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Kaley Azuri
I don't think I can continue working under these conditions. Halp.
More birthday presents! Look how shiiiiny! #shiny #soshiny #pretty #dice
No one was watching me so I put @CobaltStreak on the streaming TV in the shop @GamesAndGrounds mwhahaha
First pumpkin spice latte of the year. Where my yoga pants at? #coffee #pumpkinspice #fall
Facebook is doing that thing again where it's not sharing my posts with people who liked my page! So please take...
Please Share! The Extra Life 24 marathon of gaming is coming up very soon! Donate over $5 to this cause and I...
The Extra Life 24 marathon of gaming is coming up very soon! Donate over $5 to this cause and I will send you a...
Did you know I'm taking part in Extra Life? Any donations over $5 will receive a hand written thank you!…
Added my grandmother to facebook and she immediately starts sharing my photos and posting baby photos on statuses.
Local game company dropped these off today and I can't get over how fucking cute it is. @cosmochoria
"If Ultra Pro made condoms we'd all be fucked." I died, the shit you hear in game shops.
I'm joining @GamesAndGrounds for Extra Life this year! 24 game-a-thon to help raise money for this amazing...
Can you guess what my upcoming shoot with amazing makeup artist Deadly Nightshade Makeup is?
My laptop, my life blood, won't turn on. My heart has been pierced.
Hnng I need a Sword of Feast and Famine for tomorrooooow *flails in floor* @wizards_magic #firstworldproblems
Sort Magic cards, drink coffee, and eat candy bars. Yeap, my job is pretty sweet.
My birthday is coming up and I have a mighty need for this!
Summer is just about over, but that doesn't stop Spock and T'Pring from having a bit of beach fun! Here's a...
Painting the goat skull someone gave me. Such a little cutie. But what to do with him? #Warhammer #40K #painting
So what do we think of the idea of me playing horror games on @Twitch while @HorrorHoneys gives drunken commentary?
Was called creepy a couple times today. I don't think that's very true; do you? @HorrorHoneys…
@HorrorHoneys it's always best just to accept invites (of any kind) from #GamerHoney.. If ur lucky enuf to get one :)
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The #GamerHoney has a not at all creepy invite for you at - come play with us...and Norman Reedus?
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Several shots of espresso, Knife Party blaring, let's get this shit done today! @HorrorHoneys
Good morning twitterfiends! Currently at work when I don't have to be so it's tunes time!…
I love it when the guys bring me neat little Warhammer bits at the shop! #Warhammer #40K #model #nerds...
What's up 600 people in the world that found my twitter at least a little amusing? How you doin'?