money in the banana stand."
anyone else having gmail sluggishness?
buttlescutt tho
plus 2 degrees in toronto. Perhaps the weather has had a change of heart
what's in your caselogic these days?
companies who do massive layoffs before long weekends: you're all bags of shit
PSA: There is a difference between a tax RETURN and a tax REFUND message brought to you by dads who are accountants™ cc @JewdyGold
I'm totally sold on Freshbooks now that I can import my expenses. (WHAAAT?)
No, but WHY DIDN'T WE CLONE BILLY MAYS? “@_joshyoung: @karengeier @WebMD Jesus, did someone clone Billy Mays??”
butts aren't very long “@Jezebel: Woman sues Walmart for destroying her butt-length hair
(PG=pretty good)
a british strip club called PG Nips
I'm going to record this song I just made up about a slotted spoon and make it a ringtone.
can't wait to hear what kind of "pinko" newspaper the Globe is @TOMayorFord #topoli
.@WebMD is there something wrong with my baby?