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The Wildscapes of Wyoming | Videography by ©Nicolaus Wegner /
Drunken Hawaii | Photography by ©Bruce Omori (@bruceomori) /
Across the Mara from Kenya, the sun rests gently with in the branches of Acacia Tree Sunset. A new world awakens on the Serengeti. This photo is untouched! exactly was taken on that evening. | Photography by ©Pamela Wayne-Carter
Glacier National Park, Montana | Photography by ©Perri Schelat /
One-o-One encounter with the big ocean breather "Humpback Whale" Vavau, Tonga | Photography by ©Craig Parry (@craigparryphotography)
Humpback Whale and the bubbles | Photography by ©Craig Parry (@craigparryphotography)
Masai Mara Sunset, Africa | Photography by ©Nikolai Zinoviev /
Niagara Falls from up above, Canada | Photography by ©Alaa Othman (@alaa_oth)
One-o-One encounter with the tiger, a true mother nature's beauty | Photography by ©Michel Z (@mz_images)
Best Surfer | Photography by ©Unknown Master @Animals
The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney, County Antrim, Northern Ireland | Photography by ©Joel Daniel a Price /
Into the waters of Revillagigedo Islands, Roca Partida | Photography by ©Grant Jensen (@nativehound)
Green Sea Turtles in the lagoon at Le Méidien in Bora Bora | Photography by ©Mike Theiss (@extremenature)
Once upon a morning in Arnartapsi, Iceland | Photography by ©Wim Denijs
Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long time ago. | Photography by ©Sean Scott (@seanscottphotography)
Hamersley Gorge Waterfalls, Karijini National Park, Western Australia | Photography by ©Ignacio Palacios /
Northern lights and eruption of Bardarbunga Volcano, Iceland | Photography by ©Oli Haukur Myrdal (@ozzophotography)
More than 100 years old turtle, Southern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland | Photography by ©Sean Scott (@seanscottphotography)
Tigers about to hug it out | Photograph by ©unknown master
Baby Panda hanging out of tree having fun, China | Photography by ©Muhammad Ashraful Alam / FB: muhammadashraful.alam
"Into The Unknown" Stunning Island of Senja, Norway | Photography by ©Andre Ermolaev /
Ferocious Nature, You are only as beautiful as your last action! | Photography by ©Brandon Goforth /
The Mara Six Cubs | Photography by ©Andy Howe /
Proud Dad | Photography by ©Daniel Münger / @animals
Aurora Borealis last week in Iceland at Glacier Bay | Photography by ©Mike Theiss (@extremenature)
On the top of the world with mama | Photography by ©Aranka Delina Janné /
Cypress Road, CA | Photography by ©Michael Ryan
Sunset over Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria | Photography by ©Evgeni Dinev / evgenidinevphotography
Green Hole, Giola, Greece | Photography by ©Evgeni Dinev /
"Forked Bolt" furious nature | Photography by ©Jay Bell
Land Before Time, Pedra da Macela, Cunha, Brazil | Photography by ©Rafael Fernando / FB: Rafael Fernando Pereira
Stairways to heaven | Photography by ©Artem Verkhodlyad
"Loyal Companion", LA | Photography by ©Cole (@cole_younger_)
Lifetime Shot! A dolphin that jumped in the midst of dark blue ocean, Réunion | Photography by ©Sadri Payet / 500px: 1creol
Morning Life Beams through the drunken trees | Photography by ©SEO Korea
The Northern Lights illuminating Icebergs, Iceland | Photography by ©Mike Theiss (@extremenature)
Fox Family Gathering | Photography by ©Ivan Kislov @animals
Underwater Maya Ruins Cave, Mexico | Photography By ©Paul Nicklen
Looks likea one happy little turtle! | Photography by ©Sarre Messier @animals
African Sunset and its wildlife | Photography by ©Unknown master @animals
Reach within reach! Sumatran Tiger Claws, Ragunan Zoo | Photography by ©Yudi Lim /
Storm Over Cagliari, Italy | Photography by ©Stefano Garau
Wild Beauty Of The Nature | Photography by ©Matt Granz
Icelandic Volcano Eruption | Photography by ©Ingólfur Bjargmundsson
El Matadors View, CA | Photography by ©2014 Ted Gore (@tedgore) /
Strange shape of Asperatus clouds over New Zealand. The clouds are most closely to the Undulatus. Although they appears dark and storm-like, they tend to dissipate without storm forming. | Copyright ©Witta Priester
Furious Nature! Purple sky during thunderstorm over Nebraska | Copyright ©Anne Goforth
Hamilton Pool, Austin, Texas | Copyright ©2014 Fang Deng
Cabin under Northern Lights in winter, Norway | Photography by ©Unknown
Colors Above Hammmerfest, Norway | Photography by ©Unknown #northernlights