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Autumnus Lacerta
Yikes. Derby is pushy
My fingers are sticky.
Time to waddle off to lunch.
Quick, bang a gong.
Heaving up the sheaves, Heaving up the sheaves. We will re-gurgitate, Heaving up the sheaves.
Idea. Battle dreidel
The scariest thing about cornmaze? The children. Fucking Terrifying.
What's up you cool baby?
The outside of our building smells of fried chicken. Inside it smells of bureaucratic surrender.
There's a guy with the same restroom schedule as mine. I hate him with all my might.
I did not win a Emmy. Perhaps next year.
I need to return to my genetic homeland. Anyone in the UK want to sponsor me? I'll need a bed, a job, near or in a pub. Dm me.
And really, everybody just ignores them anyway, thou shall not kill? Ha ha ha. #tencommandments
Also, they didn't want to share with satanic, Hindu, Atheist, etc groups. #tencommandments #Oklahoma
The Real reason(s) the Ten Commandments are being removed from Oklahoma capital. 1. Unconstitutional 2. See #1
Where do you find ketchup,mustard and mayo? In the Ten Condiments. I apologize to Ten Commandments
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Bonnie Loo enjoys her spot on the lawn.
Psst. Touch the Tushy ringtone is now available on iTunes. Search "Touch the Tushy" from your iphone in iTunes store.
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Just watched a lawyer j-walk. Monster.
81° in October? This is bullshit.
Episode #245 @mentalpod podcast. Wow. Just. Wow. Speechless. Amazing story.
Guess what, I'm the last scion. You're all screwed.
I think all the sinners and Satan probably could take heaven. Just thinking out loud.
Everyone interested in what congress is and is not doing, listen to the Congressional Dish podcast. @CongressDish it will piss you off.
If a legislator receives any money from an industry or sector that benefits from their membership on a related committee they are corrupt.
What there's traffic blocking lanes on the only bridge into town? How unusual. #SalemOr #secondbridge
Uh oh, I got winded crossing the street.
Ugh. You're congress is buying stuff that the military doesn't want. Corrupt.
I'm pretty sure this bus's exhaust is being pumped right back into the passenger compartment. So sleepy.
I must lose some weight. I feel like a lead blimp.
Heartburn, heart attack, panic attack. You never know.
Humans, am I right?
I hurt in places
Lily is always fluffy post bath.
Not thrilled about the prospects of this bath I mentioned. #juglife #jugsofinstagram
Ok. Let's wash some fucking dogs
Is four beers in one night too much beers?
Such a lazy weekend
Friend from under the table
Why do my feet ache so badly right now? I've been off them for the majority of the day. Strange
We're going to watch some pitch perfect two because we love us some @flula
Hey @FigarosPizza any coupon codes tonight?
Nap time. Although I only woke up 4 hours ago.

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