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Karen Geier
Look who's talking, but with Peter Coyote
"i'm going to order the beating of cancer until I get some answers around here. Then, I'm making cancer pick up the mcds from the ground"
this is not breaking news. #tomedia.
That pic of Tory shrugging will be super useful whenever anyone asks about how he'll fund his transit plan. #TOPoli
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I need a nap. I need a TARDIS and a nap.
Theodore Roosevelt was a good looking teen
@karengeier and they would make a joke about Ross giving advice to Scotland and England since he's been divorced so often.
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And, if this were Friends, Joey would be saying "Dude, it's been 19 years!"
there's something very Canadian about taking the Scottish referendum and making it about Canada in 1995. Not the same, homies.
We have a fucking problem in this country right now. American-style hate-based punditry is taking off, and it's fucking horrifying.
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this cannot be overstated: what is best for the city and best for the mayor's health is to drop out. Why isn't that happening? #topoli
Have there been any "ISIS wants Scotland to vote yes so they can bring Sharia" articles yet?
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cool Shrek impression, bro. Why don't you say it to a Scotsman's face today and see what's up
I'll be on CP24 around 12:20 p.m. with Stephen LeDrew to discuss Doug Ford's mayoral aspirations. Please tune in! #TOpoli
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BREAKING: Yep, the #ACA contraceptive coverage guarantee is working as intended! #reprohealth
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Please retweet. @AndrayDomiseTO will be at a Town Hall tonight, 6PM. 320 Dixon Road. Details here: #Ward2 #TOpoli /DS
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it didn't. And SAL is still an angry woman who would be better off the page and pitied than allowed to continue
she added a layer of shit to that sundae by telling me the next day's Palestinian demonstration was definitely going to turn violent
When I asked SAL for a comment on the LGBTQIA2S people who were beaten at Ford Fest, she said she owed them nothing and then ½
oh dear. I didn't know it was going that poorly. I'm actually starting to feel a bit badly for you guys. #subtweet
feel better about yourself in 5 seconds knowing David Cameron is having one of his worst days ever!
read what you like, but I am a little mystified as to how popular the culinary-themed mysteries and romances are
Toronto is essentially on "Royal baby bump watch" for a man's tumor.
I'm getting too cold for this shit. I'm about to bust out the crock pot to make barbacoa chicken thighs.
is anyone covering polling stations in scotland? Can I see some live hits?
snoop todd is the only good thing to happen in 2014
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RIP BUTTS. We had a good thing and then the NYT trend pieced you
OK. We know diagnosis and treatment. Can we get on with the elxn now please, media? Thanks. Love, Toronto. #topoli
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Hi Toronto media: the needs of the city outweigh the need to steal the media cycle for one dude
the 2nd reason the scottish referendum is different quebec is the question is dead clear: "should scotland become an independent country?"
the 1st reason the scottish referendum isn't the same as quebec is that Scotland has billions in natural resources, strong banks, parliament
fedoras and kilts don't really go together “@qz: Could Scotland’s currency be Bitcoin?
pumpkin spice the news
it will be illegal to jjack off to Dr who in an independent Scotland #bettertogether
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how great would that song have been if it was "ain't nobody humpin' a clown"?
The people waiting for Dîner en Blanc to start look like the Guilty Remnant from #TheLeftovers
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send diet dr pepper
that's the spirit! “@patthornton: I can still hate Doug with the fire of a thousand suns #TOpoli
Why would Ford say he had a lung biopsy when he didn't? Is that something you might be mistaken about?
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Also, doctor denies report that Ford had a biopsy of his lung. Cancer is nowhere else.
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One thing remains true: considering his ongoing treatment, Rob Ford should absolutely not be running for council. #TOPoli
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good news! Only 4 more hours until my iPad is ready to go on ios8