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Magnus Deininger
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Coolness: Cutting an Elastic Band Ball in Half: via @YouTube
Is it just me or does the Japanese PSN newsletter have... Shall we say "an overabundance of scantily clad petite girls"?
Topologic/10 for OSX got reviewed in 4 days. Yaaaay. Also it's free now:… or #macreviewtime
awesomeness: MaKey MaKey - An Invention Kit for Everyone: via @YouTube
ahahaha, for some reason I had to laugh really hard :D
And today's omen is... An upside down hanged man to the tune of ash and smoke of the lotr soundtrack... Err... What?
Starting NOW the iOS and OSX app store versions of Topologic are FREE. See… and… - cba2do taxes
Holy hell, the Jecht, Tali and Shepard are amazing! | 24 Of The Best Cosplays Ever… via @KingofNerdsTBS
At this conference, scientists spout bogus theories on bugs, yawns and belly fat. via @WSJ
Angela Merkels Digitalpolitik: Unter dieser Frau kein Anschluss via @SPIEGELONLINE
Seems like it's a single bot trying TONS of user names... huh...
Oh wow, there's a friggen MASSIVE brute force in progress against one of my servers right now. From Russia, strangely
Haven't preordered games in a while, but... | Persona 5 Teaser 2:… via @YouTube
Just updated to display an SVG rendition of the current model when a user doesn't have WebGL. Great for iframes :).
I liked a @YouTube video Honest Trailers - The Little Mermaid (feat. AVbyte)
Oh yeah, almost forgot: libefgy 7 is out, lots of extra plumbing for Topologic:…
Also, have a screenshot of the new #fractal #flame colouring algorithm :) - more at
The WebGL frontend is still alive and kicking and powering said Chrome app, see to get straight to it.
Topologic/V10 is out, featuring enhanced #fractal flame colouring… -- and a Chrome App at…
Yay, first time I got first place in #Destiny PvP :)
Buster Raccoon does not like the cold weather. He needs some motivation...: via @YouTube
Thanks, y'all :). There shall be a modicum of pint(s) tonight :)
“False Idols: Boomer Icons And Their Crimes” by @JJ_McCullough…
Oh lordeh, I had no idea the Star Trek animated series was THAT cheesy. I LOVE IT. xD
Spent some time this weekend getting a new web frontend for set up: #maths #fractals
Damn that was surprisingly hard to make... Not too bad for my first model I guess.
Back in Ireland! Behold, the power of my Irish SIM to tweet from my portable voice communication apparatus!
Whoo, my talk on my favourite two topics - higher-dimensional geometry and #fractals - got accepted for the #31C3! Huzzah! <3
“How Does Superman Stand Being Clark Kent?” by @ZachWeiner…
Lobbying for legislation to press money, then cry over "being strongarmed" when it backfires. Uhuhn.… @ChristophKeese
Jumpin Jemminy, Hood River, OR sure got hit hard by that blizzard. Good thing I grew up in the mountains and know how to drive in that snow.
Went to Powell's City of Books in Portland yesterday. Turns out you really do need a map for that place. Found some nice stuff tho :).
No One Knows What the F*** They’re Doing (or “The 3 Types of Knowledge”)…
What You Learn in Your 40s
What Happens To A Dead Body In The Ocean? | IFLScience…
Woman receives rape threats after recording 10 hours of harassment in New York
I wonder what it would take to finally get rid of this godforsaken Winter/Summer Time crap. Probably an undue amount of coaxing and bribery.
COOLEST SOUND EVER! - [Living in Alaska 43]: via @YouTube
What the shit? #facepalm - "Microsoft CEO Tells Women Not to Ask For a Raise at Women in Tech Event"…
Off to #DIT for the last campus visit! Whooooooo! We still got swag for some reason, but not for long ;)
At the #UCD Health Sciences Centre right now, lecture hall C005. We got #Google Swag, so come on over for a fun talk on being an SRE.
Very interesting read: “The Best Monster” by @ReadMatter…
Copying saves off my PSN+ account to the Vita TV works, but the PS store doesn't just yet.