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Julian Darius
Madness is Waiting: Hannibal Season Three Episode Eight: With episode eight of Hannibal’s third s... via @Sequart
Southern Bastards #10: A Force of Nature: Coach Big is dead. That fact no doubt affects people in... via @Sequart
The lounge car looks like a dorm. Beer cans everywhere. Drunks passed out next to families playing poker.
I'll never ride Amtrak again. Leaving Denver, we stopped for 3.5 hours. Cafe was closed at about 7pm, despite staff directing me there.
Rasputin #7: Ghosts: “Behind every man now alive stand thirty ghosts, for that is the ratio by wh... via @Sequart
My Monday @Sequart column takes a non-spoilerish look at the new Ant-Man movie. #AntManMovie…
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Invisible Republic #5: One Door Opens… Then Ten Others: At the end of issue #5 of Invisible Repub... via @Sequart
Smorgasbord #23: Islands in the Sun: Our cups runneth over as Tom and Shawn discuss SDCC trailers... via @Sequart
Outdoor Basketball Goals, Ant-Man, and Twinkies: Ambivalence at the Multiplex: When we first deci... via @Sequart
Hellbound: A Muddled Hellraiser Sequels: When I wrote about Clive Barker’s Hellraiser film for my... via @Sequart
Worst. Episode. Ever.: “I’ve Got Batman in my Basement”: The success of Batman: The Animated Seri... via @Sequart
I don't talk about @Sequart nearly enough so here's @StuartJWarren writing about cape comics & masculinity:…
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Ernest Cline’s Armada: One Remove Too Many: At last, Ernest Cline, best-selling author of Ready P... via @Sequart
Where the Kaiju Things Are: All Monsters Attack: After Destroy All Monsters, Toho took the Godzil... via @Sequart
Ten Great Titles From Sequential’s Summer Sale: Sequential, an iPad app for reading comics, is ha... via @Sequart
Celebrating Apollo 11 Day: A Short Look at Space Travel and Pop Culture | Sequart Organization… @Sequart #Apollo
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Amazing review of Martian Comics #2 - Reading with a flight Ring… cc @MartianComics
We Are a Zero-Sum Game: Hannibal Season Three Episode Seven: Hannibal comes to its midseason poin... via @Sequart
Celebrating Apollo 11 Day: A Short Look at Space Travel and Pop Culture: Today is an historic day... via @Sequart
@Sequart Sequart readers might be interested in part three of my ongoing look back at Dan Clowes' "Eightball"…
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“And Then It Was Continued Thereafter. Unto All Eternity.”: A Quite Unexpected Afterthought on Th... via @Sequart
She Makes Comics Wins Best Documentary at the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival: ... via @Sequart
Lost Soul Tells the Story of Richard Stanley’s Dr. Moreau: Richard Stanley’s The Island of Dr. Mo... via @Sequart
Richard Bensam on Minutes to Midnight: Twelve Essays on Watchmen: As part of its ongoing Patreon ... via @Sequart
Lost Soul Tells the Story of Richard Stanley’s Dr. Moreau | Sequart Organization… @Sequart
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.@richardbensam, @geoffklock, @JulianDarius, & Walter Hudsick discuss MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT: TWELVE ESSAYS ON WATCHMEN:…
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When you're out of clean T-shirts for lounging around so you put on a surf shirt.
Trump said he doesn't understand why routing calls to India is cheaper, wants to bring those jobs home. Really? Gonna beat $4/hour?
I love how Trump brags about how he's smart, then says he'd unilaterally triple international sanctions, or a dozen other dumb things.
When you are typing "the proof is in the pudding" and autocorrect tries to replace "pudding" with "pussy." That's what I get for cliches.
400+ pages by me about DC Comics history:… Just published in April. If it sells, I'll write more!
Watching CNBC in love with Michael Douglas ringing the closing bell (for Ant-Man). "Gordon Gecko is here!" No irony.
This week's @Sequart column looks at the curious reaction to the rumors about Marisa Tomei playing Aunt May.…
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From the @guardian - to understand what Scott Walker would do as president, just look at what he did to Wisconsin:…
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If only there were a Greek word for a victory that is in fact a defeat & a German word for pleasure derived from the misfortune of others.
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At the very least, Merkel values her disproven austerity economics and breaking leftist resistance to it more than righting the E.U.
Krugman on Merkel's assault on the E.U. Project via @NYTimeskrugman
Smorgasbord #22: Spirited Away: It’s the pre-SDCC episode, so don’t expect any big news. Instead,... via @Sequart
Are they going to act all shocked and innocent if Greeks vote for neo-nazis next time around? #ThisIsACoup
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So Tsipras wound up accepting terms even tougher than those his people voted to reject just last week. This is absurd.

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