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Magnus Deininger
ah, finally found some time to fix my haircut! <3
Holy shit. I just finished #Persona4 Golden and it was friggen EPIC. I don't think I've cried that much since... well, #Persona3, actually.
Finally got around to starting SMT: Nocturne. Surprisingly good visuals for a mid-2000s game.
On the blog: Social Plugins vs. Do-Not-Track Headers… - let the user decide whether social media plugins are used!
Die Internetversteher im Taka-Tuka-Land: “Nur weil man etwas nicht sieht bedeutet das noch nich… via @netzpolitik
On the blog: Secret #Kraut URL Shitlist Leaked, Journalists Threatened with Child Porn Charges #censorship
Use Tor or 'extremist' Tails Linux? Congrats, you're on an NSA list… via @TheRegister
S.P.O.N. - Die Mensch-Maschine: Überwachung wird für Behörden zur Sucht via @SPIEGELONLINE
. @sinic @MeanTXLawyer although, again, still don't mind the primary target of the lawsuit, that shit's sick. Just don't drag good stuff in.
. @sinic @MeanTXLawyer if that were the only thing they couldn't be arsed to spell right. How about AT&T as a conspirator while you're at it
Gee, three German tweets in the morning? This is gonna be a bad day. Still conflicted whether I should post the leaked German URL blacklist?
Die Zukunft des Internets: Pew Studie identifiziert die vier größten Bedrohungen für ein freies Netz…
Liste indizierter Webseiten geleakt: Bundesprüfstelle bestätigt Netz-Sperren-Kritik wie Overblocking…
BPjM-Index jugendgefährdender Webseiten geleakt - heise online…
On the #blog: Why have I not tweeted about this? Video #Game Age Rating: an #Analysis - o.O?
It's the future: Children as young as 6 get programmed to become computer whizz kids of tomorrow
On the blog: #Slides for my #TechTalk "Higher-Dimensional #Geometry and #Fractals" yesterday…
The stupid cookie law is dead at last via @silktide
Mornin! I have a shout out today to Lauren, an awesome 9 year old #coder from Dublin. Her site is at: - keep it up ;)
Sweetness: The ProtonMail Threat Model…
Lots of stuff can happen in 13 years - including indie games. And the guy was still faster than Duke Nukem Forever :D
Counting the days till the footie madness is over - so glad I'm not in Germany right now. Seriously people, pick up a real sport like rugby!
Most amazing @codeforall_ire meet up today: awesome people, a defibrillator demo by the fire brigade and a 9 year old hacking protégé.
Code for all Ireland meet up coming up at 1800 at the #Google Docks building in #Dublin. Be there or be square!
California female inmates sterilized illegally via @MyDesert
Durchsuchungsbeschluss für EU-Daten: Apple und Cisco stehen Microsoft bei via @SPIEGELONLINE
The Hare Krishna folks were having a parade as well.
Change of pace: chilling at central park and reading Lord of the Rings.
Having an orange mango smoothie at the #Starbucks at Union Square to get free WiFi. I swear I'm getting too posh for this.
Best banking experience ever with @Chase: walked into a branch and came out 45 minutes later with a new account and card in hand. Kudos :)
Landed in one piece in #NYC and successfully made my way to the hotel. Yay: Flash flood warning. Thought I left the bad weather in Ireland?
Eh, waiting for the plane to #NYC. Not much to do at the gate, but fortunately there's free WiFi at the #Dublin airport.
Enter to win a FREE Cloud & VPS from @servermaniainc - check out their amazing 2GB $56/yr special -
I liked a @YouTube video from @buttonpoetry Alex Dang - "What Kind of Asian Are You?" (NPS 2013)
Verfassungsschutz schickt mehr Daten aus Deutschland an die USA…
Building nginx for Debian systems:… - again, cheers to @machine_lady for linking me to that
Startup Ostendo aims to bring holograms to smartphones with new chip
I should stop listening to this, it still makes me cry:…
So, trying the latest #BulletPhysics and for some strange reason I need to apply negative friction for it to work like positive friction...
Whoo, @machine_lady just pointed me to this awesome piece of awesomesauce:…
Sudden realisation on IRC: #Swabia is pretty much the #Texas of #Germany. Without the guns.
Oh hell, certain parts of the Chrono Cross or Chrono Trigger soundtrack unfailingly make me cry :(. I should stop listening to that at work.
Datenschutz: IT-Sicherheits-Verband kritisiert Untätigkeit von Merkel…
Edward Snowdens Enthüllung: Deutschlands digitales Staatsversagen via @SPIEGELONLINE
Whoo, just got whitelisted for certain types of #TwitterCards. <3
On the Blog: We drew pretty things at a Van Goch workshop at our recent company outing:…