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Julia Beverly
The benefit of having woman's intuition makes up for all the inconveniences of being female
always good to see her @ Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Lung Capacity Of A Smoker Vs Non-Smoker
She who laughs last, laughs best.
currensy performing live in biloxi MS next month. promoters, hit me up for bookings
kevin gates returns to jackson ms next weekend. promoters, hit me up for bookings
RT @RealLifeKaz: So I'm assuming Schmurda is a Jamaican last name?
RT @CrookedIntriago: Gotta long list of ppl who helped me.. Never forget'em either..
#tbt my favorite restaurant w two of my favorite people @TooShort brothermob
here's a good job for u lazy folks --> NASA Will Pay You $170 Per Day To Lie In Bed…
The @GlobalSpinAward will air on REVOLT in nov, s/o to @IamPrezidential he gave me the idea to do the ozone awards back in the day too
Make sure u tune in to Bone Thugs N Harmony's Unsung episode next Weds... There's some pics in there by me :)
Also the most creatively named pimp in kat stacks book is Chief McLovin
The only celeb kat claims to have sexed in her book is carson daly. How random is that?
I think she intends it as a cautionary tale to prevent young girls from getting caught up. Was better than I thought it'd be lol
Kat stacks whole book is mostly about underage prostitution & violent pimps but oddly all the curse words are censored (b****, h**)
So, I read kat stacks book in 53 minutes. It's basically a bunch of horror stories of being beaten by two pimps
I'm gonna time myself speed-reading kat stacks book. Guess how long it'll take? Closest guess gets a follow
Kat stacks never slept w all those rappers anyway those were mostly regurgitated jenna shea stories
So I guess kat stacks & Q fell out & both are selling the same book. She sent me her version "becoming kat stacks"
It's funny when people think they're hurting u but it's actually helping u
I really do wanna go to burning man someday but I need some white hippie type friends to go with
I feel like I have a cut & paste feature in my head, like I can retain information until I write it down
so sick of indecisive men
87 cents tho RT @Kingyella: #tbt I shot this back in 1992-93 This QuickTrip became Ground Zero in 2014!
RT @noz: hip hop used to give voice to a voiceless underclass now it supresses that voice, steals it & repackages it for nerds & fashonistas
which news network is going to hire @KillerMikeGTO first
"Part of art is knowing when not to put paint on. And when to change your medium." - Andre 3000
i just think it should be titled something else besides "love & hip hop' & presented as a soap opera not "reality"
i really can't watch love & hip hop I just feel so dirty afterwards lol
Have we hit reality show rock bottom yet? Lie detector test to prove that your baby daddy ate u out? Really
so the premiere episode of love & hip hop hollywood literally features women fighting in public over a bag of STD medication
How This Man Built A $3M Business A Year After Four Years In Prison
RT @mcbasquiat: GPS so clutch, we’ve come a long way from missing turns and exits reading printed mapquest sheets.
RT @evboogie: On this day in 1996, Outkast released ATLiens.
RT @MarisaMendez: Sometimes I just want to reply to ppl texts "I honestly could give a fck less about what you're talking about"
RT @40oz_VAN: It takes her like 25 tries to get that 1 nude picture right to send, you better appreciate that
KDAY's Fresh Fest Sat Sept 6 in Los Angeles w @305MAYOR @935KDAY & more. buy tickets at
Jeezy timed that really well to get arrested the week before his album drops
RT @CoryBooker: "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." Alice Walker
the argument could be made that the pimp iceberg slim was the first rapper. His spoken word album was 3 years before rapper's delight
Coroner: Black Man Shot Himself in Chest With Hands Cuffed Behind Back…
RT @weshootpeople: "It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting." -Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist
Hey @NipseyHussle --> RT @FGaryGray: Need actor 2 portray Snoop Dogg 18-25 years old. 6'2 or more during CHRONIC DAYS
😳 RT@JoeBuddenn: Real women never call the cops.