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Joy Valencia
alejandro has major hiccups rn. 😝 what works to stop them???
so far I posted videos of my amazing magic mimosa plant πŸ˜„
trying out @tiinyapp... I like it! u?
then again i listen to a *lot* of old songs. stop messin w em!
i feel like digital remasters make songs less authentic. it loses something
i'm finally watching frozen for the first time
Hanging out at the @brickleberry season 3 premiere party!
Hanging out at the @BRICKLEBERRY season 3 premiere party
heading to the @BRICKLEBERRY party 🎈
I believe in love power !
Sowing the Seeds of Love ❀️ @curtsmith
when tea steeping goes wrong
I just carried a daddy long legs outside. Do you think they want to live outside?
Anxiety is a side effect of thinking
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it would be so fun to have a room full of stuffed animals
"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it." - Mark Twain
spiderwebs in my mailbox? not cool, spiders
Missing the King of Pop right now! Today would've been Michael Jackson's 56th B-Day #HappyBirthdayMJ #MichaelJackson
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the cheeto from hell
Madonna, David Bowie & Bjork all at the Kate Bush gig. That is some pulling power! πŸ™Œ#KateBushh#katebushlivee
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"gotta find that light shinin' in the dark times" - @kimbramusic
who would even take the time to carve into a toilet seat #ew
Jamming in my car, & I don't care who sees!πŸ’ƒ
the past is gone. it doesn't exist. it's only in our minds
this whole experience is such a trip #life
at what hour should you not have a redbull...
sookie don't kill him!
#nowplaying "sugar lies" by @kimbramusic. did u know that her new album has a deluxe version with 3 extra songs? go git it!
BREAKING: Magnitude 6.0 earthquake shakes San Francisco area
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Seriously you guys need to check out the new @kimbramusic album. All of the songs. You're welcome.
.@kimbramusic congrats on your new album. I love when artists go balls out & take chances!!! #musical πŸ’•
sounds like not many people listen to the actual radio anymore! 😜
anyone still listen to the actual radio? I like it in the car..
the coyotes sound like they're partying outside
has anyone ever gotten the jackpot on candy crush? everrrrrrr?
every time a scrub jay buries a peanut (in my yard), it places *two* leaves on top to hide it! #smartypants
happy birthday @RjMitte!!! a.k.a. walter jr. on #breakingbad 😎
i am the eye in the skyyyy
do u guys see the eye in the sky?? 😳 lower left.. this was santa monica yesterday. thx for spotting@LiveMusicFan11!
when you can feel your pulse in your brain #imnotnormal
drove home through the canyon today
driving home through the canyon
the clouds today 😍