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Karen Geier
that;s it for sports tweeting
CF's Bears jersey is one of the cutest shirts he owns imo
the city also said the y didn't want to keep #gardinereast but w/e…
when u remember u bought string cheese
ok 2 things about this: 1) peeing my pants 2) does the puffball look like michael cera?
It's almost time! Get here for 9pm for a night of big laughs… or call 416 551 6540 to reserve
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this amazingly hilarious scene from scrubs was in my tumblr timeline WTF
when u can never do anything for ur sons
I would probably be star struck if I met Mr. T
when does the new cheeky girls joint drop
Last night, @Mobute and I subjected ourselves to another bad movie…
A @Slate article claimed Chinese drivers intentionally kill pedestrians. Do they?…
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having a horny time on friday #Night
thank you for sharing our suffering. Relive the adventure or play the home game later:… #LiteralFarts
#MPDG was sent a copy of Dracula by Ted with a note that said "this is a REAL vampire novel" fuck you ted #LiteralFarts
ted is getting it on with age appropriate strand girl #LiteralFarts
i like how ted, a man who lives in a hobbit hut made of books, is laying down all the wisdom on what it means to be an adult #LiteralFarts
he did not die, and with 12 minutes left, i'm guessing a final profundity is about to be upon us #LiteralFarts
ok so the weird kid dean Oded and called ted #LiteralFarts
everything in this movie that's supposed to sound like an insight is just really dumb and obvious #LiteralFarts
strand girl is making her move. they are sitting in the sticks talking about how they love books by saying i love books #LiteralFarts
he's written her a letter that sounds like the side of a starbucks cup #LiteralFarts
22 minutes remain in this film #LiteralFarts
allison janney seems like she's mad because she just realized she's in this movie #LiteralFarts
satisfied customer review “@Local__Idiot: .@Mobute @karengeier this has been a million times worse than Jupiter Ascending”
allison janney is about to mrs robinson ted in the hold of the ship permission to board, ted? #LiteralFarts
exactly! “@catesish: @karengeier uggggggghhhhh I didn't "lose" it I shared it with someone worthy.”
uh losing your virginity ain't no thang, and "taking it" from someone is double no thang #LiteralFarts
in a move he should have totally expected, MPDG is a virgin #LiteralFarts
magic zach is every patchouli stinking, illuminati spouting anti GMO guy with a prince albert that didn't heal from college #LiteralFarts
ted's dad is whispering wisdom #LiteralFarts
we're now in a bar that appears to be in the hold of the hms pinafore #LiteralFarts
omg ted is slate made into a real boy #LiteralFarts
LOL ted didn't like twilight!!! #LiteralFarts
Actual Thought Process: "I'm not gonna fuck a 19-year-old who wants to fuck me so I can read this vampire book to shame her." #LiteralFarts
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