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Jim Ross
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@JRsBBQ Gettin my Bar-B-Q on!! All the way in the UK! Showing love JR!!
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Finally listening to @robschamberger on @JRsBBQ #RossReport. So glad I was able see this jacket live & in person.
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@Fgbrisco: @JRsBBQ and his great seats” JR can do play by play from the sideline. He's already done boxing & MMA.
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"@TuckerMartin: Good ole JR on the Sooner sideline! @JRsBBQ" wish he would have called the defense....
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@VWWill: Arrived today! With a free gift too!! Thanks good ole @JRsBBQ #slobberknocker” My Fav shirt! Thx..
Great to hear @JRsBBQ could be back in the UK next year. Meeting my broadcasting hero last time = bucket list moment.
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@keithmarkmra: Hey @JCLayfield I'm sure you saw my KSU Wildcats beat @JRsBBQ OU Sooners! Great day of football!” Congrats. Best team won.
Tough loss for my @OU_Football team. Congrats @KansasStateFans
Listening to @JRsBBQ podcast with @tonyschiavone24 . Eye opening and entertaining from two of the best All-Time must listen
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@johnewing: @JRsBBQ #Sooners 63% likely to beat KState, average projected score 35-23…” I have OU 24 KSU 21.
@MattHeroWWE: @JRsBBQ where can I ask questions for #RossReport?” Monday on Twitter 4 @TheRealXPac. @MarkMaddenX show drops Tues 9 pm ET.
@JRsBBQ Hi Jim finally caught uo with the Magnum TA Terry Allen #RossReport podcast on #podcastone and left with only one word....Inspired!
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"@lexhooper: There has been no announcer in any sport during my generation that was as perfect for his craft than @JRsBBQ." Joe Tait.
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Game day in Norman! I live for these days..huge game #OUvsKSU in a MUST WIN for my @OU_Football team. Up early for 11 am CT game on @espn
@PWHipster: @JRsBBQ & @HeymanHustle looking good at #HalloweenHavoc90” Or Old Man on Pawn Stars & Michael Keaton
Headed to the gym & then the tailgating begins. #OUvsKSU = SlobberKnocker SATURDAY Must win for @OU_Football Let's go!
I'm 4 Raw's into rewatching all the 2001 episodes, and I have to say you were at your absolute peak. Every segment is amazing. @JRsBBQ
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@bigrobg6750: @JRsBBQ just read @TheBobHolly book. He comes down hard on you. Have you read it? Yes. We discuss on #RossReport podcast.
@Renecide: @JRsBBQ Why do you seem so angry in photos with fans or pissed off?” I have facial paralysis. Legit lost my smile. Bell's palsy
@KevFabs: @JRsBBQ do you think maybe you're a bit rude and unfriendly?” No sir. But I'm honest & not a sycophant. Good question though
@brian_dude: @JRsBBQ Nice write-up in @NewsOK today! See you on the field tomorrow. #sauceit”. Thanks! @OU_Football in MUST WIN scenario
@TheGame1350 is live from O'Connell's Irish Pub and Grill in Norman today. @JRsBBQ will help kickoff the show at 4:10.
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My story about @JRsBBQ is in front of the paywall: WWE hall of famer Jim Ross turns focus to BBQ sauce business:
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Friday #RossReport Authority Figures @RealJeffJarrett 15 years later @steveaustinBSR @sonnench @DailyOklahoman Q&A's
@danpotts2: @JRsBBQ had mma been as big in mid 80s as it is now do u feel it would have effected wrestling boom?” No..2 different entities
@AlexLetsDoThis: @JRsBBQ Do you collect or own any of your action figures?” Unfortunately, no. Wish I had as that ships likely sailed
@RyBradd: @JRsBBQ in your opinion do @MichaelCole @JerryLawler and/or @HeymanHustle "get it"?” Absolutely....without question.
@PokerWilliams: @JRsBBQ would you ever wanna own your own "independent" wrestling promotion?” No, thanks.
@peteblosser: @JRsBBQ if you were asked to be on legends house would you do it ?” No..too busy for a 6 week commitment.
@IrishTerenceSTL: @JRsBBQ any chance of getting Jesse 'the body' Ventura on the Ross Report. @GovJVentura is always welcome.
@FrankieG410: @JRsBBQ JR, do you think it's possible that 2 WWE divas could headline Wrestlemania? If so, how long in the future?” Unlikely
ric flair v. arn Anderson is a masterpiece. Anderson's selling off the charts. Shout to @JRsBBQ on that one! #FallBrawl1995 #SellingMatters
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Tomorrow at the palace on the prairie, @OU_Football vs. K-State. Toby Rowland sets the scene:…
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35 predictions for Oklahoma vs. Kansas State…