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Fish under the wave | Photography by ©Troy Casswell
Beautiful Thailand and a distant storm | Photography by ©Vincent Xeridat
Huge lightning pierced the sky | Photography by ©Marateaman
Godrays Over Kolfuschg, Dolomites Alps, Italy | Photography by ©2014 Tobias Kaser
Playtime, Cheetah cubs | Photography by ©Garry Watterson @animals
Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland is one of the most famous and beautiful. The water is floated by Seljalandsá river and then drops 60 metres (200 ft) from the cliff. It is possible to go behind the fall. It is indeed very eye-catching. | Photography by © Unknown Master
Baby Elephant swimming in the Ocean | Photography by ©Steve Bloom
Horse swimming in the Ocean | Photography By ©Kurt Arrigo (@kurtarrigo)
A diver crossing a bridge in the flood water. This amazing mountain lake lies in Tragoess, Austria. For half of the year, visitors can walk around the base of the Hochschwab mountains and a small, 3-foot-deep lake. But in the summer, snowmelt fills Green Lake, covering trees, walking paths, benches
Have you ever wondered why scientists and astrologists often say that we’re all just a spec of dust in the middle of space? Well, that’s just not a metaphor or mere words; it’s true. Just take a look at that photo below. It’s a picture captured using the Hubble Deep Field that took a lot of time to
Olive Ridley Sea Turtle. They are awimming along the Coast of Ostional Beach, Costa Rica | Photography By © 2009 Solvin Zankl /
Proud Dad | Photography By ©2013 Karsten Qvist
The Mist of Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarburg, Germany | Photography By ©Carole Kieffer
Great White Shark "The Legendary Hunter Of The Seas". They attack their prey with a mouthful razor sharp and serrated teeth. | Photography By ©Rob Lawrence @discoversharks
Extremely Beautiful Colorful Storm | Photography By © Mike Olbinski (@mikeolbinski)
In between the big rocks, Boundary Range, Alaska | Photography By © Marc Adamus /
"Furious Nature" A powerful and rare video from inside the dangerous eyewall of Hurricane Charley in August 13th, 2004. Today marks the 10 year anniversary of this destructive category 4 Hurricane making landfall in Charlotte Harbor, Florida. Watch as wind gusts up to 150mph shred a gas station to p
The Supercell/Tornado that was about to cause a chaos near Kansas | Photography By © 2014 Jon Stone /
"Every being should lose a battle in his youth, so he does not lose a war when he is old."—George R.R. Martin | Photography By ©Gazali /
"African Silhouette" Giraffe at the sunset. | Photography By ©Bahadir Yeniceri (@suzbah2) /
Before The Storm then began the strongest wind, [I] miraculously managed to escape to the car. — DP Photographer. Troitskaya, Russia | Photography By © 2014 DP Photography
Large waves and storm surge thrash the beaches and coastline on small tropic Island of Bermuda during Hurricane Igor. | Photography By © Mike Theiss (@extremenature)
Great White breaches at the False Bay, South Africa | Photography By © 2014 Alfred Weissenegger / / @discoversharks
Golden Gate Bridge from a rare angle. A true breathtaking beauty | Photography by ©Chris Tauziet (@christauziet)
Loggerhead Turtle | Photography By ©Solvin Zankl via / @animals