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Magnus Deininger
"Necropolis" sounds like one of the best upcoming games:… - basically, shut up and take my money, @WeBeHarebrained :)
Coach just took my measurements. Since 30 days ago, I've: lost 7 kilos & 4" around my waist and gained 2" at the thighs and biceps. Boo-yah!
Oh noes! I don't know how I did it, but my old Nokia is beginning to make noises that the battery is about to die. After 10 days :(.
I intend to fill Facebook with comic book heroes to interrupt the saturation of negative images and videos. If...
It's time: I give you "The Case of the Incomplete HTTP Implementation" - in response to weird comments on the 'net.
New personal best this morning! Boo-yah! I think I earned my breakfast...
Just got home from the gym for the second time today; @energieBB's Richard put me through the grinder real good. Cheers, mate :).
Also, does anyone actually get any serious work done on Fridays? Damn these short weeks that start with the Monday off...
OMG, I just found THE BEST version of Time's Scar from Chrono Cross:… - Also of a lot of other songs, turns out.
Huzzah! New toys for the morning swim: Garmin Swim and a waterproof iPod shuffle <3
Amazing accuracy, too... I had no idea about the PS3 Star Ocean game...
Today's Amazon home page: MLP gift cards, zombie and J-RPG games, nuts and washers, jelly beans, watches and ramen. Thanks, machine learning
I believe I forgot to post this, so: Happy #TowelDay y'all! Bonus points for going to work wearing a bathrobe! I did.
Yay, got my Aer Lingus tags in the mail today :3
Dang, I just realised this year's the year of #NeonGenesisEvangelion. I also just realised I saw it before the in-universe Second Impact.
I'm not sure I tweeted this yet, but Prometheus is AWESOME:
Here we go again, this time it's called LogJam... - yeah I'm late, I was out sick for the last couple days.
I just realised the only thing I've eaten in the last 48 hours is 3 cookies, a banana and a slice of bread. Shit.
I liked a @YouTube video Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good
I liked a @YouTube video Cynic "Veil of Maya" Bass Play-Through by Sean Malone
Just fired up the old iPod from high school days. Strange music on that. Is there such a thing as an "emo jock"?
McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Lesser-Known Trolley Problem Variations.:…
Neat, I totally must've spaced that one. I should set my blog to return that to requests from Germany since I...
Huh, I never did a last-minute upgrade at the counter... fun that they would do that :3.
BAHFest 2013 - Ed Chung: Geek Rule via @YouTube
BAHFest East 2014 - Justin Werfel: Endless Forms Most Horrible via @YouTube
Epic: "BAHFest East 2014 - Michael Anderson: The Abdominal Torus" via @YouTube
Chillin in south cali; got jetlag, pizza, mountain dew and #MythBusters reruns are on the telli. I'm so gonna be late for work tomorrow :D
I can't put my finger on it, but I find this rather essential to support: - I blame @ZachWeiner :P
Straight Teen Asks His Gay Best Friend To Prom
Holyshite gym time seems to be working. Same parameters as the previous workout but I feel a lot less dead this time. I should up my game.
Arrived late last night at SFO. It rained cats and dogs. Also, Hertz was out of convertibles - but they did upgrade me to an infiniti QX. :D
Sweeeeet: "Eye - Optical illusion"
Whoo, got 100% too. That actually seems pretty hard a test for 4th grade... also, waiting for compiles and tests...
Done with the gym for today; 37 more minutes until I can eat again. — feeling pumped
Good morning y'all! Have this nice picture of a #Manhattan sunrise I took when I got back from the gym :3
First trip to the #gym in almost a decade. I wasn't doing too bad, except that I crashed in the shower - I'm gonna feel this arm day :3.
I am SO going to continue booking the @AerLingus lounge for all my flights :3.
Science Fiction's White Boys' Club Strikes Back
"dogging" in German is "Ringelpietz mit Anfassen im Auto mit Fremden auf dem Waldparkplatz" - concise… #TheMoreYouKnow
It is alive! Batter powered #playstation #vitatv. Mwahahahaha. I'm gonna test ride this on the flight to NYC.
... and for everyone else: poor formatting kills [communications]! - see… via @MRWweb
Ben linked me to this a while ago. Black Metal Babysitting: via @YouTube - Happy Belated Easter! :3
"Dunwich Mental Hospital"... another #Lovecraft shoutout in #Fringe? Eh, maybe I'm just seeing things...
50 Surprising Photos From The Past That Show How Different Life Used To Be… via @Distractify
I'd never realised before: the whole #Fringe thing is happening just next to Providence. Shout-out to #Lovecraft?
Der Postillon: Aus Langeweile wegen Tanzverbot: Junger Mann onaniert ganzen Karfreitag lang… - I'm in stitches :3

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