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Karen Geier
dear this week: OH YEAH? *runs away in tears*
Gmail drafts are a good way to see the messages you would have sent in anger, so you can laugh about it later.
TFW it SMELLS like coffee, but there is no coffee in sight
"here's my story about Joan Rivers and also, please don't forget I have a show with barely any female comics on it. Be sure to watch!"
I am having to order something over the phone I usually do online and well, thank you Tim Berners-Lee.
John Tory's position on relief line has changed dramatically since he joined the race: (h/t #TOpoli
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"as told to Joe Warmington" = "fiction" #topoli
anyone else watching Ken Burns' The Roosevelts?
what are some good opinions?
send dickie dees
Mammo meets the Popo
I'm having a kiki
Look: it's simple, Scotland: vote for Malcolm Tucker or Peter Mannion.
Cameron's panicked Scotland visit = Alan Partridge's Toblerone-fueled nervous breakdown & barefoot drive to Dundee
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the queen trying to shame scotland into voting no shows you why the monarchy needs to be abolished
maybe John Tory got offered another gig and he's looking for a way out, or the Fords are giving him a nice little earner
fuck Surge. Bring back Oreo Os
Mikey Ford never agreed to disclose his platform or debate. Doug abstains from debating. Tory fails to disclose transit $, abstains Pattern?
how you chewin“@Jezebel: Kimye's marriage lasted 114 days so Wendy Williams ate (a real) crow
wow. What's to be said of the actions backing up everything I said about John Tory this morning? Oh yeah I TOLD YOU SO #topoli
John Tory doesn't have to explain himself to you, Toronto. Get used to it. #TOpoli #voteTO
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this has been going on for a month. You're not the hacker you think you are, mr dropbox resetter. Also, all that's in there is dumb shit
whoever keeps trying to reset my dropbox password: 1) fuck you 2) get a life 3) or die for all I care
*chicken suit joke* #topoli
Codin' in the bathroom (sing it to "Smokin in the boy's room") (this is actually happening due to building renos)
OK everyone. Please remain clam.
I am shocked...SHOCKED...that John Tory is avoiding a debate that may put his transit plan under further scrutiny. SHOCKED!!!
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good thing Frankie Boyle left buzzcocks a while back so Scotland doesn't have that hanging over their heads #ScotlandDecides
my mother, on seeing the U2 album in her iTunes? (accusatory tone) WHAT'S THIS? Oh. How do I delete it?
Robin Thicke is a human taint, because he's halfway between an asshole & a dick and stinks like sweat and shit
Robin Thicke was high on vikes and alcohol when blurred lines was created. We know you wanted it, though, buddy.
sweater weather is cool, and junk, but I'm more excited about the fall holidays
if you only watch one explanation of the Scottish Referendum, let it be this one…
.@DrOz is it bad that i'm going to start calling fine-ass men "Hot Chili Chipnuts?"
you know what? I'm going to go to the source on this one
is it bad that i'm going to start calling fine-ass men "Hot Chili Chipnuts?"
Dear grocery gateway guy: I have had a lot of garlic, so apologies in advance. Thanks
I know you are reading this because you still have my feed open somewhere. You seem legitmately troubled. Tell someone. Deal with it
you are a sad human.
here's my dating profile: Looking for: pizza, cinnamon buns, quiet.
I heard people who falsely claim to block and report people on twitter wake up with their dick replaced by a wind wiggler.
.@647Marc I'm starting to think you just like the attention. That's legitimately sad as shit. Find some light in your life and walk away
I got reported to twiter by @647Marc. Tell my wife I love her, my boyfriend the money's under the big T and my dog he's a good boy.
.@fcarnevale but by all means, keep talking shit that you refuse to cite. Just stop @ mentioning me. #topoli