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Magnus Deininger
... so I physically removed the unused second wifi/bt card from that laptop and power consumption dropped by 1-2W in idle. Sad.
Blasted! I accidentally brought a 12V power supply instead of a 19V one. Curious that the plug fits...
Today's secondary task while waiting for compiles: Installing #Gentoo on the ol' netbook to revive it. So, waiting for compiles while... agh
Grad gesehen: "Die BND-Überwachung verstößt gegen die Verfassung"… - weiter so, @nhaerting :) #Datenschutz
Enlightenment - Beauty at your fingertips
Peter Schaar spricht vor NSA-Ausschuss - Digital - Sü… via @SZ
Nice: "The FCC has changed the definition of broadband" via @verge - maybe .de should adopt that definition as well.
Ye gawds, it's snowing in Dublin! Well, it's really hard to see, but I swear it's there :).
“Umbrella Blackout: China’s War On Digital Activism” by @ErikThurman…
I am not a tweeter. We have Facebook and Twitter. Somebody tried to explain WhatsApp to me;...
Most comfortable socks evar! In a colourscheme I can see! With glitter <3. Thanks @machine_lady! :))
Watching the Batman and Robin movie right now. GAWDS this movie is so much worse than I remembered. Still fun to watch of course :) #netflix
Another awesome shot at it: The Sounds of Sodomy: via @YouTube #SoundsOfSodomy
Epic counter-troll is epic: "The Sounds of Sodomy Volume 1" - via @YouTube #SoundsOfSodomy
An die Frau, die mir wünscht, dass ich nachts vergewaltigt werde via @HuffPostDE
Why does Amber Mendez in Running Man have a suit with her name tag on it? They only had like one ad block's worth of time to embroider that.
Shit, still in proof-reading mode. There's a space missing in Running Man's opening scroll, right in the second line after "Food,". #Netflix
Watching "Total Recall" on #netflix. I totally forgot this movie was rated R... Fun times.
Radical Atheists Bomb ‘The Flintstones’ For Contradicting Theory of Evolution…
#JeSuisAhmed Reveals the Hero of the Paris Shooting Everyone Needs to Know by @sophie_kleeman… via @micnews
"Anschlag in Paris: Blut auf die Mühlen" via @faznet
Hell yeah, I found a YT playlist with the Bubblegum Crisis OST. Damn that's a blast from the past.
I'm gonna Shattner this: here's the video capture of my #31c3 talk:… ... aaand I'll be the only person not to watch :)
Thanks for everyone who showed up to my earlier talk in #hallg #31c3. You were an amazing audience!
Successfully signed in at the #31c3 speaker's desk AND got a seat for the opening event. Yaaay :)
Everything Wrong with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 13 Minutes or Less:… via @YouTube
Top 10 Things Star Wars Ep. 4-6 Did Wrong: via @YouTube
It's finally done: "Perspective Projections: Beyond 3D"… - JIT for my talk on #geometry and #fractals at the #31c3
Wheee. Super-high, ear-ringing fewer yesterday. Totally cured by 14 hours of sleep, only interrupted by 1 page and 3 trips to the bathroom.
Good read: "Women suffer the myths of the hymen and the virginity test"… via @ConversationEDU
In lighter news: “This Might Just Be the Funniest Damn Game Ever Written” by @MikeDrucker…
Kabinett beschließt Meldepflicht für Cyberangriffe | Moment, MeldePFLICHT die KOSTENPFLICHTIG is? Gehts noch?
Coolness: Cutting an Elastic Band Ball in Half: via @YouTube
Is it just me or does the Japanese PSN newsletter have... Shall we say "an overabundance of scantily clad petite girls"?
Topologic/10 for OSX got reviewed in 4 days. Yaaaay. Also it's free now:… or #macreviewtime
awesomeness: MaKey MaKey - An Invention Kit for Everyone: via @YouTube
ahahaha, for some reason I had to laugh really hard :D
And today's omen is... An upside down hanged man to the tune of ash and smoke of the lotr soundtrack... Err... What?
Starting NOW the iOS and OSX app store versions of Topologic are FREE. See… and… - cba2do taxes
Holy hell, the Jecht, Tali and Shepard are amazing! | 24 Of The Best Cosplays Ever… via @KingofNerdsTBS
At this conference, scientists spout bogus theories on bugs, yawns and belly fat. via @WSJ
Angela Merkels Digitalpolitik: Unter dieser Frau kein Anschluss via @SPIEGELONLINE
Seems like it's a single bot trying TONS of user names... huh...
Oh wow, there's a friggen MASSIVE brute force in progress against one of my servers right now. From Russia, strangely