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Happy birthday beautiful @KatGraham!!!
Game night at home brings me infinitely more thrills and joy than any real night out in Hollywood. #thisis40
I'm super into @Meghan_Trainor songs and I can't decide if that makes me old and retro or awesomely hip. But love her stuff.
Life is but a dream...Relive the Mikaelson family's defeats and triumphs via the Season 1 DVD!
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What's beyond The Other Side? @KatGraham and @iansomerhalder return for #TVD Season 6 in ONE MONTH!
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The Originals DVDs are out tomorrow!… So many awesome deleted scenes. We cried as they fell on the cutting room floor.
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I'm having football related heart palpitations. You can do it, NU!
Northwestern! Keep it up, boys!
The ABCs of the Sudden Departure: A-T…. This is amazing. @TheLeftoversHBO
Gorgeous fan art. "@1DianaFHarrison: My new poster for 2 season #TheOriginals Klaus, Hayley and Hope @cworiginals
Klaus: It seems our DVD drops Sept 2, brother. Elijah: Hm. Here's to those deleted scenes.…
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And then I remembered they write a show about geniuses. @OGsWriters @BigBang_CBS
By the way, @OGsWriters I may have challenged the @BigBang_CBS writers to a game night this weekend amidst some alcohol consumption.
Good luck Paul and congrats!! "@paulwesley: Atl -> Venice Thrilled to be here! @B4IDisappear @dreamsick @FatimaPtacek
Let's all download @cadlymack's amazing-looking YA e-book ETERNAL NIGHT and make her autograph our e-bosoms!…
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Ditto, double ditto, tritto. "@emmacaulfield: Um, I love The @TheLeftoversHBO . Okay.”
Atlanta friends, check out my friend @fanshen and her one-woman show next month.…
SEE BEGIN AGAIN! It will fill your heart with joy.
Keira Knightley-@MarkRuffalo-@adamlevine Musical Dramedy ‘Begin Again’ Will Return to 350-400 Theaters This Weekend
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The episode of #TheLeftovers with the most joy and happiness in it...was also the absolute saddest. Devastating. And great TV.
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Damn you, The Leftovers. Your piano cue will haunt me forever.
Just had my hair life forever changed by @GlamSquadApp. Blow dry at your house! It's like Uber for hair.
@MichaelNarducci: Saw this at the Hard Rock. Cant help but notice the resemblance.” Elijah's father!!
VAMPIRE DIARIES Season 6 Teaser: Damon Begs Elena to 'Move On'… #TVD
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Yippee!! "@JustJared: .@RobbieAmell & @italiaricci are engaged after 6 years together! Congrats to the happy couple:
#SarahJones gone but never forgotten- ATL friends pls go to @BuckheadTheatre charity show on 8/22 in her memory.
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Today @carolinedries gets a year younger. Because she's just THAT SMART she figured out a way. #happybirthdayDries #delenarainkiss ;-)
Congrats Tim!!! "@bethshax: 12 yrs in the making. MT @tftalbott filming starts on THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT.
And that's a compliment, FYI. I think it's a spectacular piece of television.
Been catching up on The Leftovers tonight which basically means I've been weeping quietly and alone for hours.
Simply put, don't be a global douchnozzle.
...think better/love better, then we have a shot.
So, the first half of this week felt like we were globally disintegrating. Today was better. If each day we can be better/act better....
@sabzbrach: Twitter Made an Amazing Map of Twitter Going Nuts Over Ferguson.… via @grasswire” fascinating.
The Civil Rights Act is 50 years old. These two pictures were taken 50 years apart. Behold our progress. #Ferguson
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We cannot have a country where both #Ferguson and "Open Carry" are things. We are broken.
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Escalating headlines stemming from #FergusonShooting are starting to blend seamlessly with Arab world headlines in my timeline. WTH,world.
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Totally feeling the @SamsungMobileUS love. Gotta love the Galaxy. I can finally SEE and type and I don't have to fight with Siri anymore.
SuperMoon by @faz3 - Burj Khalifa. What's this music? I must know.
Well, a certain gossip rag has hit a new disgusting, unacceptable low. Thx @Alyssa_Milano for pointing it out.
5 seasons, 5 surfboards for The Vampire Diaries. What a streak. Very proud of ourselves and VERY grateful to all the fans who vote and vote.
Congrats to @ninadobrev, @iansomerhalder, @CandiceAccola and the entire cast and crew of #TVD for their Teen Choice Awards. Thank you TEENS!
Spent a beautiful afternoon celebrating @CandiceAccola and a hilarious evening game-nighting w @ninadobrev and @ErnestoRiley. Fun day.
Love RT @VD_VAMPDIARIES In honor of #TeenChoiceAwards Sunday #TBT photos of #TVD at past shows! Ian Nina & Paul 2010.
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I'm a tiny bit concerned that @daniel_sharman thinks I'm a sociopath. Does that make me a narcissist, @leahmariepipes?