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Jayaprakash Narayan
We need a great sanitation movement to transform public places& waste management Kudos to @narendramodi & spiritual leaders like @SadhguruJV
We are the only country with more TVs than toilets.Health, hygiene,dignity- all are in jeopardy.A toilet for every household is long overdue
Happy birthday and many happy returns to @ssrajamouli! He combines excellence, creativity, compelling narration and mass appeal.
Our indifference to inequality by birth, and denial of quality education to most children are hurting the nation.
Accident of birth deciding a child's future is the ultimate sin. Too many children in India are denied the chance to fulfill their potential
Fantastic news about @Malala & #KailashSatyarthi getting Nobel peace.Worthy winners both.The prize reinforces our common heritage & problems
But now is the time for us to rejoice. Our tottering system still has vibrancy. We can, and shall, prevail soon and transform India - Amen!
The rival politicians rejoicing now should be ashamed.They are all part of a vicious cycle. Sensible response is to cleanse the system.
Service guarantees law to end petty corruption, competition in resource allocation, decentralization and other steps are now needed.
Jail & confiscation are only the vital first steps in excising the canker of corruption. A lot more needs to be done.
It is tragic that gullible people resort to violence when a leader is convicted. We have a long way to go as a democracy.
If 10 most corrupt public servants are jailed and their properties confiscated in every state, corruption will be a thing of the past.
India suffered for too long. The yoke of corruption and abuse of office. Now we must demand swift action to root out corruption.
As PM proposed all cases against politicians & senior officials should be tried swiftly in special courts. There is no time to lose.
JJ is by no means the only corrupt public servant. She may even be more competent than most. But the cleansing process must begin somewhere.
Judge D'Cunha has done great national service by convicting J J & others under PCA.The Rs100 cr fine, even more than jail is a strong signal
It is now or never. If we siege the moment, we will do our ancestors proud. If we fail now, 21st century will be lost for us. #India
Can we set aside petty politics & personal greed at least for a generation? Can we do things which are so obvious to help our youth?
Our history & heritage, our need to end poverty & create prosperity; global stability & growth- all demand India stepping up and succeeding.
The USA and the world want us to succeed. Only US, China, India and Russia together can meet global challenges & keep the world safe.
Infrastructure, skills, investments, jobs should be our mantras; not lust for power and plunder of the nation.
Millions of engineers & educated youth are ready to work if we create jobs and give them skills. They cannot wait forever.
Now we are at 3.2%, and we need to reach at least 17-20% by 2050 to end poverty and give full employment.
Our share of world GDP used to be 20 to 25% through most of the history. It was 7% in 1900, fell to 2% in 1950, and bottomed at 1% in 1991
India has the best opportunity to occupy the space vacated by China. This is our best chance to reclaim lost ground.
China is losing 4 million working age group a year as population is aging and their wage rates are rising: giving space for India.
We are adding 20 million youth into the job market every year. At least 10 million new jobs should be created in manufacturing #MakeInIndia
Divisions must pave way to desire for collective success, private greed must yield to public good. #ProudIndian #IndiaAtMars
Lust for power should give way to quest for excellence. #IndiaAtMars #ProudIndian
We need unity of purpose and relentless pursuit of what matters to make all Indians realize their potential. #MOM inspires us all. #India
This success reminds us again of our huge potential waiting to be tapped. Why can't we build infrastructure & ensure growth and education?
That India - after US, Russia & European Union - is only the fourth successful space power in achieving this is a source of pride. @isro
All taxes should go into one bucket and the aggregates bucket should flow out to various expenditure.
There is no substitute to increase system of accountability. All surcharges and CESS is a bad idea.
Indirect taxes help encourage or discourage consumption. Taxation is much too serious. To think we can reinvent the wheel will be a disaster
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Our insularity & taboos hurt India for centuries. We must learn from the past. Our unrelenting focus shd be on jobs, production & incomes.
Cow slaughter is prohibited in most of India. Sheep, goat & chicken are mostly eaten in India. Export is mostly buffalo meat.
Trading and specialized production on the basis of comparative advantage are the essence of modern economy & prosperity. We need more trade.
Our food habits are our business. Veg diet is good for health too. But if others eat meat, let us sell our meat & make money. That is trade.
Our meat consumption is low, as we are largely vegetarian. So we export 1.7 m tons of meat & earn $ 4b a year. We export our surplus.
India has world's largest buffalo population. Most of it is unproductive & slaughtered at 14-15 years age. Worldwide it is 4 years.
Ms Maneka Gandhi is no doubt an animal lover. But as a cabinet minister, her duty is to India first. She cannot bring personal biases.
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