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Lacerta Viridis
Which depression medication has a side effect of losing weight? I need that one.
Nearly got ran over and / or backed over at a crosswalk. Stopping at Red lights isn't optional people. #fb
"These are wonder filled last days. Enjoy them." - anon
Hey man, who's my friend? You? Good enough for my intervention? Oh, I thought not. Posers.
New years resolution. Act like a 30 year old
Molly. On my 2014 to do list
Two pills, one beers, two shots of 100 proof peppermint schnapps. Better. Now. I fixed my thinking and did do something fun. Self medication
Do you recycle? No? Get the fuck off my planet.
I solicit oeillades from crowds of disenchanted.
I need pictures of kittens, #STAT
American politics are vile in the best light #tcot #tlot #dnc #gop #evil #idiots #usa
Starting a new online "mood" program. I can fight depression by "doing fun things" or "fix my thinking". I paralyzed at the decision.
Maybe I should begin a pot habit in 2014
This decision to not be grumpy isn't working. #fb
Morning laptop buddies (@cljungling)
I'm trying not to choose grumpy as my default mood today. Wish me luck. #fb
I stink and my hair is standing on end. I should shower, no?
He is a man of sense who does not grieve for what he has not, but rejoices in what he has. -- Epictetus
Martini, almost gone