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Joshua Preston
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#mindthegap and #mindthebokeh
Sainsbury’s win the #Christmas ad race in my opinion. @sainsburys
ffs please stop 'connecting' to albums I've saved for offline listening @SpotifyCares
Fresh fish prep on a food stall in the Far East.
Why is our government afraid of greener energy? We could create a whole new industry around it.… @rustyrockets
Just discovered a really great bar in Camberwell. Pop down for coffee (and/or beer) @CoolCatsCafe
The SELs would have you believe all big bottled beer is 3 for £5. 3 Peroni's just cost me about £10... @Tesco
Out tonight? Fancy a free ride home? Use @Uber promo code 2k6t5
Never get cold using your tablet again! RT & follow to #win touchscreen gloves & an iPad! >
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It'd be nice to have a meeting in your Green Park store without having 6 staff on break chatting loudly downstairs. @Pret
Not sure where it starts but the 0846 from Queens Road Peckham - the train runs empty as it's no use to anyone @SouthernRailUK
What's the point in running a service that terminates one stop before London Bridge? @SouthernRailUK
Go on then. Have yourself a free @Uber ride with promo code 2k6t5
Goodnight #London. This is a re-edit of a photograph I snapped a few months ago. Taken on a 50mm f1.4 with 15 second shutter. I've been back to #towerbridge a few times since, but I just can't seem to beat this shot. It's a personal favourite. Play with the perspective, think outside the box, fram
Managed to catch this District Line tube as it pulled away from Mansion House station. This was on a 1/6 of a second shutter to capture the #motion. Enjoy.
COMMIT NO NUISANCE I noticed this #vintage sign on the side of a house not far from London Bridge yesterday. I think the wording is quite cool - much better than something like "No Loitering". Cute but aggressive.
Just on the bus home. Homies.
Thierry Noir is a French-born artist who is considered to be one of the pioneers of the global street art movement. According to some sources, he was the first person to start painting the Berlin Wall when he moved to Berlin in 1982. Inspired by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Fernand Lege
A tap. Literally, just a tap.
Just a car park in Peckham. Follow me for some real honest #London #photography in your feed.
Flamingos Empowering Flamingos.
FOUND - Is this yours? @peckhampeculiar #SeenInPeckham
Never a dull day in your Old Kent Road store @AldiUK
It's like something from Gotham City. @London
Here's a free £10 cab ride for ya'll: 2k6t5 @Uber @Promocodesuk
Happy Monday @london
Time to set the "Days Since Last Mass Shooting" back to 0. I wonder when America will wake up and make lethal weapons illegal. #Marysville
Did you mean to say I'm? Rather than am?
I'll see my parents 18.5 more times before they are expected to die #seeyourfolks
If you're after a very average Pork belly sandwich pop down to @benugo today! -(£5.50, no crackling, lukewarm pork & only 15cm long)
Sign up to @Uber using my promo code 2k6t5 and get £10 free taxi credit!
Take a moment & study the law w/ me. Does the law allow police to kill a surrendered citizen?…
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Pissy pissy pissy #popularculturefromthe90s
My first #hyperlapse
@jpfpreston We've let our team know, Joshua. We don't want you to go hungry again, thanks for getting in touch.
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I just bought a poppy from the #TowerPoppies installation at the Tower of London.…
#gopro #sharethestoke
Please feedback to your developers that @creativecloud is leaving our agency Macs in a mess. Updates need to be cleaner. @AdobeCare
Creative Cloud is such a mess. What happened to incremental updates and not whole new apps? @creativecloud @Adobe