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Karen Geier
hopefully the media has reached peak morosity w/r/t #mh17. It's exhausting and not constructive for anyone.
Rob Ford says he has never quit anything. He lies a lot, though. Here are the things he has quit:
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if there were a planet inhabited solely by dogs, all that would be required to enslave it would be a costco-sized jar of peanut butter
It's the work I was called to do
a twitter bot that tweets every player in the NBA once a day asking them how the weather is up there
the royal baby is a juggalo now
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going to read another dipshit story about soylent
did anyone else see Nate Silver clam up on #realtime when they covered Israel?
oh man I am still happy about some #pupnews I heard today.
and there's vice with the article that's going to go nuclear overnight
RT if you have a photo of your dad going out on halloween more than one year in a row as Father Guido Sarducci
My dog's prozac bottle warns that it causes drowsiness but doesn't say jack shit about whether he can drink booze or if he's good to drive.
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that is a thing that happened. I made a christian closet case have to explain ejaculate. Too bad sun news has 3 primetime viewers
a great DM I got was someone telling me they started following me because Michael Coren had to explain jizz on his show bc of a tweet I made
can't wait tip warming ton cries foul on that tweet and Michael Coren has to explain what a hand job is to 3 ladies on sun news
I made that joke about Fight Club 2 and then I remembered SPEED 2 with Jason Patric.
Gout is from God. I am merely the vessel who owns Indesign “@melissajphoto: @karengeier You are doing God's work!”
thank u. ur praise makes me feel good 🌺�@ARLISSFANAN@karengeierer GOUTSTANDING”
one time, they sent Master T to Ottawa to be with Paul Martin when he announced his budget #RIPMuchMusic
Master T was the best VJ
If any MDs following me would like to fact-check the medical info in my gout brochure, please get in touch.