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Karen Geier
how about when MSLE gets a team to the seni finals, I'll care what mayor they want
Shall I compare thee to a bummer day? #DLWS
FACT: the Windows 9 disks are all buried in the desert on top of those ET cartridges
Photo of Jesus at the toilet seen by spiritualist in her newly-laid cement floor.…
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This is what commuter chaos looks like on the #TTC during a line shutdown.
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RT @Marketwired: Why you need a content management system -
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I just wrote to the City Manager again. You can too. talktocitymanager @ Doug Ford is making a mockery of ALL the rules. #topoli
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because speaking about a community you don't belong to in a way that makes them a monolith is where discourse is now #topoli
the good news: Interview transcripted. The bad news: 2200 words without an intro :(
be very afraid when the work back schedule is a scanned pdf of a calendar with handwritten notes on it
meanwhile, John Tory is taking the chopper from his lair to his campaign office to deliver donut alms to his minions #topoli
anyone have a good alternative to audacity for mac?
Bankers in Hong Kong cooked 2,000 sausages to feed pro-democracy protesters -
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and by all means, vote for John Tory who wants to gamble future transit on vegas odds #topoli
Angry passengers giving one of very few #TTC reps hell at Keele station. Folks fainting.
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hope everyone's enjoying the benefits of cutting the gravy train this morning #topoli
Irish tax collectors are young “@VentureBeat: EU says Apple’s Irish tax breaks are illegal…
i forgot to update everyone on the misplaced balloon. Apparently it is STILL UNDER THE CHAIR OMG
"You made one mistake. You spooped when you should have crepped"
fox has a war room going to figure out whether they can tie #OccupyAdmiralty to Benghazi or at least Obamacare
I love @ANDREWTI for the simple reason that he faved my "mutton dressed as WHAM!" tweet
"I wonder if I can merge note in @evernote?" I wondered YES YOU CAN!
hey, if I don't tell you enough… BAZINGA, guys.
this just sounds goddamned delightful…
crunch berries are dope as hell
there should be a strudel delivery service
.@smenor i just like chex mix. The floor is closed to questions at this time.
you can use corn, wheat, or rice chex. Chex don't care
you can have chex mix sweet or savory
chez mix is tasty. I wish I was eating it right now
last year at christmas, I read every recipe on the chez mix website
great costume idea: mutton dressed as WHAM!
the whitest thing I have ever said: "I'm too tired to make carbonara right now"
If you have a dad, this is not news“@TOcorey: RT @SimonOstler: Spectacular fall colours on display across Canada
.@DrOz I got fresca in my eye and now I'm really cool. Where is the closest ER to me?
I have been very critical of the Chow campaign but I cannot RT this enough.… #TOpoli #voteTO
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sorry. Apparently that's Neil DeGrasse Tyson
lol. Look at this yearbook pic of some dumbass nerd
fun fact: I looked it up once and Chicago Public Access TV gets more viewers than Sun TV