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Kaley Azuri
"#Fallout4 voice actors have been recording over 13,000 lines of dialogue for over 2 years"
Lilliana, the Old One, Destroyer of Worlds, is fitting better in Her car seat. Fear Her new found…
Photo: hellyeahhorrormovies: Behind the scenes of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, 1994.
Photoset: bewarethehorrorblog: Anonymous said: Prom Night (1980) or Carrie (1976) I’m wearing my Carrie...
"Where have you been lately Kaley?" Hanging out with the chillest baby ever.
Me after 2 weeks of around the clock scheduled feedings with my premie newborn. #babylife #momlife
Oh hey, I made this squishy thing. It's kinda cute so I think I'll keep it.
People hurt my brain so fucking much sometimes.
"I'm surprised more films haven't done dildo massacres..." This too surprises me. @HorrorHoneys @DeathgasmFilm…
I'm so exhausted that even a baby kicking my ribs isn't enough to drag me out of bed. Lilly the Destroyer is working hard on escaping today!
On the 2 year anniversary of the @HorrorHoneys I finally get my custom shirt back signed by them! Thanks ladies!
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"Hey, what flavor are these cupcakes?" They are I-didn't-offer-you-any-so-stay-the-fuck-out-of-them flavored. #33weeks
MRW Silent Hills is confirmed cancelled. @HorrorHoneys
I'm an adult and if I want animal shaped waffles then dammit, I'm going to make animal shaped…
The adorable Cthulhu cross-stitch that @linnieloowho made for me! Cutest gift ever. #kawaii
We'll in not getting anything done today! Going back to my warm bed. #rainy #thunderstorm
No thunderstorms, pls I have so much to do today. You're too relaxing, staph. Oh god, how did I get in this bed?! Pls, send hel-zzzzz
I would like to know why my new phone case smells sweet like my Vivienne Westwood jelly heels. Otter box stepping up its designer game.
I've been in Canada too long; I've totally forgot that thunderstorms exist. I thought someone was moving sheet metal at 5am this morning.
Preggo belly getting a little big. "Lol my belly button looks like a butthole." "Gross Kaley!" No one understands me 😢
"Congrats! Today is the 28th week of your pregnancy; to celebrate here's a shot in your ass." Prenatal apps aren't always fun lol
Spicy food when you're pregnant.
♫ Having a super productive day, just not with the shit I'm suppose to do today ♫
MRW When I find the @MotGrowth soundtrack. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME SOONER? @HorrorHoneys @alexmauermusic #themoldknows

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