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James Trageser
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Going out of your way to make others happy is second nature to... More for Taurus
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Although your intent is to come clean today, it may be impossi... More for Taurus
You may misread an emotional interaction today unless you're p... More for Taurus
You're not in a negotiating mood today and could remain unmove... More for Taurus
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You have no choice but to figure things out on the fly today; ... More for Taurus
There's no reason to expend extra energy on an emotional outbu... More for Taurus
Although you are usually sure of your direction once you have ... More for Taurus
You're moving very carefully today, as if you are walking on e... More for Taurus
You could receive recognition for a job well done today if you... More for Taurus
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Although you might end up accomplishing a lot today, it's chal... More for Taurus
Others might be bewildered by your lack of motivation today, e... More for Taurus
You might believe you have too many chores on your plate today... More for Taurus
Just as you start to grow comfortable with your place in a rel... More for Taurus
This video is a security camera footage taken at WINGATE HOTEL in Illinois. People staying at the hotel began...
My brother David Trageser pranked a Chinese restraunt and asked them to substitue Chicken with Cat Meat, and Beef...
You must be extra attentive to other people's feelings now if ... More for Taurus
It may feel like the perfect day to stay at home and focus on ... More for Taurus
Have a great day/weekend everyone! <3 You All!!! — feeling tired
You prefer to finish what you start and may grow anxious when ... More for Taurus
@Over #madewithOver
RT @FilipTrout: Pangu jailbreak is now available for Mac OS X, localized in English. V 1.1 also includes bug fixes #…
I earned a Digital Point trophy! "Somebody Likes You" #DigitalPoint
#FML — feeling lost
I earned a Digital Point trophy! "Gravatar" #DigitalPoint
Great tutorial on embedding a Pinterest board on your WordPress blog. #WordPress #BloggingTips
RT @WebsiteMagazine: Put down that pen and napkin. Mock up your next #WebDesign using one of these instead