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Julia Beverly
I hate companies that send u fake checks in the mail as advertisements
Lolol @ biting the hand that feeds him
There are some handsome boxers too bad they get hit in the head for a living
If there's no knockout ima be mad I watched all this
RT @RapCoalition: PayPerView RT @JuliaBeverly: So.... Who's winning?
So.... Who's winning?
The announcers really have to ask what happened to mayweather's rapper friends? I guess they're not up on gossip blogs
Only watching to see what 50 Cent does
What is this the United Nations?
They doing the national anthem of every country? Lol
Follow @AndreasHale for the punch by punch of the Mayweather / Maidana fight.
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Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana will be ready to walk to the ring at 10:30pm ET/7:30 PT. One hour earlier than normal.
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I despise comcast. Who can I pay to come set up bootleg cable for me
I wondered why the hawks were always emailing me w season ticket offers & I've never been to a game. Guess I'm in their 'white ppl' database
why was he arrested tho, that's not illegal --> Man caught selling crumbled Pop-Tart as crack cocaine cops
Aggressive policing has led to seizure of hundreds of millions of dollars from people not charged with crimes
RT @gstatty: Thx to rap music I know how to cook crack & get away with murder, why don't rappers give stock tips or investment advice?
RT @AndreasHale: Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana stare each other down one more time before tomorrow night.
NFL season is off to a great start lol
Can I retroactively prosecute my parents? RT @DavidDTSS: Adrian Peterson is going to jail for whooping his child with a switch?
I'm ok w just being @angelayee designated driver she can have my shot lol
It smells awful I don't get the appeal RT @GinaMontana_: @JuliaBeverly ever ever ever? Impressive! I've had some of my most fun sans alcohol
I've never drank alcohol anyway. Trust me, u can have an exciting life sober. It helps if u hang out w rappers tho
I missed that one RT @roslynn: @JuliaBeverly remember when they sent us fake bullets to promote 50 Cent's new record?
Some rapper mailed me a mini bottle of vodka attached to a paper umbrella I guess to promote his new record lol
RT @SoleLo: @JuliaBeverly I know a disaster manager with FEMA and she said they don't ever know what they are doing.
"solar storm" coming but CNN says that FEMA is ready to handle anything bad that happens. that doesn't sound reassuring
I think @theRealMoBDick is on that RT @Jbutler_7: @JuliaBeverly After you finish Pimp C's book can we get a No Limit documentary
RT @Gawker: Someone's putting Drake's head on wheelchair stickers all over Toronto.
RT @FINALLEVEL: With Youtube and Reality shows people NOW equate views and LIKES to TALENT.... NOT necessarily so.
My metabolism must be crazy cuz I swear I eat all day long but am always hungry
Some people I like a whole lot better in real life than on twitter
This Woman Used Photoshop To Convince Her Family That She Went On A Six-Week Vacation In East…
Just interviewed @PastorTroyDSGB for the book on Pimp C, tune into he's about to plug it
How many years will we have to wait for the real 9/11 story to come out
RT @The_A_Prentice: Lack of women execs, don't pay cheerleaders, janay rice - proof the nfl doesn't value women.
People who are always extra "happy!" 24/7 make me nervous
I've been resisting the urge to tweet about all these great pimp c stories I've been hearing for 4 years
Yeah finally tracked him down lol RT @Callme_Wes: @JuliaBeverly you interviewed the man he shot??
Did yall know pimp c shot a man 20 yrs ago who ran up in his house? I interviewed him too lol
I had to do it no one else can understand their accents RT @twanmarawana: @JuliaBeverly I feel sorry for you if they are all from the south
I can type closed-captioning speed now
I really interviewed 250 people for this book. Transcribing 250 interviews is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy
RT @SocialLifeAvl: Looking forward to @JuliaBeverly book about Sweet James Jones