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We can't wait to jump on stage ... #teamiCasa #MiCasaHRC ... All for @_NMCH_ ... :)
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#somethingsCooking β€œ@Shenikwa490: @jsomethingmusic you can cook for me any day darling , I'll be the sous chef and chop onions for you πŸ˜Šβ€
#somethingsCooking β€œ@papillon_ZA: @jsomethingmusic I have all ingredients but the chorizo. Hunting it down tomorrow. I know what I'm having
Yes!! #somethingsCooking β€œ@Ripanzell: French toast for breakfast tomorrow. Dankie @jsomethingmusic”
#somethingsCooking :) dankie boy β€œ@Thibos_finest: Javaaaas shall handle the scotch egg one day its a must nice one big bro @jsomethingmusic”
:) wohoooo !! β€œ@Lauren_Flusk: Definitely having rooibos crumpets for breakfast tomorrow!!! YUM!!! #somethingscooking”
Should be up 2moro :) cc @DStv β€œ@ValentineGaudin: @jsomethingmusic it's not on right now, I don't have the explore maybe that's why”
@jsomethingmusic Cooking got a whole lot sexier since last Wednesday nite.A man of many talents indeed.#LoviiingSomethingsCooking
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It's on catch up friend ;) #somethingsCooking β€œ@ValentineGaudin: @jsomethingmusic when does your show repeat? i missed it!!”
Been missing #SomethingsCooking luckily caught it today... Great show @jsomethingmusic man of many talents ey
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#somethingsCooking β€œ@Lihlena: he's good looking, he can sing, he can cook. Oh this guy mara. He aint perfect but he's getting there ;)
You must! :) β€œ@Lerece: @jsomethingmusic Makes me wanna spend more time in the kitchen :) #SomethingsCooking”
Thank you for tuning in fam :) so blessed to have your support !! #SomethingsCooking cc @Mzansimagic @whats4dinnerSA
Thank you! β€œ@YoiBoiBob: @jsomethingmusic 'What a great Show all those recipes mmh ':)”
Haha #SomethingsCooking β€œ@k_kayzo: Joh #NoLies @jsomethingmusic looks hot in a kitchen , wish I could cook once with him.”
thank you fam!!! β€œ@MiCasaMusic: @jsomethingmusic we are proud ... #SomethingCooking !!!!!!”
Is asking @jsomethingmusic for cooking tips allowed if I want to be on MasterChef SA?? Because damn, he can cook!! #somethingsCooking
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@jsomethingmusic never thought iwll watch a cooking show,but here iam Caughtup in these Spices, olive-oil with the Cook J#somethingscooking
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YAAAAY!! β€œ@shinnaz_hoosen: Jack of all trades...amazing show! #somethingsCooking”
:) #Somethingscooking β€œ@tlamelo7melo: @jsomethingmusic all the recipes are worth trying out .. β˜ΊπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ. Really impressed can't get over the show
It's fun! β€œ@Michelle_Banger: @jsomethingmusic you make cooking seem like child's play #somethingscooking”
Eish @jsomethingmusic got me craving that french toast right naaaw! The hunger is real! Lemme koppel #SomethingsCooking
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@jsomethingmusic that was great man , but when @MoT_MiCasa came in that was awesome , but that "egg" lmao #halfporkcheese #somethingscooking
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#SomethingsCooking :) β€œ@Simmz77: @jsomethingmusic And here I thought I was BOSS in the kitchen lol props broe”
Great show man @jsomethingmusic will try all those outπŸ˜ƒ looked real good#somethingscookingg
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dankie dankie dankie :) #SomethingsCooking β€œ@khomor: @jsomethingmusic u can cook ,I enjoyed the show”
Just caught @jsomethingmusic making a delicious recipe of eggs. U made them look good! #SomethingsCooking
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@SomethingsCool_ Yet another amazing episode of #somethingscooking @jsomethingmusic I wanna learn how to break eggs like that :D
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It is :) :) :) β€œ@Ratie_59: @jsomethingmusic that brioche looks way easy...I'm making it this weekend.#somethingsCooking”
they are the bomb! #SomethingsCooking β€œ@Tebogo_Tipsy: @jsomethingmusic inlove with your scotch egg....drooling πŸ˜‹β€
Really? :) that's good! :) #SomethingsCooking β€œ@MamolefeM: @jsomethingmusic halala you can cook, my mom is proud and amazed..”
YES! β€œ@tlamelo7melo: Well great show indeedπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ @jsomethingmusicsic now I want some scotch egg for dinn#salivatinging πŸ˜Šβ€
#SomethingsCooking β€œ@LManeveld: @jsomethingmusic @MoT_MiCasa I love how natural you guys are, especially the crew. Gets better every week!
on @Mzansimagic web! β€œ@JackDevero: @jsomethingmusic #SomethingsCooking that Scotch egg looks dope. How do i get the recipe mchana?”
Whoooo #Somethingscooking :) β€œ@LeeRoyHD: Aaah bru!! @jsomethingmusic That Scotch Egg looks Boss ek se!!”
it's an art! :) lol β€œ@Dee_MeLloH: Ah but when @jsomethingmusic presents his plate lol kills me #somethingsCooking”
#SomethingsCooking my daughter watching 4 da 1st time nd she says "is that the guy 4rm Micasa, I thort he sings" lol!!
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im telling you it's great! β€œ@papillon_ZA: Ok that Scotch Egg jobbie on #SomethingsCooking looks like the bizznizzz!! There goes my diet!”
Love watching J cook #somethingscooking This show is just so real I LOVE IT!!! There should be more programmes like this one on our screens
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Wow thank you :) humbled! β€œ@NachoNarryxx: #somethingsCooking what a show... Local IS Lekker no doubt”
@jsomethingmusic you nailed the Scotch egg #somethingscooking loved it even though was salivating to taste it but nje.....
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#SomethingsCooking :) β€œ@Zee_cornah: @jsomethingmusic scotch egg damn u good man I like what m seein”