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Jim Ross
wwe wrestling 1,150,867 followers
@iankelly800: @EBischoff listened to your interview with @JRsBBQ & really enjoyed it. Very educational. Awesome work” #SlobberKnockerAudio
Workout time on 100 degree day in Oklahoma. Thank goodness the gyms got AC. Catch up on Ross Report podcast Free at
@gary_maginnis: Just having a bit @JRsBBQ original on some burgers in Liverpool. Great stuff” Cheers!
Congrats to two of my favorites in wrestling, @BookerT5x & @RealSharmell! Sounds like @TheOfficialROW show went great! #AllHailKingBooker
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Ask JR at have been updated on this beautiful Sunday morning. Did you know I had a website?
@BookerT5x: I know Paul Boesch is looking down and very proud. Wrestling is alive and well in Houston! Congrats Book..proud of your team
Just found this lot in Edinburgh, Scotland. @JRsBBQ might have to give it a try!#looksgood
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@alexdgreenfield: Just marathon'ed @iamjohnpollock's excellent coverage of the G1. Do they have English commentary? I know a guy...
@MFG16: Where else would I eat in SJ” the counter! :)
@RobertONeill31: @JRsBBQ The working relationship & Sting saying numerous times he wants one more match isn't enough for you?” Nope.
@JRsBBQ Just started listening to your podcast last week. I thoroughly enjoy each one and the discussions are on point and interesting.
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Ross Report podcast currently ranked #3 on iTunes top 300 sports podcasts in the world. @AJStylesOrg @Sting this Tues @ 9 pm eastern
@kiotsf15: @JRsBBQ where can I hear your podcasts??” iTunes FREE subscription to Ross Report
@keithmarkmra @ShawnMichaels @JRsBBQ apples carrots onion celery potatoes venison roast beef culinary stock
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@vdog619: @JRsBBQ what do you think @TripleH said that convinced @Sting to come to @WWE?” Has @Sting signed w/ @WWE ? New news??
@nickgodfredsen: @JRsBBQ what was your thoughts on the fight JR?” Great fight..#SlobberKnocker #UFConFOX12 @Ruthless_RL Matt Brown
@Mozzamoloney: @JRsBBQ where can I get you sauce in the uk Jim #wannatry@americansoda @Beyond_theRopes
My wife thought that @THETOMMYDREAMER was referee for main event on #UFConFOX12
#UFConFOX12 ..#1 Lawler vs #5 Brown..rankings gives the fight more meaning. @MFG16 @joerogan laying out some. Makes what they say mean more
@StNic55: @JRsBBQ here's an ad for a popular mobile game” Gimmick Infringement!! :)