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Lacerta Anticuus
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Do I really want to know how my deodorant knows when I'm moving? #Illuminati
Look out tummy.
Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. -- Anonymous
Logan's Run solution? RT @UberFacts: Younger people are two times better at focusing, with distractions present, than older people.
I want to go to the liquor store however.
I don't want to go to sears today.
Come on July. #oregon #legal RT @UberFacts: Scientists have discovered that cannabis slows tumor growth in cancer patients.
Where are all the zombie children in video games TV and movies?
That was a gnarly drive home from #pdx
Loading the tree
I would have been an awesome center square.
I think Pity is the evolutionary version of tagging a person to be culled from the herd.
Go listen to @mentalpod podcast with Gillian Callahan Chachere. See if you can catch the subtle Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference.
Gillian Callahan Chachere on the lack of traditional grief support in our culture especially around miscarriage.
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The greatness of the individual is a misnomer. A human in isolation is pointless.
The #Orion program looks a lot like the #Apollo program. If someone named Buzz steps into that capsule I'm looking for a time loop.
We should have put a litter of kittens on the #Orion spacecraft. Imagine the astro cat memes. The internet would implode.
I hate wearing my Oregon Duck hoodie at work sometimes. People tend to engage in intercollegiate sports talk with me & I have no clue.
How ARE you supposed to behave at a turkey pardoning?
These pro athletes injuring themselves are really messing up my fantasy sports teams. So inconsiderate.
The baby spiders embedded in the red lump on my thigh may hatch this weekend. So blessed.
Grand jurors in USA. They're mostly white people, right?
I little positive socialism goes a long way.
Low information voters, the under educated, single source news consumers, religious extreme ideology has crippled this nation & the world
I guess I'll have to sell my Tesla stock.
Don't get trouble in your mind.
Just have a couple dogs a pedi pedi
Icicle Icicle, where are you going?
We three licorice dogs.
Do birds resent us eating eggs?
I literally don't know if I'm awake right now.
All I can think about is sleep.
Ebola a thing still?
I feel like a corpse.
No sleep me well.
I should have scrubbed my launch from bed this morning.
Pray to cthulu for delivered burrito.
I've been violently benigned.
I have a hypothesis. Lumber yards selling window sized plywood are inciting riots and generating hurricanes.
Philosophers defining humor is adorable.
Parts of my brain are vestigial.
You can cure insanity by removing teeth and sections of colon. #fact
Paul Revere was a dentist? The gingivitis is coming, the gingivitis is coming!
The diversity of oreo is getting out of hand.