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Julian Darius
This is amazing. Jeb Bush’s Favorite Author Rejects Democracy, Says The Hyper-Rich Should Seize Power:
Scott Walker’s New Plan To Cut $250 Million From Universities, Spend $250 Million On A Basketball Stadium
@StuartJWarren wrote a great piece on why comic scholarship is important, you should definitely check it out…
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Back this comic… @JulianDarius knows what he's doing, bunch of extra goodies for backing including @Sequart movies
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Rick Perry, announcing his run for pres today: "There is nothing wrong in America today that a change in leadership will not make happen."
I may be tough on Hillary Clinton, but she did a great thing today.
RT/Share/Reddit my latest @Sequart post! The world needs to know about comics scholarship!!… #comicsineducation
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Grand architect of @Sequart , @JulianDarius, is interviewing me this week about #mscsi's viral secrets… - stay tuned
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In or around NYC this weekend? Find me @SpEditionNYC, table M3, selling ORPHANS trades and debut copies of RED ANGEL DRAGNET. #SENYC
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@Comicspedia: Join me in backing the one of my favorite comics featuring women today… #mscsi@willbrooker
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Personal religious exemptions were used by government employees to refuse to marry an interracial couple.…
A massive 428 pages of DC Universe criticism: CLASSICS ON INFINITE EARTHS
MT @JulianDarius: 5 Reasons Why Comics Scholarship is Important: Before getting into comics, I had no idea where...
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Community Season Six: “Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television”: Lets talk about Community... via @Sequart
Five Reasons Why Comics Scholarship is Important: Before getting into comics, I had no idea where... via @Sequart
I spot something moving in the yard and, despite being alone, exclaim, "Oh my God, that's a turtle!" There's something to Mercerism.
Excellent column by @StuartJWarren on why we do what we do: 5 Reasons Why Comics Scholarship is Important… @Sequart
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Sequart's anthology on the entire history of STAR TREK comic books is a must-read for any fan.
Panel Borders: Martian Comics and Ocular Anecdotes via @johnfreeman_dtb
We're almost at 50% with 18 days to go:… Thank you for your help and support.
It seems not long ago I talked about nudging THE STANDARD up to $12K, but now we're in touching distance of $13K!…
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The Devil is in the Details: Examining Matt Murdock and Daredevil
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Sending all my love to my trans sisters who didn't get this sort of beautiful welcoming from the world. You deserve to be celebrated too. 💜
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The first book ever published on Chris Nolan's Batman movies:
Please RT this. I'm literally begging and I feel horrible for doing so but I don't have any other way.…
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Cis people are weird. They call their genitals "private parts" but then insist on knowing what mine are. Not so private anymore, huh?
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I've sometimes seen I might have an end date after which I can't do comics and pop culture criticism, especially of more recent stuff.
It's a shame we don't still have THE WEST WING around to make fun of people crusading against government in front of battleships.
I often don't like the way Hillary Clinton is covered by the media, but her campaign thus far has been nothing short of bizarre.
I feel like the Clinton campaign said it was going to do lots of small-room events, then disappeared and answered no questions for a month.
I'm very puzzled by the Clinton campaign. Remember that much-covered bus trip to Iowa, the back-to-basics approach? What happened to that?
I think this is pretty awesome. I hope you do too.…
Netflix Looks to Expand Super Success with AKA Jessica Jones: Earlier this April, Netflix and Mar... via @Sequart
The Meristems of Mad Men: [This piece contains major spoilers for the finale of Mad Men.] In most... via @Sequart
I'm proud of this new piece. The Meristems of Mad Men | Sequart Organization… @Sequart @MadMen_AMC #MadMen
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A reminder of the importance of choosing the right font for your newspaper headline.
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We're Dying Too--The Fight Against State Violence Against Women and Trans People of Color #sayhername
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Have I told you about my #RedNoseDay idea? It's basically an election day that elects gouvernments who tackle poverty and inequality.
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A man browsing for books in Cincinnati’s cavernous old main library. The library was demolished in 1955.
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Anti-LGBT vicar Matthew Makela resigns after popping up on Grindr gay dating app…
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When my Brit friends ask why America's healthcare isn't like free-upon-entry NHS, I guess I'll point them at this
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