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Vampire Wedding. Spectacular.
"@pfhmitchell: "'Lyler' is good, I think I can do Lyler." - @Michael_Trevino" Hah. Liver didn't fly, huh.
My god, I love New Orleans.
I shall be hashtagging with #TeamElena. Because it's always a good night to be on her side.
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Looks like #StefansRevenge is trending already!
There's some shady business going on right about now. Caption this photo! #TVD
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And then there's @OMyStelenaHeart who'd rather see #delenaAcidrainkiss. Heh.
The beautiful @TVDSweetness threw in a vote for #GetMattShirtless. I approve.
It wouldn't be a hashtag pitch without a vote for #delenarainkiss2014.
I notice that We Will Remember Damon and Elena has already been trending for 5 hours.
2 minutes!! #TVD. Send me your hashtag suggestions.
#Bamon bickering makes us all warm & fuzzy inside! Check out the first web clip for #TVD 6.03, "Welcome to Paradise"
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Looking for something to watch in October? Seasons 1-5 of #TVD are all now on @netflix!
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So excited for tonight’s #tvd! With two amazing new characters #haltergirl and #mysteryguest! Also, a dash of #Bamon, and a bucket of tears.
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Hilarious Damon and Bonnie stuff In this one too, when the couple who plays together, goes grocery shopping together. #porkrinds #youllsee.
It's Vampire Diaries day. Let's see how Elena rebounds from last week's heartbreaker. Plus, Jell-O shots. #TVD
Missing pup near Crescent Heights. Please RT. nicolewalmsley's photo
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Congrats @VancityJax on the gorgeous and riveting 'The Affair.' I will try not to laugh when I see you now that I've seen your ass on TV.
Speaking of assistants: will someone remind me tomorrow that my hot water heater is on the fritz and I should do something about that?
Correction: asking assistant to order melatonin and hoping she doesn't judge me.
It's busy season. 3 cuts in progress, 3 scripts in the works, 4 stories being broken. Plus, you know, life things like ordering melatonin.
Thanks for watching #TheOriginals tonight. Kudos to @MichaelNarducci @michelleparadis and @Huntvision for a great episode.
#TheOriginals is new next MONDAY at 8/7c. Do whatever you need to do to survive that horrific wait.
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Tonight's episode was written by @MichaelNarducci & @michelleparadis. Send them your praise. (Send @Young_Brian your complaints.)
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Joseph Morgan is the master of the quivering no-drop single man tear. KING. #TheOriginals
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If I talked to my mother the way Klaus talks to his...lord have mercy #TheOriginals
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Klaus has zero tolerance for your tea and your botanical musings, madame. #TheOriginals
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And THAT'S how Kol got himself kicked out of the Babysitter's Club! #TheOriginals
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Amazingly, waistcoats just make Klaus seem even MORE smug. Also, the word "roguery." #TheOriginals
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This scene brought to you by Mr. Bubbles. #TheOriginals
RT if you're watching #TheOriginals LIVE right now!
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Hey, how did we have enough money to go to Spain? #TheOriginals
30 minutes, most of the world! #TheOriginals #krazykol
@dgct2: @xVampDiariesx We are doing another trend for #TheOriginals today. Could you RT? Thanks.” In 20 minutes!
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In which we get a visit from @natebuzz showing us what a nutbag Kol can be.
The Originals is on tomorrow, if you can tear yourself away from football, batman, dancing and singing with and for stars, and Big Bangs.
Damon + "Whatta Man" + pancakes = spit-take #TVD
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