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Augustus Lacerta
#TrueButYouShouldntSayIt with the appropriate citations and footnotes
I should go to sleep. perchance to dream. Ah, there's the rub.
Brewster's Millions in Production Costs. #MakeAFilmBroke
Having a nice chocolate covered coffee bean
Getting ready for the taste test.
Hopefully this dinner isn't a fail
check in, what are you doing right now?
For my sesame ginger chicken salad
Was that movement? Nope. Yes!
Oh for shits sake. Our it in gear driver... Oh ok. Here we go. No.... We sit.
Aaaah this bus is just a vibrating metal tube right now. Let's go dammit
The wheels on this bus aren't going 'round and' round enough for me right now. Go!
It's not that Americans are that brave, it's because their that crazy.
#ImOnlyCoolBecause of all this ice in my pockets.
Tualatin, the taint of Portland. #pdx
What's up you cool baby?
The lack of pharmaceutical supplies during the Apocalypse scares me the most.
Drummers, sign up for #DrumOff at your local GC for a chance to win @Gretsch_Drums gear +more!
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This clearance turkey meat smells questionable. Down the hatch! Nice knowing you.
11:11 I welcome death.
There's a suicide every 13 minutes in the USA.
Arms and legs feel heavy. Head feels light. Feel and hear every step. Feel I need to be stretched. Headache. Out of phase with time.
Gaslight me. Please. I love the attention.
Do I really need eyebrows?
I hear you buddy.
3... 2... 1... PURGE!
Dog 911: what's ur emergency? Dog: THEYRE PUSHIN THAT LOUD THING AROUND ON THE CARPET AGAIN Dog 911: OMG Dog: OMG Dog 911: OMG Dog: OMG
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Every time you eat a peanut think of Jimmy Carter. Those with peanut allergies, you are monsters.
Fuck it, I'm buying an ascot
I can only feel my knees.
Numb twitches are my thing now. I guess.
I'm confused. In general. Most of the time.
Neighbors getting in and out of their own cars in their own driveways. @BuoyTheDog #PetsPetPeeves
I'm a freelance imagineer
These are my hands?
Everyone, restart your computers and/or phones.
This medication change is ruff ruff ruff how Ooooh! Uh oh.

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