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Sunset over Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria | Photography by ©Evgeni Dinev / evgenidinevphotography
Green Hole, Giola, Greece | Photography by ©Evgeni Dinev /
"Forked Bolt" furious nature | Photography by ©Jay Bell
Land Before Time, Pedra da Macela, Cunha, Brazil | Photography by ©Rafael Fernando / FB: Rafael Fernando Pereira
Stairways to heaven | Photography by ©Artem Verkhodlyad
"Loyal Companion", LA | Photography by ©Cole (@cole_younger_)
Lifetime Shot! A dolphin that jumped in the midst of dark blue ocean, Réunion | Photography by ©Sadri Payet / 500px: 1creol
Morning Life Beams through the drunken trees | Photography by ©SEO Korea
The Northern Lights illuminating Icebergs, Iceland | Photography by ©Mike Theiss (@extremenature)
Fox Family Gathering | Photography by ©Ivan Kislov @animals
Underwater Maya Ruins Cave, Mexico | Photography By ©Paul Nicklen
Looks likea one happy little turtle! | Photography by ©Sarre Messier @animals
African Sunset and its wildlife | Photography by ©Unknown master @animals
Reach within reach! Sumatran Tiger Claws, Ragunan Zoo | Photography by ©Yudi Lim /
Storm Over Cagliari, Italy | Photography by ©Stefano Garau
Wild Beauty Of The Nature | Photography by ©Matt Granz
Icelandic Volcano Eruption | Photography by ©Ingólfur Bjargmundsson
El Matadors View, CA | Photography by ©2014 Ted Gore (@tedgore) /
Strange shape of Asperatus clouds over New Zealand. The clouds are most closely to the Undulatus. Although they appears dark and storm-like, they tend to dissipate without storm forming. | Copyright ©Witta Priester
Furious Nature! Purple sky during thunderstorm over Nebraska | Copyright ©Anne Goforth
Hamilton Pool, Austin, Texas | Copyright ©2014 Fang Deng
Cabin under Northern Lights in winter, Norway | Photography by ©Unknown
Colors Above Hammmerfest, Norway | Photography by ©Unknown #northernlights
Smoking Volcano and The Church at Cholula, México | Photography by ©2014 Cristibal Garciaferro / twitter: cgarciaferro
"African Godrays" Elephant on the road of Masai Mara National Reserve, Africa | Photographer: ©James Forsyth @animals
Lizard On A Flower | Photography by © Iwan Pruvic @animals
Eagle Over River Uvac, Serbia | Photography by ©Eiknarf (@eye)
Giraffe under the blood clouds at the sunset harmony, Africa | Photography by ©MORO
When a King sleeps, let it sleep | Photography by ©Simon Wrigglesworth @animals
Lighting Firefly Squids, Japan | Photography by ©Takehito Miyatake #glorifiednature
The Hidden Beach, Marieta Islands, Mexico | Photography by ©Miguel Naranjo
Green Sea Turtle, Bora Bora | Photography by ©Michele Westmorland @animals
"Pinky Dream" Lake Hillier, Western Australia | Photography by ©Jean-Paul Ferrero
Magical Cave In Vietnam | Photography by LBW Travel (@LifeBeforeWork)
Home Of Adventures, Hobbiton, New Zealand | Photography By ©Hrund Thorsdottir
Cat's Selfie | Photography by ©EXIST/Reddit @cats
Nature's Fury. Crater del Cordon Caulle Eruption, Chile | Photography by ©2013 Francisco Negroni /
How a kiss from an elephant would look like! | Photography by LBW Travel @LifeBeforeWork
Resting Black Panther | Photography by ©Marl Herzel
The Canyon during Spring, Oneonta, Columbia River Gorge | Photography by ©2014 Jeff Hobson (@jeffhobson1)
Magnificent Clouded Leopard | Photography by ©Phillip Chitwood @animals
Mysterious Glowing Light In The Finland Forest | Photography by ©Mikko Lagerstedt
"Morning Glory" Rays of life through the Drunken Dark Hedges of Ireland | Photography by ©2012 Stephen Emerson /
Majestic Leopard Of Thailand Rainforest | Photography by ©Petr Bambousek / @animals
Alpes Tavern, Switzerland | Photography by ©Michael Szönyi
"Still Stand" Magical Winter Forest, Sokobanja, Serbia | Photography by © 2011 Dragisa Petrovic via 1x
Its just you and me "Storm vs Barn", Wisconsin | Photography by © 2014 Phil Kock /
The Angel Oak Tree, Charleston | Photography by ©Mark Requidan
Catching A Meal | Photography by ©Young Sung Bae / twitter: ysbae49
Aurora Borealis along the coast! | Photography by ©Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard)