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Lacerta Regi
Beside the same thing
Inside the box provided
I think @Cherriots should have free Wi-Fi at the transit station. #SalemOr
I dropped a sunflower seed my man cleavage. #brovage
Why didn't ranger Smith just put Yogi down?
"I've got no interest in religion. I've tried, but I started laughing." - Bob Hoskins #fb
Puppies in the office! I approve. Adorbs!
Sssssssh, you sound like otter sex.
I want to enjoy wine tonight. Maybe home-made sangria.
Emotional panhandling should be a crime.
Always define "they".
Have we even tried Marxism?
Political inaction to "protect liberty" is bullshit.
Why do we pay congress? Oh wait, that's not where they cash in. #fundraise #corrupt #usa
This current in-power generation of politicians are especially vile and gag inducing. #usa
Do they teach "death & dying" in public schools anymore?
A little isolationism isn't a bad thing. #usa should let some fires around the world burn themselves out.
I'm starting to feel ranty. It's pretty early in the day for that kind of behavior.
At what point did it become acceptable to bring your dog into #McDonald's?
If I'm not entire entirely pro Isreal then I'm a little bit traitor? #america
So ecigs come in trucker cigarette flavor? because this lady vaping at the bus stop smells of tire fire.
Where's my pillow?
Did I show up to this appointment too soon?
I hate this restroom.