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Karen Geier
give it up for willocrisp
just a reminder the dome will be open today
and if you don't, let someone else jam your wife “@goldsbie: Ford's closing statement: "You have to have passion, folks."”
there needs to be a for custom bakery orders. Like if it's 9 pm and I want 12 montreal bagels & 2 pain au chocolats
Rob Ford is Bobby Newport
John Tory had better come up with a good "my black friend" story right about now
Calling out some racism: Alex Trebek wore wack ass beige suits for years to no complaints.
Cannot accurately express to you how dangerous stopping on busy sidewalks is, but get in my way and I'll show you
This is the "testimony" in question that turned the tide for Bush 1 to declare war:…
the "ISIS laptop" sounds a lot like the "babies being tossed out of incubators" in Kuwait. Just sayin'
So, the mayor's peeps are probably working every angle to get Jeter to Muzik this weekend y/y? #topoli
Penny Hartz, on this week: it sooooked
True. In Canada, with NO ABORTION LAW, we have fewer abortions, fewer teen pregnancies.… #AfterTiller #AbortionAccess
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the best part of picking your mother up at the train station early on a Sunday is the cinnabon you will pick up🎶
Can I get an Oy, gevalt?
.@porterairlines maybe someone in the media should ask why you can't get a loan or new investors to foot this bill?
.@porterairlines and your new landlords might hike your rates, which you'll lovingly pass on to passengers though. It's a hostage situation
.@porterairlines leasebacks allow you to leave passengers high and dry if you can't make it work though
or call them cocksuckers “@reporterdonpeat: "Keep fighting, keep swinging because you will succeed" Rob Ford to Jr. Economic Club #TOpoli
if you just got the email from emojili, I'm 💯⚡️🍒
Watch the trailer for Dan Harmon’s documentary, “Harmontown
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what kinds of hot meats are you making this weekend?
don't fuck people who know more than 1 detail of the brangelina wedding
A MAYORAL REMINDER: Coaching football was the one thing the mayor was "good at" #topoli
Share a Coke with someone with an active Herpes outbreak
To have a dog is to be able to handle gross situations. For instance, when the dog tries to climb a disused toilet on the sidewalk
so, the other shoe has dropped on #porterplans: Subsidize our private company, or we'll threaten to pack up our toys. @porterairlines
whole foods is trash built on a lie to seduce the public. What's more GOP than that?
so when the prez of Whole Foods was making anti-union screeds & denouncing health insurance, you didn't think he was GOP?
every* episode of #partydown is streaming* on Hulu *5 *with commercial breaks
feeding the mayor's cult of personality makes you no better than sandro lisi or towhey #topoli
I hope #TOmedia people who actively stump for the mayor by advertising his bobbleheads secretly wear hair shirts and flagellate themselves
Airshow practice is like getting a ride from someone who only has Smashmouth loaded onto their iPod for the 5 hour journey
FUCK YOU AIRSHOW Sincerely, My migraine
Olivia Chow just has to distance herself from the other 2 people who are Kryptonite for her campaign, and she could be back in #topoli
TLC doesn't even have a show about champion baristas. It's like capitalism is a joke or something
wow, the hits keep on coming for Canadians: MSN Messenger is closing?
I bet genuine Joel wishes people were still asking him for ID
So Kinsella is gone for a poor choice of words while John Tory's questionably funded, porous transit plan remains. #TOpoli #voteTO
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#1 that it is cool & you should talk about it a lot “@micnews: 6 myths we need to stop spreading about #CrossFit