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Karen Geier
#TeamEyes@WetHot: @karengeier Scholars will debate this question for centuries.”
I don't want this to become the new "the dress" but "Champagne Ice" or "Champagne Eyes?" #WHAS
mute: Gwyneth Paltrow (permanent mute)
hi. historically, countries have financially benefitted when they allowed more immigration, so fuck your "calais crisis" language
NOT MINE! #pussycontrol@Jezebel: Confirmed: men are to blame for your freezing cold office
Slate: the best place to get news from your uncle Ted…
.@nudebeehoney neither Larry Sanders nor Seinfeld believed themselves to be ridiculous
an under appreciated comic format is "people who know they are ridiculous having low stakes misfortune"
can't wait for the people who will correct Boing Boing with 'it's a Trilby"…
what's up with potable drinking water? Seems overrated
thinking about getting some new opinions
Mission Impossible: Walking Away From Overseas Box Office Is Not An Option
I assume not all of this combo is chicken, but am I to supposed to assume it's not '3?'
can't wait for the FastCo cover where Jessica Alba is tending to a pile of blistered babies, with the headline "Disrupting Baby Skin"
so when the honest company was under fire for their predatory negative billing practices, y'all decided that was the time to buy sunscreen?
The Middle East is in the midst of a horrific heat wave, reaching 165 degrees in Iran…
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it's not “@dalebrmt: @karengeier but what if it was an eclair...?”
"This hospital delivering palliative care to people who also suffer unending boredom sure needs to hear my anger over a movie!"
"my life is made complete by a movie that Bill Murray didn't even want to do in the first place" -internet assholes
How I Turned a White Pride Facebook Group into 'LGBT Southerners for Michelle Obama'
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the liberal approach to this election is like the undefeated team in every shitty sports movie that gets their comeuppance and it's sad
I'm willing to tolerate a Singapore style ice cream sandwich on bread because that is its own style, but a banana on a hot dog bun? GTH
what the fuck is happening
those were the actual subtitles on the official sky tv release of "the legacy"
there is an outside chance the NDP could get a majority
silicon valley in brush form
cheque/cash? “@FastCompany: Get into Harvard by using these two words on your college essay:
I haven't watched The Killing because I heard it was a bit gorey
Akta Manniskor Arvingerne
If anyone is #online at the moment who has good Scandinavian TV recommendations, please send. So far, I've seen & loved: Broen Borgen ½
can't wait for broadly to deliver me the straight goods on being a woman courtesy of the unilever corporation
All these alphabetical TV warnings and none for TD- contains a guest appearance by Tate Donovan
late night storms mean getting the bejesus scared out of you when you're peeing by a dog who managed to get the bathroom door open
fresh “@AGoot18: @karengeier This week they finally introduced a flying green alien that only Vince Vaughn can see.”
missed True Detective tonight. Was it the episode that's about a misunderstanding?
I feel like @WetHot should have had a trigger warning for people who only know H. Jon Benjamin's voice
i want to eat approximately 3 whistle dogs right now

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