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♕ Ajit Bir ♕
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Good one for laughs! @juliebir
Just I, chilling at home in #Toronto. Missing the Canadian winters and snow now! Feeling #nostalgic @juliebir
Who says hatred wud ever end; b4 it was by turning ppl into slaves & giving them a slow death,2day's it's done thru shooting+bombing #racism
Sometimes I wonder, wasn't life more peaceful before the Internet #technology era? The more one knows, the more he's stressed about. #social
Plz DO NOT give in 2TERRORISTS.Search EVERY house+ Mosque in Canada 4 extremists @pmharper @CBCAlerts @CNN @BBCWorld. Destroy their ideology
RIP Nathan Cirillo.Lawmakers:Gun license shud b restricted.Police:Time 2search EVERY house 4extremists #OttawaShooting #CanadaStrong #pray
Just chillin @ home. #HappyDiwali all. May u all enjoy da celebration wid love+ prosperity. #family #festivaloflights
ISIS's dangrs bcos dey carry suicide bombers+their preachngs influence many Muslims worldwide.Protect #Canadians @pmharper @CBCNews @680News
Soldier shot dead near Parliament Hill? What is happening @pmharper? Could it b bcos of your decision to take part in overseas war? Plz STOP
Don't text & drive in #Canada unless u want to pay $1000 fine+lose 3 merit points. Drive safe. #TTC is the way to go. Great service #ttcrew
My heart goes out to Reeva Steenkamp's family. A murder's a murder & many will say "Pistorious, 5yrs=#nojustice. Look into the circumstance!
In #PistoriusTrial, Oscar may b sentncd to 5yrs but it's not necessary he'll remain prisoned 4 dat long-appeals,early release 4good behavior
..bcos this is where you wont have to fight for your rights, & you can raise your children in #peace & loving environment. #freedom #escape
Thanks 2 #twitter we have a total freedom of speech.Women who are living in backward socities must find a way to escape into USA, Canada, UK
Can't believe ppl r still living in da earliest civilization 5000BC where sum ppl dresed 2cover up,women hd no rights+discrimnton #Injustice
"Asia Bibi's case: example of how #Pakistan's vaguely worded blasphemy law's led 2discrimination,persecution, murder," Phelim Kine told @CNN
Happy #DiwaliWithFireworks and Happy Dhanteras to all #Indians in India and around the world. Enjoy the celebration. #family #fun #Festival
South African athlete #OscarPistorius sentenced to five years prison for the culpable homicide of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.#law #news
Just me, relaxing at home! It's quiet warm in Abu Dhabi this time of year! Missing Canada!
Am really gonna miss Halloween this year; a day to go out at nights, dress freely & spend time with your children collecting goodies.#Canada
All the very best to you @DougFord2014: "Doug Ford for #Mayor of #Toronto campaign. #VoteDougFord". Toronto's multicultural city. Keep it up
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” ~Henry Ford #quotes #inspiration #SuccessRules
Really hope and pray Ebola Virus ends soon. If only a medicine to cure this disease can be made - we'll all be protected. Lets end #war too!
Keep up the good work @YUVSTRONG12 @harbhajan_singh. Keep making #India proud wid #cricket winnings+Inspiring those overcoming health issues
Are you a proud #Canadian @justinbieber? Once you hit maturity, use ur influence to focus on the poor. Enjoy right now #Beliebers 22h #peace
Ebola in Cleveland & around d world. All #health watchers shud b building protective suits & examining ALL persons dat come outta di airport
Why is #WhereWasKimJongUn trending? And why does @CNN keep discussing this? Leave the guy alone. But as a leader, he must not hide. #wrong
Studies show that grand parents who spend up to 15 hrs/wk with their grand children stay #healthy and active. #family #games #FunTimeTips
Happy #thanksgivingcanada. Enjoy the long weekend #Torontorians. Weather must be quite cool now. Missing the snow
In #SouthSudanNOW, we’re working to reach tens of thousands of children at risk of malnutrition. How you can help:
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My cover pic with India Today Travel plus. I love food and I love travel. What a perfect fit! One my best shoots...
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AP govt, Disaster Management Department, Control room: 040-23451043 Cyclone #Hudhud
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हुदहुद तूफान संबंधित हेल्पलाइन #Hudhud #HudHudCyclone
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Guys #nobraday is to promote awareness and show respect to the Breast Cancer patients. No need to take it the wrong way. #BreastCancer #love
Ahana Deol looks so much like her older brother Sunny Deol. @dreamgirlhema @AbhayDeol @Esha_Deol Sunny, Bobby or their dad ain't on Twitter
#HappyMonday to everyone who is looking forward to the start of a fresh new week. Make some #travel plans to London, #Canada, Bombay or #USA
Judges must b lenient towards Oscar Pistorius,a great #inspiration 4milions, who lived life thru parental divorce+physical suffering @cnnbrk
Wndr wt sentcng,d most-famus #S.Africa Oscar Pistorius'll gt 4his cnvction.Jail wd hv 2acomdate d dble ampute,who neds prosthtic limbs 2move
Workouts can be tiring & painful... Did some today & I feel dead! Really wanna grab that bed. Need sleep. #health #fitness #weightloss #exer
What is with this: kids 5 to 12, & Jurassic Park-Dinosaurs obsession? It's all about what the #media promotes & the #toys sellers sell #stop
My Grandfather Is Eighty Five And Still Doesn't Need Glasses.... He Drinks Straight Out Of The Bottle. #funny #quotes #laughfactory #joke
On a bulletin board: Success Is Relative. The more The Success, The more The Relatives. #quote #funny #inspiringstories #success #laughter
Just relaxing at home! #Toronto
Nothing beats a cool breeze in a warm summer. Dying for a vacation: #Toronto is the place to be! #beach #holidayjuly #ontherun #familytime
Generations will remember: 102 & a legacy that will always be a part of Indian cinema. RIP #ZohraSehgal. Grand O'Lady of #Bollywood an Era
1st of July was great, except the morning rain. Happy 4th of July. Perhaps #Canadians & #Americans can celebrate on one common day. #Britain
From everything that is holding you back, #BreakFreeToday and make it happen! Warm summary days - you just want to relax on the beach!
Happy Canada Day! It's great being a part of a country that's pollution-free, has the cleanest water, a huge land & has peace #CanadaDay #ff
NewMarket Georg Uxbridge Beavert Guelph Toronto Burlington Oakville Milton Halton Mississauga Brampton Vaughan Richmond Markham Oshawa #hail