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Jayaprakash Narayan
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MNV, JSV & VRK represent the best in judiciary in a generation. SC cannot claim greater moral authority or legal acumen
SC may be tempted to quash NJAC on dubious grounds. Parties, media and civil society must be alert and resist judicial overreach
Judges cannot appoint judges in a modern democracy. The NJAC model is balanced, fair & constitutional. No organ is supreme in a democracy
LokSatta brought together eminent jurists –J ustices MN Venkatachaliah, JSVerma & VR KrishnaIyer. Their wisdom resulted in 121st Amendment
Passage of 121st Amendment by LokSabha is a wise measure. Let us welcome it. FDR & LokSatta worked hard over a decade for it.
Dr JP of Loksatta at the India Leadership Conclave " We expect to much of our leaders and too little of ourselves"
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Loksatta Party demands strict action against JDS over #Bribegate
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RamaKanth ji’s passionate, relentless contribution to garbage segregation & waste disposal will transform our cities in time. We salute him
Heartiest congrats to Rama Kanth ji on this well-deserved recognition. He is a model citizen & civil society leader. We are all proud.
Even more important is closing loopholes at least now, so there is no further flight of capital. We are losing $80 b annually.
There are more than 30 tax havens; we need resolve, relentless pursuit and endurance to trace Indian money all over.
Swiss decision on Indian accounts is a small step. Out of about $750 b Indian assets abroad, Swiss account for just 0.5%.
Cost recovery must be the cardinal principle of all services. Reliable, quality infrastructure is best-poverty measure.
GOI’s decision to revise rail fares is a painful necessity. If we want more and better trains, we have to pay. Under-pricing kills Railways.
Far too many precious lives are lost in accidents. Each of us should do everything possible to prevent every single untimely death.
My deepest condolences to Vijayender’s families and colleagues.
Vijayender’s sudden death in a tragic accident is shocking beyond belief. He has been a valued colleague who always called a spade a spade.
Transforming India is an imperative; it can, and must be done. The election verdict is for radical change, not status quo.
Congrats to the new Government for a clear, bold, long-overdue vision. Corruption, delays and daily travails should end in a decade.
Central theme of President’s address: Opportunity, prosperity and infrastructure; not doles & divisions. Time to change nation’s trajectory.
PM’s effort to integrate agriculture, energy, natural resources and employment is welcome. We need holistic approach in place of silos.
Karachi terrorist violence is a man-made disaster. It is a sad reminder of man's propensity to inflict needless misery in modern era.