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Magnus Deininger
Bundesbehörden kontrollieren Mitarbeiter mit Internetfiltern - Digital - Sü… via @SZ
Theorie und Praxis neuer Formen digitalen Widerstands - heise online…
Edward Snowden - Der unheimliche Zeuge - Politik - Sü… via @SZ
At Long Last, Video Game Aggression Linked To Losing, Not Violence via @Forbes
aaalright, it's apparently quite impossible to get a replacement PS Vita charger cable in Dublin. ><
Sanity, at last! | Grundrechte: EuGH kippt EU-Richtlinie zur Vorratsdatenspeicherung via @SPIEGELONLINE
What's the most painful place to be stung by a bee? - Seriously, Science? |
I liked a @YouTube video Skydiver almost struck by meteorite
Okay so, as it turns out the 'Irish XXL' is SOMEWHAT larger than the 'German XXL'. At least for boxer shorts. o.O?
Wow, I just got a #youtube "this video is not available in your country" page here:…. In #Manhattan o.O?
Arrived safely in Manhattan. Whee. Apartment's decent, but I suck at finding shit right now.
Server ISP just nuked my server over non-existent 'Abuse Cases'. Right. I think I'ma gonna take my business to
Whoo, the St. Paddy's #parade in Dublin was rather neat :3…
Finally caught up with wheee :3. That only took a year. Totally want it in dead tree form :D. Cheers to @gunnerkrigg
Der Postillon: Sicherheitslücke: Hacker knacken Apples Displaysperre durch einfache Schiebebewegung:…
St. Paddy's weekend coming up in Dublin. Lots of Obvious Tourists with Irish Swag(tm). #hilarium :3
#Dublin #Hacker or #Organiser with time on your hands? Why not join next week's Code For ireland Meetup:
Coworkers were #hungry around lunch time, mostly due to this:…
Metal Dust - a new C64 game with CMD-SuperCPU support!: via @YouTube
Genial: Liebe Raubkopierer bei der SPD, | taz Hausblog…
folks, this'll be epic and I'll totally be there ;) | Check out "GDG Dublin - DevArt Hackathon" via @eventbrite
Futuristic Moon Elevator Idea Takes Aim at Lunar Lifts via @SPACEdotcom
Ist doch eigentlich was gutes...?: AGB-Änderung: Dropbox will direkte Klagen verbieten - heise online…