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Karen Geier
MT @kristianDavid For reference, the councillors/mayor in green voted to close a much-needed homeless shelter.
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Canada is one of the very few countries in the world that has NO criminal law restricting abortion at all.…
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penmanship like whoa
is there a porn performer named Peter Donglage?
true sea facts: seahorses give away birth control on their street corners
Why can't people be real that Starbucks baked goods are not good?
Why isn't there a tumblr of people dressed in figure costumes dancing gifs?
.@DrOz how's everyone wearing their nipples these days?
Russia opens a third front in their war. If history's taught us ANYTHING, it's that the more fronts you have, the higher your success
hyper lapse the vote
let's use regressive nonsense to sell our product!
i like that we're still in the "nice hyper lapse" phase of the web.
first rule of height club is no shorties
YAY! “@Splitsider: The first season of 'Transparent' premieres on Amazon September 26th…
THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS OMG “@patthornton: @karengeier because they're banking that with all the drugs, people forgot the originals.”
everyone says drugs are getting more powerful, but if that's true, why does Hollywood make so many remakes?
if someone hyper lapses their ice bucket challenge, you are legally allowed to smack them
what are some good consent porn movies?
I wonder why this product isn't selling
Ma! I accidentally the sign!
I love the guilt that comes with shopping locally and not having been some place in a while.