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Justin Freid
@mattkatz00 @ChrisChristie You get dessert earlier at the kids' table. No biggie.
@ChrisChristie right, because your addiction to painkillers is why you haven't dropped out of the race for POTUS to do your job as NJ gov
@ErikVeland @ViralAgent @silsurf @cue The distinction between iTunes Match and Apple Music can be confusing. Glad they didn't ditch Match
@muthafcukajones can you wake @meganmaylez from her slumber?
@silsurf @cue @iTunes @verge You spoke to Apple and they said it was a rumor?
@Snowden some @NSAGov analyst has his work cut out for him, huh?
Hey @cue when's the song cap for @iTunes Match going to be raised to 100,000? Thanks!… @TheVerge
Yo @TWC_NYNJ trying to give an early taste of #HurricaneJoaquin to Windsor Terr, Brooklyn? Service has been out for hours. What's going on?
Yo @TWC_Help trying to give an early taste of #HurricaneJoaquin to Windsor Terr, Brooklyn? Service has been out for hours. What's going on?
.@TeslaMotors Model X product intro vid had me say "that is so cool" out loud more times than I can count @elonmusk
Before the Trevor Noah era begins, here's one last look at every guest Jon Stewart had:
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Hey @monoprice! What the hell is going on with your iOS app?
How many f---ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?
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Yup. Bush was a great president. Yes. No doubt. Great president. All Obama's fault. #DebateWithBernie
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@1BlockerApp works really well and manages to be one of the best features of iOS 9. Cool UI elements, too. Good job guys.
Hey @GoDaddy & @GoDaddyHelp - if you oversold the server capacity, make it right. Thanks.
@GoDaddy @GoDaddyHelp Also getting recurring "Error establishing a database connection" - this isn't right.
@GoDaddy @GoDaddyHelp Also getting daily "Googlebot can't access your site" messages. Robots.txt seldom loads on the first try.
I appreciate the swift pace @tim_cook uses for his events. He must be a hell of a runner. #HeySiri
@TheTileApp You shipped anyway and I haven't used them, would like to return for the current version. Thanks.
Hey @TheTileApp - I was an early supporter but never gave the go ahead to deliver my 4 Tiles because I was waiting for gen 2.
Would like to see Craig Federighi's heart rate as measured by his Apple Watch, he's visibly shaking. #HeySiri - take a breath man!
In a matter of months, Apple's integrated force sensing and haptic feedback across the Watch, Phone, and MacBook lines. Magic Trackpad next?
How long till people accidentally 3D Touch/Force Touch their iPhones right into the concrete below? #HeySiri
@GoDaddy & @GoDaddyHelp Your server with IP has had tons of timeout errors over the last 2 weeks. What is going on?
Turning the Siri Remotet 90 degrees almost makes it a gamepad itself. #HeySiri
Looks like the Siri Remote has a gyroscope, wonder if it can be charge via Lightning like the Pencil. #HeySiri
Very happy Eddy @cue's taste in clothing doesn't make its way into Apple's stuff - no offense man. #HeySiri
Apple's #HeySiri event has woken up @amazonecho twice. She doesn't understand.
Lots of new input devices at #HeySiri event - Pencil, Keyboard, Siri Remote, and, maybe, a gamepad.
Closed Captions for the #HeySiri event are impressive, is there a delay with human edited voice-to-text, working off a script?
I'll be impressed when Jony Ive is the voice for Siri. He'll set "beautiful" timers and do "powerful" restaurant searches. #HeySiri
Anyone else get the impression that Jony Ive is just a really nice sounding text-to-speech engine kicking away in Cupertino. #HeySiri
All of today's #HeySiri iPad Pro presenters have had to live in an underground bunker in Cupertino to keep the Pencil a secret. Labor laws.
Queue "it's a pencil, NOT a stylus" responses #HeySiri.
@fighto The Microsoft guy is the most confident sounding of any presenter, Tim and Phil included, yet. And he's wearing an Apple Watch?
@fighto You're supposed to use Time Travel on the Apple Watch to get through the missing hours.
Really wish I could "time travel" through these Apple Watch app demos at the #HeySiri event...
Presidential candidate @realDonaldTrump is doing a spectacular job demoing his USA only maps app at today's #AppleEvent.
Ok - Mr. @tim_cook I respected you before, but skipping updates 2 presentations in a row...amazing. #AppleEvent
Hey @mattkatz00 Christie event took over public parking spaces without permission in New Brunswick:… @NB_Today
@GoDaddyHelp These status messages should be pinned to the top of your profile while maintenance is active. Was trying to check last night.
So, @domainr I take it you want to be found and bought by @GoDaddy?
@DrewCurtis love the new wedding photos!
@FoxNews literally 5 of 5 platforms that I tried to watch this debate on didn't work with your online video. What is going on?

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