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Julia Beverly
The Day Ferguson Cops Were Caught in a Bloody Lie
No. RT @rkelly: Wanna know what happens when you spray #BumpNGrind cologne?
RT @bomani_jones: rather than “protests take turn for peaceful,” might be better to say “people less tense without rifles pointed at them?”
Oh boy RT @ChiefKeef: Miami get ready to have me as a Citizen!
RT @lurie_john: Oxford Dictionary declared SMH an official word
Check his timeline for pics --> RT @Kingyella: #ripmikebrown Everyday the protest & support crowd is getting bigger
never realized that love spelled backwards is evol, makes a lot of sense tho
sad state of affairs for more than one woman to be fighting over a dude who looks like nikko
RT @DOLLAHDAE: Salute to my girl @JuliaBeverly always coming thru in the clutch!!
lol that's pimp c's old road manager at 4:10 --> VIDEO: Protesters take over Ferguson police chief's news conference
That video clip of the cops arresting the journalists at mcdonalds reminds me of the backstage area at every concert I've ever been to lol
RT @Pill4180: The revolution is being streamed, downloaded and televised...
RT @TheRealSaigon: The problem is in 2 weeks we won't be talking abt this. We'll be talking abt who fucking Rihanna until it happens again.
RT @Ralphige: @JuliaBeverly the cops are loving that shit way too much showing who's boss
this ferguson video looks like orlando police after the clubs close
Post reporter gives account of his arrest in Ferguson via @washingtonpost
RT @BostonGlobe: Reporter videos his arrest while covering protests in Ferguson, Mo. @WesleyLowery
RT @joncaramanica: reality TV more hospitable to female rappers than the music industry…
I guess they figured it out RT @ExxonKEV: @JuliaBeverly People dont ask what u do for work anymore? Those tweets were hilarious
I've been laying low lately cuz I'm working on something big. Soon come
RT @ThisIsStacks: "Time is nature's way of stopping everything from happening at once."
RT @brokencool: Really poor timing on that #letsbecops movie release date